Monday, October 27, 2014

Brody's 1st Soccer Games & Trophy

Last weekend was Brody's last soccer clinic of the season.  Although it took him most of the clinic to really warm up and start to enjoy himself, he actually did start to get into the game at the last session.  At the session previously, Mommy had to take him by herself because Evan had a soccer game at the same time.  They played their first "game" at that session, and Brody was not into it at all.  He would just stand there or walk off the field if Mommy did not physically hold his hand and drag him after the ball.  It was a very exhausting experience for Mommy.  Evan was such a ball lover from an early age so he was very involved in his first soccer experience and was probably the best little player in his age group.  Brody actually played with a couple of 5 year old's in his clinic which may have intimidated him a little.  At his last game, Daddy and Evan both were able to attend with Mommy.  Daddy just gave him a lot of verbal encouragement, but Brody really got into playing the game and going after the ball this game.  He did get upset when the older and bigger kid on his team took the ball from him and went to the goal, but we just explained that was a good thing and that he helped his teammate score a goal.  He did do a really good job as goalie and stopped some really good balls from going in.  He may just be our little defensive player while Evan has showed more success offensively.  Of course, Brody was very excited to learn that he would get his very own trophy because he sees all of his brother's trophies in their room.  Now, he will be able to start his own collection.

 photo Brody3_zpsd34baf67.jpg
So glad he finally got into the game!

 photo Brody4_zps2d076741.jpg
See how big that other kid is!  There was another kid even bigger on the other team. 

 photo Brody5_zps2ce26301.jpg
He got a little action on the field and did a great job dribbling the ball.

 photo Brody6_zps8921c123.jpg
I just love that he was running with the other kids after the ball.  So much improvement from the previous week!

 photo Brody7_zps9fe92b89.jpg
And that's the face he makes when the ball is taken from him.  Sigh.  Hopefully, he will soon learn not to just give up and get mad.

 photo Brody8_zps206af4c3.jpg
What a cute goalie!

 photo Brody9_zps024e74b5.jpg
An awesome soccer pass.

 photo Brody10_zps74910df6.jpg
Go Brody!

 photo Brody11_zps6d8af45d.jpg

 photo Brody12_zps165fe161.jpg
Listening to the coaches and saying what they are thankful for at the end of the game.  Brody was anxiously awaiting his trophy. 

 photo Brody13_zpsa7a2fe89.jpg
Getting his trophy and giving fives. 

 photo Brody14_zpsb37db2a2.jpg
Sweet little soccer player.

 photo Brody15_zps330787b0.jpg
He's a winner!

 photo Brody16_zpsff176ae9.jpg
Since Brody didn't get soccer pictures this year, we took our own.  The sun was pretty bright here.

 photo Brody18_zps40c05ab1.jpg
Daddy provided him a little shade.

 photo Brody17_zps55ac21a2.jpg
He was so proud!


  1. Way to go Brody! He looks so cute with his trophy. Karsyn really wants to play soccer this spring. We'll see how it goes. lol

    1. I think it will definitely be after he turns 4 before we try any kind of "organized" sports but these clinics are a pretty good starter. I am sure you have some in your area. :-)

  2. Way to go Brody. At this age, Sam just wanted to be the goal and have kids kick the balls in between his legs. He was so not into soccer. I think it's awesome that Brody got so into by the end. Hopefully his next season won't be so exhausting for Mommy :)

    1. Whew, luckily this baby should be here before the next sports season in the Spring. I was pregnant with Brody at the beginning of Evan's first year of t-ball so that was pretty rough. Then, I was pregnant with Mattie during all of baseball season. I must really like being exhausted, huh?

  3. I think that any sort of organized sport is just really hard for 3 year olds. So many directions to follow, so much sequencing, and so many motor skills all rolled into one. I think Brody handled it like a champ though. He looks like a pro with his trophy!

    1. Oh yes, organized sports do not work well for 3 year olds. Although this was mostly a soccer clinic just teaching the basics, I felt the stress of these last couple sessions where they played "real" games. Haha! Of course, with Evan at that age, he actually did quite well and was one of the only kids who really seemed to get the game. You would think that kid was born with a ball in his hands. ;-)


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