Monday, September 1, 2014

Beach Trip ~ Day 4 ~ Fun with the Stars and More

On our last day with Grandma, Papa James, Aunt Naomi, and cousin Grady, we wanted to do something fun before they headed home.  Aunt Naomi wanted to walk around Broadway at the Beach, but it was just so hot that we needed to find some fun indoor fun.  We had noticed a new attraction in that area when we went to the airport to pick up Daddy.  It was one of those attractions that is difficult to miss and really grabs your attention from the outside.  Sort of like the "upside down museum" we tried out last year.  I would say that I think for the money this was actually a better experience for our family.  I think our boys weren't quite old enough to fully appreciate upside down museum last year.  This was the attraction we tried out this year:

 photo beach126_zps636fe644.jpg
Who could resist this giant King Kong?

 photo beach127_zps4704ba65.jpg
Definitely an "eye catching" attraction!

 photo beach128_zps27fa1096.jpg
Evan wanted a picture with the giant Oscar.

 photo beach129_zpsb2b80c4f.jpg
We actually purchased our family picture with King Kong this year.  The boys will love having that!

 photo beach130_zpsb62e8af9.jpg
A picture of Evan with King Kong before the facility taken picture.

 photo beach131_zpsb753af49.jpg
Evan and Brody met that beloved comedian, Eddie Murphy.  Probably one of the more true to life sculptures.

 photo beach132_zpsbc267466.jpg
A little "secret" about me -- this is my fantasy crush.  I just love some Robert Downey, Jr.  I think I secretly have a thing for cocky bad boy types.  Total opposite of what I chose in real life, and I think that is a good thing.  Haha!  We do make a pretty hot couple though, huh?

 photo beach133_zps3afadff3.jpg
Me and the boys with our favorite bad boy pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

 photo beach134_zps3046f345.jpg
I wish this one was more true to life because this is probably my favorite actor in my favorite movies, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.  I passed my love along to Evan already.

 photo beach136_zps3602a67a.jpg
Me with my favorite archaeologist hero.

 photo beach137_zps27e1046f.jpg
A fairly new Indiana Jones type hero - Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.

 photo beach135_zps651898a3.jpg
I had a hot date with Hollywood hunk, James Dean.  I don't think this one is very true to life either (looks more like Matt Damon to me although maybe they look a little alike?).  I do think they got Mr. Presley down pretty good as the soda shop worker. 

 photo beach138_zps6e847b3f.jpg
Eddie having a nice chat with the beloved Forrest Gump.  Although I think this looks like Tom Hanks, it does not look much like him as Forrest Gump.  It looks more like him in the present like as Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code.

 photo beach139_zps0501b399.jpg
The always lovable Lucy.

 photo beach140_zps402ed48f.jpg
The boys and I had a blast in the scary section.  Evan has never seen the Scream movies, but he obliged me to pose for this picture with a knife above his head.  

 photo beach141_zps0a4484ef.jpg
I just love Brody pretending to be Frankenstein.  Maybe he should be this for Halloween?  Frankenstein was like "I'm not amused.  I do not walk like that."  Consequently, one of my favorite childhood movies was "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein."  Hilarious!  I have tried to find that on Amazon Prime for Evan to watch.  It is kind of hard to get him into watching a black and white movie though.

 photo beach142_zps2efffa83.jpg
Eddie enjoyed chatting with the Tales from the Crypt guy.  Brody was like "Dad, what are you doing with this freaky looking dude?"

 photo beach143_zpsbbc83969.jpg
The always alluring Dracula.

 photo beach144_zps7537f390.jpg
And I let Jason catch me. 

 photo beach145_zps2853fa1c.jpg
Then I got to be the bride of George Clooney.  Not a very good likeness in my opinion, but we make a nice looking couple.

 photo beach148_zpsc35d38e0.jpg
I wanted a better picture of this experience.  The boys wanted to do it over and over.  It was a room where you could actually pretend you were a spy going through a room full of laser security beams.  There were several levels where you had to listen and get through to the next button to push without touching any lasers.  Brody was hilarious trying to do it.

 photo beach146_zps2ccfca71.jpg
Evan with one of his favorite athletes, Tiger Woods.  We have actually "met" him and gotten his autograph on a picture we took, but we didn't get a picture with him.  Now, I guess we have.  Haha!

 photo beach147_zpsa76a43d6.jpg
Evan and Bruce Lee practicing their kung fu skills.

 photo beach149_zps9bcc9149.jpg
Eddie with his favorite musical talent.

 photo beach150_zpse36f8e64.jpg
And then with his favorite actress/crush.  I think they would make a good looking couple with their big toothy smiles.

 photo beach151_zpsdfa2eb17.jpg
Me and the sexiest batman ever, Christian Bale.  I don't think this is a good likeness either.

 photo beach152_zps3d0042e3.jpg
And with Matthew McConaughey.

 photo beach153_zps0a7dde16.jpg
Eddie acting the part of the mafia hit man whispering to the Godfather.  He did the kiss too.  Haha!

 photo beach154_zps74ce330a.jpg
Brody being a cute little King Tut.

