Friday, September 12, 2014

Meet Cocoa

We have a new addition to the family!  She is a sweet little chocolate labrador retriever who was about 9 weeks old when we picked her out to adopt.  She has the cutest little face, sad looking puppy eyes, and big clumsy feet.  Although she is the dream dog of Daddy, we all love her and are spoiling her.  Daddy had always thought he would get a male chocolate lab and had a name all picked out, but when we found out about these puppies, we just couldn't resist.  Out of nine puppies (the original litter was 11), only one was male, and it was black.  He was cute, but Eddie dreamed of a chocolate brown one so we chose one of the three chocolate females.  One of the females was all chocolate with a small white spot under her chin and seemed the liveliest of the bunch.  Another chocolate female seemed very shy and wanted to stay inside the dog house.  This one was all chocolate with no markings and seemed to be in the middle for activity level.  Since we have brought her home, she has been a pretty calm dog.  Even the vet thought she was very calm for a lab puppy as she made no noise and sat very still during her examination.  She doesn't "speak" much, and we have only occasionally heard her whine and bark mostly at night when she is hungry or has to use the potty.  So far, things are off to an okay start on house training, but we have had a few accidents.  We all just think she is the perfect puppy for us although I am still coming to terms with the fact of how big she will likely get.  My only previous dog never weighed more than 4 lbs.  This one currently weights 8 lbs. 9 oz. (what Brody weighed at birth) and will likely get significantly bigger!

 photo Cocoa17_zps674606f4.jpg
Yes, Eddie let me get her a pink collar and name tag.  I think it suits her well.

 photo Cocoa1_zps7bef54bd.jpg
Brody and I had some bonding time in the back of the car while Daddy and Evan ran into the local Wal-mart to try to get a collar and leash so she could be let down to potty before the drive home.  Apparently, that Wal-mart does not stock their pet section well, and they had no dog collars or leashes.  

 photo Cocoa2_zpsc8b7c181.jpg
A boy and his first puppy.  What a special bond these two will have!

 photo Cocoa3_zps1b6afcbc.jpg
She's a pretty girl.

 photo Cocoa4_zpsfa34ef08.jpg
Evan wanted to spend some time with her too.

 photo Cocoa5_zpsedfdf439.jpg
Evan has been a little less "involved" but he is getting better.  I am hoping that Cocoa will be an extra incentive to play video games less. 

 photo Cocoa6_zps104ccfc0.jpg
I love this shot of her sweet face. Reminds me of Brody's sweet sleeping face.

 photo Cocoa7_zps762b7453.jpg
Brody got her to run a little in her new backyard.

 photo Cocoa8_zps5ac4422e.jpg

 photo Cocoa9_zps015a54a3.jpg
Getting lots of belly rubs.

 photo Cocoa10_zpseef99b7c.jpg

 photo Cocoa11_zps73110bdf.jpg
Run, Cocoa!

 photo Cocoa12_zps2ab5ffa1.jpg
Evan timidly petting her.  I think he is more afraid of hurting her than her hurting him.  

 photo Cocoa13_zpsc3f245eb.jpg
First trip to Pet Smart!

 photo Cocoa14_zps64c57437.jpg
Brody enjoyed riding in the cart with her while Evan pushed. 

 photo Cocoa15_zps4862a6c0.jpg
Brody wanted to introduce Cocoa to his favorite train, Koko.  I figured he would think she was named after his choo choo train. 

 photo Cocoa16_zps13c23137.jpg
We bought her a few select toys, but I think most of the dog toys on the toy aisle were ridiculous.  Dogs need a good chew toy, a ball, and maybe some rawhide.  I didn't buy any stuffed toys because the boys have lots of cheapy stuffed toys stashed away.  

 photo Cocoa18_zps7fc74afc.jpg
Cocoa on her new bed.  I did not pick the green...that was the boys' choice.  Sigh.  Maybe I can pick the next one when this one is worn out. 

 photo Cocoa19_zps0859dbdc.jpg
We needed to give her one more bath although the breeder gave her one before we took her.  She still had a few sand fleas from her life as an outside puppy in a sandy area. 

 photo Cocoa20_zpsf2ec2543.jpg
Clean and happy dog and boy.

 photo Cocoa21_zpsd91c9c64.jpg
That boy is already in love!

 photo Cocoa22_zps33747a07.jpg
Laying on the dog's bed. 

 photo Cocoa23_zpsf8f46e48.jpg
She found the puppy in the mirror.

 photo Cocoa24_zps56873fb1.jpg
Wanting to play with that other puppy. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Oh my goodness! She is so adorable!! Congratulations.

  2. Cute! She seems really sweet and I love the pictures of her and Brody bonding :)

  3. Every dog needs a boy. Lucky Cocoa, she got 2! Also, Ginger has no less than 6 beds at a time. You march right on out there and buy whatever color bed you want for your pup. That's an order!


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