Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Evan's First Day of 2nd Grade

Evan began his 2nd grade year on Monday, August 25th which was the Monday after we returned from the beach.  I think his summer ended in a good way so he was ready.  He got a new backpack and shoes this year.  He got two years out of his Pottery Barn backpack so we figured it was worth it again.  We had thought about going with an LL Bean this year, but they didn't have the one he wanted and were more expensive.  Pottery Barn Kids usually has a sale for back to school.  Evan actually wanted a shark camo one, but it was back ordered until October so we picked one they actually had in the store.  Then, we just had it monogrammed by a lady with a stand right in the mall. He seemed happy with it.

 photo Evan1_zps650bff86.jpg
Is it just me, or did he grow 2 feet since last year?

 photo Evan2_zps247c3890.jpg
Holding up 2 fingers for 2nd grade.

 photo Evan3_zps828476c2.jpg
My handsome big boy.  Sniff.

 photo Evan6_zps6846efa6.jpg

 photo Evan4_zps1508fa9d.jpg
And one with little brother.

 photo Evan5_zps797130c0.jpg
And proud mommy.

 photo Evan7_zpsdcb6ffa0.jpg
And proud daddy.

 photo Evan8_zps67721d45.jpg
All about Evan this year.  His answers change weekly.  With his favorite food, that is his favorite school lunch food.  As picky as he is, he loves school lunch.  Ha!

 photo Evan9_zpsdec3b521.jpg
Looking so big walking in.

 photo Evan10_zps77912882.jpg
Daddy and Brody walking him in.  Since we were at the beach the week before school, we missed Open House so we needed to meet his teacher and take in all his school supplies. 

 photo Evan11_zpsc74500ca.jpg
His classroom

 photo Evan12_zpsce4e052e.jpg
He enjoyed filling his book bin with some new books to read.  He has started a new series called "I survived" with different stories about kids who survived different historical events/tragedies like slavery in the Civil War, the Holocaust, the Titanic, Pompeii (probably no real survivors there but still), and 9/11. 
A little flashback of Evan's first day of school pictures:

 photo EvanPreK_zps54b4ec80.jpg photo kindergarten1-1.jpg photo school2_zps1992a642.jpg

We hope and pray that Evan will have a great year and learn a lot!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. He looked so handsome on his first day! I hope he has a great school year.

  2. He is absolutely adorable! Happy 2nd grade Evan. :)

  3. Wow! He really is getting big. Craziness :) I hope he has an awesome year!!!

  4. Hooray Evan! 2nd grade is big time! Spencer's kindergarten backpack is getting worn out already. I was hoping it would last through 1st grade, but it might need to be a Christmas present and be replaced halfway through the year. Of course backpacks are hard to find then. But, I have gone off on a tangent and will stop now. :)


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