Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brody's 3rd Year of Preschool

Brody began his 3rd year of preschool on Wednesday, September 3rd.  He still attends three days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but Monday was the Labor Day holiday so no school.  We didn't take him into school on his first day because it works out better with less tears if the teachers walk the kids in.  I made the mistake of saying an extra goodbye and I love you to Brody when he got out of the car, and he looked back with a sad look on his face.  I think he did fine though and got into the car that afternoon all smiles and proudly showing off his fish art project.  They will be learning about the beach and ocean this month so he will get lots more use out of his summer beach themed clothes. We had actually went to meet his teachers the week before so we felt he was prepared to start the year.  He also got new shoes this year as I felt it was time he had something besides hand-me-downs.  He looked so cute and grown up in his new shoes!

 photo Brody11_zpse46a8239.jpg

 photo Brody12_zps6dcf0939.jpg

 photo Brody13_zps69a888f7.jpg

 photo Brody14_zpsd1c6dba7.jpg
Mommy and her baby boy

 photo Brody15_zpsb7925f9b.jpg
He is just growing up so fast!

 photo Brody16_zps43f0ad5b.jpg
Daddy and his little man

 photo Brody17_zps10b5fc0f.jpg
And a boy and his puppy.

 photo Brody18_zps9885a671.jpg
Best friends already!

 photo Brody19_zps86d08936.jpg

 photo Brody22_zps41fd9895.jpg
Brody's favorites

 photo Brody3_zps7e2cc9c7.jpg
Brody got used to his classroom on the day we visited.

 photo Brody4_zps19c57675.jpg
Playing cars with one of his new classmates.  Sadly, Brody is not in class with most of the kids from his previous years.  Many of those are actually going 5 days this year so they are in a different class.  He will miss his buddies but will make many new friends.

 photo Brody5_zps535b1a2e.jpg
Showing off how strong he is on the playground.

 photo Brody6_zpsaca985af.jpg
His upper arm strength is so much greater than Evan's.  Evan can still barely hold himself up.

 photo Brody7_zps95b99ef1.jpg
Swinging like a big boy too.  We have been working on pumping our legs to make ourselves go.

 photo Brody8_zps6b423f91.jpg
Going down the slide.  He likes to hang on the bar and swing first.

 photo Brody9_zpsa7ef0e2f.jpg
Again, have both of my boys grown two feet this year?  For this one, maybe just 6 inches but still.  Sigh.

 photo Brody10_zps417ce2f9.jpg
He likes sitting in the tunnel.

 photo Brody20_zpsc540cbfe.jpg
Making his fish art on the first day of school. 

 photo Brody21_zps78bf510a.jpg
And eating his lunch.  He hasn't done a great job eating his lunch so far and has brought it home and eaten it.  
And I felt that a little flashback was in order here:

 photo preschool2.jpg
Brody's first year of preschool at 16 months old.  He looks so little!  *Sniff*

 photo preschool1_zps53325770.jpg
Looking a little bigger his second year.  
Just how big will he look next year?

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. You have such a precious family! If I were Brody's teacher I would be thrilled! (I used to teach Pre-K.). It looks like they do amazing things at his school.
    Love to your sweet family! <3

  2. I love that Brody wants to be a Snowman when he grows up! Ha ha ha! Also, yes, when did he grow? He suddenly looks so big.

    And I LOVE that tunnel picture. It's just beautiful.

  3. I noticed it first in the last post about Cocoa, but it was confirmed here. Brody has lost all of his baby fat. He is definitely looking tall and lean. Good luck with school this year Brody! I'm sure you will do great.


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