 photo beach155_zpse384c2ae.jpg
Yep, beam me up, Scotty.  Nope, I couldn't resist.

 photo beach156_zps61220acd.jpg
And of course, me and everyone's favorite vampire, Edward Cullen.

 photo beach157_zps5cd07cf5.jpg
Eddie met his hero, John Wayne.

 photo beach158_zpsa9d17094.jpg
Evan hasn't been officially indoctrinated into the John Wayne fan club yet, but I am sure it will happen soon.  Daddy, Papa and Grandma are all big fans.

 photo beach159_zps5bad5582.jpg
Eddie in his favorite movie with Sean Connery from "The Hunt for Red October."  He can even sing the Soviet national anthem from the movie.  

 photo beach160_zps79000b68.jpg
Brody enjoyed watching himself dance on the big screen.

 photo beach161_zps401449bd.jpg
Showing off his moves.

 photo beach162_zps9cb477de.jpg

After leaving the museum, we headed to lunch at Evan's favorite beach place, Hard Rock Cafe.  He always loves eating in the pyramid.  Sadly, I didn't take any pictures.  After we ate, I wanted the boys to get to ride the little Pavilion rides that are kind of a beach tradition for us.  I really wanted Grady to ride too.  Unfortunately, it was miserably hot outside in the middle of the day.  We drove around to that side of the park to avoid the long walk in the heat, but it was still too hot to stay long.  Plus, the ride tickets have gotten ridiculously expensive.  Sigh.  All of the boys got to ride a few rides before we gave up because of the heat.

 photo beach163_zpsc2ceecef.jpg
Grady loved driving the cars with Brody.

 photo beach164_zps248d54f9.jpg

 photo beach165_zps2901709c.jpg

 photo beach166_zpsddb1f38c.jpg

 photo beach167_zps7bf16cc6.jpg
They both enjoyed honking the horns.

 photo beach168_zps6029d090.jpg
Smiles from Brody.  

 photo beach169_zps804ac376.jpg
Evan was excited to drive his own bumper car. 

 photo beach170_zps400aa6fe.jpg
And Brody enjoyed riding with Daddy.

 photo beach171_zpse1c5e069.jpg
They liked bumping one another.

 photo beach172_zpsaa42630f.jpg
Brody just smiled and laughed when they got rammed.

 photo beach173_zpscf7e88e7.jpg
It was so hot, but they had a good time.

 photo beach174_zps3b835c18.jpg
Head on collision!

 photo beach175_zps47d13ca0.jpg
Those boys have so much fun.

 photo beach176_zps0cf56fa5.jpg
Evan only got stuck against the wall once.

 photo beach177_zps721b3152.jpg
Daddy was all smiles too.

 photo beach178_zps4d05f475.jpg
Evan is a serious driver.

 photo beach179_zps13335368.jpg
Grady gave the motorcycles a shot.  He lasted about halfway through the ride, but I don't think he felt very secure in his seat and had to get off halfway through.  He did really well for not even being two.  

 photo beach180_zpsc043d5c5.jpg
Brody loved driving a motorcycle...maybe a little too much.

 photo beach181_zps8c51720e.jpg
Don't even think about it, Evan!

 photo beach182_zps3f72e1e7.jpg
Sweet boy.

 photo beach183_zps10897908.jpg
He was being so brave.

 photo beach184_zpsaea907c9.jpg
Big kid smiles.

 photo beach185_zps0250e2a6.jpg

 photo beach186_zpsa9721127.jpg
He's about had enough and started trying to get off.

 photo beach187_zps03bfe7d6.jpg

 photo beach188_zpsa55013e5.jpg

 photo beach189_zps0a4a7db6.jpg

 photo beach190_zps3cd4ed28.jpg

 photo beach191_zpsafa283d1.jpg
Grady liked the carousel more with Mama there to hold him.

 photo beach192_zpsdb04f315.jpg
Evan always picks the ostriches to ride.  He says ostriches are very fast.

 photo beach193_zps0e1fe3de.jpg
I love that Brody was riding the patriotic horse while wearing his patriotic attire.

 photo beach195_zps1df4a4fb.jpg

 photo beach196_zps9b08dc5d.jpg

 photo beach197_zps42abcf26.jpg

 photo beach198_zps8096f22d.jpg

 photo beach199_zps13652451.jpg

After saying goodbye to the rest of the family, we headed back to the hotel to rest.

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Sherry, I LOVE the dress you are wearing in this post. And that Wax Museum looks like a lot of fun. I've never been to one and now I want to go. I'm sorry it was too hot to really enjoy the rides.

  2. I agree with look so cute in your dress! There's a wax museum in Branson and I think we'll have to go next time we are there. Your post made it look so fun!

  3. What a fun wax museum. I like that you could actually "interact" with the wax figures. It's boring to just walk around looking at them. It makes for boring pictures too.

    I also have to agree with the ladies- gorgeous dress. I was thinking that through the whole post, even before I got to the comments! That is definitely your color!

  4. Oh, and I also wanted to mention that I am never brave enough to go to the scary section of a wax museum. It freaks me out too much. I'm afraid something/somebody is going to move.


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