Friday, September 5, 2014

Beach Family Photos ~ Session 2

I guess we'll call these pictures our official beach family photos for 2014.  To change things up a bit, we had the "crazy" idea of taking the pictures around a large pier.  I had seen some great inspiration shots on pinterest and thought it was a good idea.  While it was nice under the pier, I admit the lighting is a bit tricky.  Our camera couldn't decide if we needed the flash or not.  Of course, out in the bright sunlight was no picnic either so we just took what we could get.

 photo familycollage_zps89ceeb3c.jpg

 photo family1_zpsb49da992.jpg

 photo family3_zpsa5227a99.jpg

 photo family6_zpsdf8adeda.jpg
What is it about brothers holding hands that just melts my heart?  I also love how "magical" this shot looks like these boys are walking down a long hallway towards a mysterious bright light through a doorway that will take them to some magical place.  

 photo family7_zps7f2f1f1a.jpg

 photo family8_zps1e1d9214.jpg

 photo family10_zpsfe1e075e.jpg

Me and my sweet boys

 photo family4_zps8d15ca54.jpg

 photo family5_zps83b5eb4c.jpg
The luckiest girl in the world to be loved by these two!
 photo family11_zps8dd91650.jpg

 photo family12_zps252b26f3.jpg

The boys and I enjoyed a little stroll along the beach.

 photo family28_zpsc1f11c77.jpg

 photo family30_zps9f694cbe.jpg

 photo family31_zpsbab97c9f.jpg

 photo family32_zps0354db68.jpg

Daddy and his little men

 photo family15_zps1952b735.jpg

 photo family18_zpsf70fe5e0.jpg

Our family
 photo family20_zpsc2770787.jpg

 photo family22_zps832780a0.jpg

 photo family23_zps6383fef2.jpg

 photo family24_zpse130ff22.jpg

 photo family25_zps283b112e.jpg

 photo family26_zps0ed4c7e3.jpg

 photo family27_zps5b06a198.jpg

And of course, I can't take family photos without remembering our sweet Mattie and wishing she was present for the pictures.  If she could be with us, I think she would just be the cutest little toddler walking along the beach with her big brothers holding her hands.  Although I didn't purchase a lot of clothes past 12 months for her, I did just so happen to get this adorable little beach themed dress which I couldn't resist at TJ Maxx and had looked forward to her wearing it to the beach this year.

 photo IMG_9349_zps297d6585.jpg

And as usual, I am several weeks behind on capturing the moments of our lives.  To catch up, I have some big and small events to capture, like the final days of our beach trip, first days back to school, new family additions, etc.  Life has been a bit hectic as we try to get back into the school routine.  Evan is going to be starting soccer again as well as another big activity that we hope he will enjoy.  In other words, just the normal crazy life of our busy family these days.  For now, I am going to let the boys take me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday tonight and then I am looking forward to getting an early start on sleep tonight.  The past couple of weeks have seriously tired me out!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. These pictures are so great! I can't decided which one that I like best...they are all so good! I love your dress. It's so pretty. I also really like the dress you chose for Mattie. It's very sweet.

  2. Oh Sherry -- the dress you had for Mattie is so sweet. I love all the pictures but the one of Brody and Evan walking away underneath the pier is my favourite. Can't wait to read your upcoming blog posts :)

    1. I think it is my favorite too. There is something "magical" about the way they are walking towards that bright light at the end like it is a doorway to some magical place. :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures. The pier idea was a good one. It's very different from what you have done in the past but still beachy and interesting. You got some really great shots! Mattie's dress is just precious. It would have matched your beautiful dress really well.


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