Friday, September 19, 2014

Getting To Know Me

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My sweet blog pal, Nicole, just did a post with this little questionnaire, and I thought the questions were good to fill anyone in on a little more about me.  Feel free to drop by and say hello to Nicole and her sweet and cute new daughter.  I don't write a whole lot these days about just myself.  My posts are usually just filled with the life and times of my kids.  So here are my answers to her prompts:

September 19, 2014
Friday Nights:
Well, they are often different.  Last Friday night, we had a make up soccer practice although practices will usually be on Thursday night thank goodness.  Usually, Friday nights consist of dinner out somewhere with my little family and maybe my dad these days.  Then, we come home as early as we can to get ready for bed and just cuddle in our bed and watch something on TV.  Pretty boring stuff, I know.
Hair Style:
I just got my annual hair cut so it is now blonde and just above my shoulders.  I usually get about 4 to 5 inches cut off at those annual hair cuts.  I like letting my hair grow out for a while and then getting it cut for a more "dramatic" effect.  I had tried out going red for a while this summer, but it has pretty much all gone away now so I am back to blonde.
Favorite place to dine out:
We always love Mexican food, pizza, Chinese, Japanese, barbecue, and anywhere that has kids' eat free specials.  Some of our favorite places in our area of Charlotte are:
McAlister's Deli (the best sweet tea around)

Favorite Outfit:
Ugh, if only I could fit in one of my old favorite outfits.  Right now, I am most comfortable in skirts and dresses and am not looking forward to the weather cooling down and making pants more of a necessity.

Love Life:
While we have had good times and bad, the good far outweigh the bad, and I am just so thankful to have my partner and best friend by my side through it all!  

Home Life: 
Well, I found some extra energy stored up today and was able to accomplish a lot of household chores today so things aren't in too bad shape.  I vacuumed the downstairs, separated and started the week's laundry, cleaned off the back porch which was covered with leaves again, cleaned one of three bathrooms, put away clean dishes and loaded the dishwasher, and gave the dog a bath.  So if I can just finish the laundry, vacuum upstairs, and clean the other two bathrooms, I will consider the week a success.  Ha!

TV shows: 
My new favorite show is "Outlander" the new series on STARZ based on the very popular book series.  I love it even more than "Downton Abbey."  It is so so so good.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Now, I plan to start reading the series while I wait for the rest of the series to commence after the New Year.  

Extra time: 
Well, I spend most of it involved in my kids' activities lately either helping Evan with his homework or going to soccer games and practices and now Cub Scout meetings and events will be added to the agenda.  

What excites me: 
Seeing my kids enjoy their lives and getting to experience it with them.  I know, life seems to revolve around my kids a lot these days.  I am just enjoying it while I can. 

A moment I never want to forget:  
How my husband and I fell in love and continue to fall in love more everyday.
Holding my babies for the first time.  
Seeing my husband holding and loving our babies.  
Pretty much every moment of our lives; hence, the reason for this blog.  

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  1. This was a fun post! I like getting to know you better. We do get so wrapped up in talking about our kids and our role as mom that we sometimes forget to talk about anything else. I know that I totally do that.

    I love your list of favorite restaurants. Probably just because I am hungry and want to eat! I want to try all of them.

    I also meant to tell you that your hair is looking great after your haircut. I like the length. It gives you some bounce.

  2. I like this so much, that I think I'm going to have to do it too! I love getting to know you more. =)

  3. What Tracy said! Look for this on my blog soon. And I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. I like this. I think we should all do more mommy posts.

  5. Love it! So I've never seen Downton Abbey but I hear everyone talk about it. I think I'm missing out on something. And I love that you cuddle in bed. We do that a lot too.


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