Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Beach Finale

Whew, what a week!  Beach vacations with kids are not always relaxing, that's for sure.  Nevertheless, we love our time together and the memories we always make.  We had all enjoyed utilizing our resort's indoor water park again this year, but I usually did not bother taking the camera because it was just a headache to keep up with and keep from getting wet.  For our last time, I wanted to capture some of the fun to remember.  Brody got really brave and went down the big water slide this year by himself.  He loved it, and we couldn't stop him from continuing to go down it.  He is a very water obsessed little boy.

 photo beach263_zpscf96bc09.jpg
Evan showed Brody how to do it.

 photo beach264_zps63c142df.jpg
An excited Brody is waiting patiently for his turn after climbing some very steep stairs to the top of the slide.

 photo beach265_zps82061722.jpg
I  wish his first picture going down the slide wasn't so blurry, but I got better after that.

 photo beach266_zps42c2a174.jpg
He always flipped onto his belly halfway down.

 photo beach267_zps072e33f6.jpg
Daddy was waiting at the bottom.

 photo beach268_zps65cf3488.jpg
I encouraged Evan to go down on his back to see if he would go faster and not get stalled on the way down.  It didn't work.  The boy needs to put on some pounds or something.

 photo beach269_zpscdd4b89e.jpg

 photo beach270_zps3a299d0f.jpg
Someone's ready to go again.

 photo beach271_zps7f9a79f6.jpg
And down he goes.

 photo beach272_zpsd21e86d3.jpg

 photo beach273_zps8f2c2648.jpg

 photo beach274_zps87d6eadb.jpg
Evan took the cue from Brody and flipped onto his tummy.

 photo beach275_zps92d7219a.jpg
And out he comes.

 photo beach276_zps57330061.jpg

 photo beach277_zpsea0caacc.jpg

 photo beach278_zps53b79930.jpg
And this is the happy face at the bottom.

 photo beach279_zps7f325134.jpg
He is crazy about water!

 photo beach280_zpsddefaea0.jpg
Daddy caught me coming out making a big splash.  You can always tell when a kid is coming versus an adult.  

 photo beach281_zpsb2f31d4a.jpg
An unsuspecting Brody waiting for the big water bucket to spill.

 photo beach282_zpse3d4a378.jpg
Still unsuspecting.

 photo beach283_zps7d7e5b57.jpg

 photo beach284_zpsf344a84f.jpg
And he loved it!

 photo beach285_zpsc12484b3.jpg
Did you know kids think they can "catch" flowing water?

 photo beach286_zpsa2f24225.jpg
Silly kid.

 photo beach287_zps726c8297.jpg
Daddy letting a bucket of water pour on his head.

 photo beach288_zps8dccb221.jpg
Evan finally tried the big straight slide that goes really fast. 

 photo beach289_zpsd1438445.jpg
Brody hanging out of the submarine.

 photo beach290_zpsad11e9f7.jpg
Happily waiting for another bucket to drop.

 photo beach291_zpsca6dd8a4.jpg
That face!

 photo beach292_zps79543dae.jpg

 photo beach293_zps347245a9.jpg

 photo beach294_zpsff203a67.jpg
Daddy and the boys waiting for the big bucket.

 photo beach295_zps66214cc6.jpg
The boys trying to get away.

 photo beach296_zps2f26d8fc.jpg
But Daddy didn't let them escape.

 photo beach297_zpsb0c29e6a.jpg
Silly boys.

 photo beach298_zps6a322058.jpg
The contrast between Brody's very happy face coming out and Evan's super serious face is so funny.  Definitely shows who loves water more!

 photo beach299_zps4da8b628.jpg
Brody wins for best water loving kid.

 photo beach300_zps745e84b8.jpg

 photo beach301_zps28161d12.jpg
A big daddy splash.

 photo beach302_zpsc8411331.jpg
The kids love waiting at the end of the slide when a big person comes down because a bunch of water flows out onto them.  The water is heated so it feels good to them.

 photo beach303_zpsc5fe33a0.jpg
Silly boy just wants to lay in the water slide.
For our last night at the beach, we all enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite places at Broadway at the Beach, Key West Grill.  During dinner, Brody was looking out the window across the lagoon in the middle of this touristy beach attraction and saw this store...

 photo beach304_zps30c99503.jpg

This conversation commenced:

Brody:  Daddy, what's that?
Daddy:  That's the candy house.
Brody:  Oooo...what do they have there?
Daddy:  Candy.
Brody:  Oooo...maybe we go there.  Maybe I get some.

Lately, this has been his way of telling us he wants something...like he is making a suggestion.  I guess he figures it works better than begging.  And since it is so cute, I guess it does.  So yep, we headed to the candy store after dinner.

 photo beach306_zps532b9169.jpg
Brody got "sucker pops" of course.

 photo beach308_zpsf1c82c19.jpg

 photo beach307_zps4aec3e04.jpg
Evan aka Harry Potter got a chocolate frog.

 photo beach309_zps1681ec99.jpg
Playing on these dinosaurs is another beach tradition for us.  

 photo beach310_zps3e08fd91.jpg

 photo beach311_zpsd20a0793.jpg
I'm not sure Triceratops liked where Brody chose to ride on him. 

 photo beach312_zps34f4876c.jpg
Holding on by a horn.

 photo beach313_zps30ea4930.jpg
Evan is a long time dinosaur enthusiast.

 photo beach315_zpsd762dab5.jpg

 photo beach314_zpsb8f6efee.jpg
Roaring with T-Rex.

 photo beach316_zps8fcfce0b.jpg
Riding Triceratops together.

 photo beach317_zpsb6f386d8.jpg

 photo beach318_zps90852bf5.jpg
On our way around Broadway at the Beach, we saw this little bungy cord jump, and Evan made up his mind he wanted to try it.  Since Evan has been a historically less adventurous boy, we do like to see him try to do new things.  He got a little scared when he went too high and he had trouble getting his feet to touch the trampoline so he could bounce higher on his own, but he did pretty well.  

 photo beach319_zps8a5b916e.jpg

 photo beach320_zps349e5d65.jpg

 photo beach321_zps4f73ac5a.jpg
Since big brother got to do a few big boy things, Brody got to pick out a little treat from one of the touristy shops.  He picked this little wooden snake.  Yikes.  It actually moves like a real snake. 

 photo beach322_zps04930dea.jpg
Little snake charmer.
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Me and Lance had fun looking at all the pictures...too cute!

  2. It looks like you guys had an amazing time. I love all of the water slide pictures! My kids would have spotted the candy store too. :). Great times and memories for your family! :)

  3. Brody likes waterslides way more than I do. His face is so awesome in so many of these pictures!

  4. Whew! I was exhausted reading about your week. And broke up the reading into several days! I can imagine how you felt living it!

    I want a chocolate frog!


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