Monday, September 29, 2014

Evan's 1st Soccer Games of His 4th Season

Evan has always loved soccer.  It is probably his most favorite sport he has played so far, and he really possesses a lot of skill on the field.  He really excelled the last two years he played.  He has played two years of U6 and one year of U8 so far.  Unfortunately, our old league could not get the league together this year for some reason so we were forced to find a new league.  We begrudgingly chose one of the bigger leagues in town.  We were slightly disappointed to find out that they don't have individual team jerseys and that they play U8 by most leagues' U6 standards (meaning only 4 kids on the field with no goalies).  Sigh.  We were a little worried that this would be like going backwards for Evan and that he would not be able to progress much in the sport this year.  So far, Evan seems to be on a good team with a coach that is teaching them some valuable skills for the game so we are hoping for the best.  They have "won" all of their last three games with the last two games being tougher match-ups.  The league does not keep up with scores and wins/losses so that is all unofficial.  There are also no referees so the coaches make all the calls.  As we have noted in the last couple of years, Evan has picked up being an offensive player better than being defensive.  It sometimes takes him a few games to really get back into his game and start really hustling on the field (summer laziness maybe?), but he has played better every game so far and has scored a goal in every game.  His last goal was a pretty awesome one where he really drove the ball to the goal and side kicked it passed several players to score.  Those shots are just so awesome to watch!

 photo soccer27_zpsf6aa1de2.jpg
The boys wear either white shirts or blue jerseys depending on whether they are designated home or away team.

 photo soccer28_zps1e31a8ec.jpg
Getting the before game pep talk from Coach.  

 photo soccer29_zps567bdf9f.jpg
Team cheer.

 photo soccer30_zps9fcd7ac9.jpg
I think they finally settled on Dragons as their team name.

 photo soccer31_zps891887be.jpg
Evan throwing in the ball.  This was the really wet, humid day so they were sweating before the game even began.

 photo soccer32_zps3db7b73f.jpg
I just watching him run.

 photo soccer33_zps4dd00595.jpg

 photo soccer34_zps8c5b6cdf.jpg
Evan and his teammates are ready.  

 photo soccer35_zpsb9883410.jpg
Going after the ball.

 photo soccer36_zpseb92d9c6.jpg

 photo soccer37_zpsa55642ef.jpg

 photo soccer38_zps15ba8cae.jpg

 photo soccer39_zpsf9c2ada3.jpg
End of game cheer.  It was a bit of a stomp at 13-0 since the other team had a lot of inexperienced players.

 photo soccer40_zpsce706f3e.jpg
The end of game team handshakes.

 photo soccer42_zpsa50bfcde.jpg
Go Dragons!  Evan and the boy he is facing on the left are very good offensive players and work really well together.  I say in soccer, you always have to watch the little ones.  This one may be one of the smallest, but he is tough!

 photo soccer43_zps2f42dabf.jpg
They got to wear blue for their second game.

 photo soccer44_zps8a9513dd.jpg

 photo soccer46_zpsf561763b.jpg

 photo soccer47_zps98cf0c9c.jpg
It told Evan he was "floating" in this picture.  There are funny trick photography photos on the internet where people show how you pour water on the ground and then step to the side so that when you take the picture, it looks like your shadow like you are hovering above it.  This is not one of those shots.  He was literally caught with both feet off the ground.  He must have been really flying. 

 photo soccer48_zps280e6ee8.jpg
And kicking up grass and dirt too!

 photo soccer49_zpsab87da68.jpg

 photo soccer50_zps0c3658d6.jpg

 photo soccer51_zps75934151.jpg
Mommy, Papa, and Brody were watching the exciting game.  

 photo soccer52_zpsdc45efcf.jpg
Evan and his buddy, Ryan, being a defensive team again.

 photo soccer53_zps66b2e60d.jpg
This was a close game with only a one or two point lead I think. 

 photo soccer54_zps6912269b.jpg
They have quickly learned about being a team. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Those are some good action shots. Looks fun! :)

  2. I really wanted Spencer to do soccer this fall but he would have none of it. He insists on doing basketball when it starts, because, you know, he's not the shortest person in his class. Whatever.

    Way to go soccer star, Evan!

  3. I'm sorry that this league experience is feeling a little disappointing but hopefully you will continue to see some valuable experiences for Evan. And I love those running pictures where neither foot is touching the ground. For a brief moment these kids actually are flying!


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