Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brody's 1st Soccer Experience

Like his brother Evan at 3, we signed Brody up for his first soccer class this fall.  Evan's soccer class was at an indoor soccer association.  Evan got a cute little soccer outfit and got his first sport's medal. We decided to let Brody do a soccer class at the YMCA because the location was more convenient.  Hopefully, he will enjoy the experience just as much.  He is a little more timid about the game so far, but he is doing well learning the techniques of the game.  He looked very cute dressed in big brother's old soccer uniform and cleats.  He was probably the most fully dressed soccer player on the field.  Since Evan's first game of the season was at the same time as Brody's class, Daddy and Mommy had to split up.  Mommy went to Brody's class, and Daddy went to Evan's game.  I let Daddy take our new camera with him to capture Evan in action since I wasn't really sure how Brody would act at the first class.  I took our old camera to take pictures, but I forgot I had removed the memory card so the camera couldn't hold more than a couple of pictures.  I did take a few pictures on my phone though.  He did well learning to stop, trap, and pass the ball and playing a thrilling game of red light green light to learn to dribble.

 photo soccer1_zps0d4a72e2.jpg
We tried to get a brother shot together on the first day of soccer, but Brody wanted nothing to do with it. 

 photo soccer2_zpsf4ea3832.jpg
Evan trying to coax Brody to smile. 

 photo soccer3_zpsad1c27f4.jpg
But Brody refused and just walked away.  Ha!

 photo soccer4_zpsff0dafbe.jpg
He actually did very well the first day.  He was timid, but he tried to do everything as instructed.  

 photo soccer5_zpsc03edb85.jpg
When they played red light green light, he was usually one of the slowest and last players just because he refused to go fast. 

 photo soccer6_zps6ad8ec6a.jpg
Coach teaching them to stop the ball with their foot. 

 photo soccer7_zpsaaeb826d.jpg
He didn't listen very well when the coach said "red light," but he was usually so far behind, he just wanted to catch up. 

 photo soccer8_zps340f2886.jpg
He was dressed like a pro and just looked like such a big boy on the field.  It doesn't seem like he should already be old enough to start playing sports.  

 photo soccer9_zps5e34fbb1.jpg
Sitting and listening to the coaches. 

 photo soccer10_zps50ff8086.jpg
It was such a dreary and cloudy day after we had a lot of rain the night before so it was very humid, and he was a sweaty mess by the end. 

 photo soccer11_zps79d4b9c5.jpg
The next week's class had much better weather conditions, and Daddy and Evan got to attend.  

 photo soccer12_zpsfa048b5b.jpg
Showing Daddy how he can kick the ball. 

 photo soccer13_zps02cdd1d7.jpg
Trapping the ball.

 photo soccer14_zpsc92cd698.jpg

 photo soccer15_zpsd35397c8.jpg
Our adorable little soccer player

 photo soccer16_zpsbca53065.jpg
He seemed ready for a good day of soccer in the beginning, but with Daddy there, he wanted to be very clingy. 

 photo soccer17_zpsc96a12d8.jpg
Happy doing his warm up exercises.

 photo soccer18_zps60ddc973.jpg
Arm circles.

 photo soccer19_zps6fd5b63f.jpg
Jumping jacks or blasting off like a rocket.

 photo soccer20_zps0a73c714.jpg
Beginning the class with red light green light.

 photo soccer21_zps882d3a50.jpg
He looks happy so far.

 photo soccer22_zpsd13a92b1.jpg
Big brother and him doing a soccer pass. 

 photo soccer23_zps8152d55d.jpg
Nice throw.
 photo soccer24_zps3224202d.jpg
Practicing dribbling.

 photo soccer25_zpsfc90e9d8.jpg
Trying out being a goalie.  He didn't quite get stopping the ball from going in. 

 photo soccer26_zpsf96daaf6.jpg
And this picture is just so funny to me.  Brody has a lot of skill in throwing the "pity party" to get what he wants.  When he wants something or doesn't want to do something, he will pout, hold his tummy, and say "my tummy hurts."  Or if he wants some chocolate, he'll say, "My tummy hurts.  Chocolate make it all better."  Haha!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Oh Brody! You are so cute you make me melt :) I love that he is getting to start soccer. What a big milestone.

    1. Oh he both frustrates me and makes me melt! Haha! I feel that I don't write enough down about the funny and cute things he says, but I try to keep track of as much as possible because I know one day we both will get a big kick out of reading it. :-)

  2. Oh my gosh these stubborn boys. What are we going to do with our second born sons? Well, even though he wouldn't cooperate for the pictures (I like how he was just like, "see ya, I'm out of here) and he wouldn't go fast, he did totally look the part of the professional player. Here's to a good season, Brody!


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