Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 14 & 16

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Sunday, September 7, 2014
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weight Gain:  I probably won't be monitoring this one very closely at home.  I am just not worried about it.  My appetite is great, and I am not getting sick so pretty much all my food is going where it is supposed to.  As long as baby is growing well, I am not going to worry on this little detail.  I actually didn't gain weight in August, but I considered that a good thing as it meant baby was gaining weight but I was losing a little.  I can stand to lose a few pounds right now.  I am glad that I am starting to look more pregnant now and less fat.  

Maternity Clothes:  I have some maternity clothes that I have been wearing even before I was pregnant because they are just comfortable.  I am thankful that right now I can mostly just wear what is most comfortable without a work dress code to worry about.  I have broken out a few pairs of maternity pants, but I really hate wearing them because I have the worst problems keeping them up.   

Sleep:  I am sleeping about as well as I usually do.  I do get some normal back and hip pain from sleeping on my side. 

Best Moment of this week: We have been enjoying our new Sonoline Doppler monitor which we can use to listen to baby's heartbeat at home anytime we want.  We think it was a worthwhile investment!

Movement:  I think I have felt an occasional flutter, but baby is still pretty low right now.  

Food cravings:  I really am just enjoying food right now.  That is one way that I discovered how to beat any nausea or lightheaded feelings is to eat.  I snack often although I am trying to enjoy healthy snacks.  I usually have breakfast, a mid-morning smoothie, lunch, an afternoon snack (usually one of my kids' Clif Zbars) while waiting to pick up Evan at school, and dinner and maybe an evening snack. 

Food Aversions: Nothing.  I seem to like it all. 

What I miss:  I think what I miss most is the peace of mind that comes with pregnancies when you have never suffered a loss.  Most people really take that for granted. 

Gender:  We do know and will likely share in the future. 

Symptoms:  Mainly, hunger and very light occasional nausea brought on mostly by not eating soon enough or gagging.  

What I'm looking forward to:  Just making it through the next 5 to 6 months safely and holding our sweet little baby in our arms and hearing those first cries! 

Dear Baby,

Please know that Mommy loves you already with all her heart.  We know you are in God's hands and that you are a precious gift from Him.  We know that your beautiful big sister is also watching over you until we meet face-to-face.  Keep growing stronger and stronger! 


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  1. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to find out the gender. =)

  2. I thought that maybe the blue sash around your waist in the second picture was an announcement, but now I think that maybe you did that just to confuse people. Ha ha! I will patiently wait until you are ready to reveal and if not I will wait even longer.

    I'm glad you are feeling well. I think the constant small meals is an excellent plan. It helps to keep your blood sugar stable.

  3. Oh Sherry! I am so happy for you and your family! I have fallen out of the blog loop lately so I am so far behind on things in blogland!

  4. Yay! I've been thinking about you SO much! I've been praying for you and sweet baby's health. Lookin' good beautiful mama!!! <3

  5. I always think you look beautiful and pregnancy just makes you glow even more! I love you!

  6. Sherry -- you look absolutely beautiful. I am excited to find out the gender when you choose to reveal it and I pray every day for you, your baby, and your family. I too will be counting down the days until you hold your sweet baby in your arms. As of my best knowledge right now, it's no more than 159 days :)


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