Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Beach Putt Putt Adventure

If you have read here long, you know our family loves putt putt.  It was kind of a childhood tradition of mine to attempt to play all the putt putt courses in Myrtle Beach.  Of course, I still haven't managed to accomplish this feat because there are a ton of putt putt courses there.  It is putt putt capital of the world, I tell you!  There are some courses that don't look that appealing to me, but most of them are pretty awesome.  They have so many different themes.  When I was young and even now, the most popular theme was pirates, but there are also dinosaurs, jungles, pyramids, volcanoes, and many more.  Evan, like me, has his favorite places.  We had already played my favorite course earlier in the week so Evan wanted to play his favorite course, the Mayan pyramid course.  Part of this course is inside which makes it nice on a hot day.  Since we did our family photo session close to this putt putt place, we decided we would treat the boys to a game after the session.  Made for a good bribe during the session.  Ha!

 photo puttputt14_zpsd6c26eb9.jpg
By the way, you can call "putt putt" many things.  Most either call it putt putt or mini golf although some of these more fantastical courses call it "adventure golf."  

 photo puttputt5_zps4d526573.jpg
The Mayan pyramid.  We still plan to do a trip to Cancun in our near future so we can see the real thing. 

 photo puttputt7_zpseab745cf.jpg
Our little pro golfer

 photo puttputt1_zps18587a40.jpg
Brody was in a much better mood at this course this year than he was last year. 

 photo puttputt2_zps523564d5.jpg
I let Daddy play this round with the boys.

 photo puttputt3_zps74ed1253.jpg
Evan for the birdie (or eagle, I don't know which). 

 photo puttputt4_zps8712d520.jpg

 photo puttputt6_zps791b873a.jpg

 photo puttputt8_zps43faedaf.jpg
Daddy helping Brody with his swing.

 photo puttputt9_zpsa51107e6.jpg
Brody generally just pushes his ball into the hole.

 photo puttputt10_zps6723d9c5.jpg
Inside the nice cool pyramid.

 photo puttputt11_zpsa9dca7fe.jpg
Evan likes that this course offers additional challenges to the game.  You can spin the wheel and follow the instructions to make it more interesting.  Here he is standing on one leg to putt.

 photo puttputt12_zps6583390b.jpg
A very near miss.

 photo puttputt13_zps7fb8fc7e.jpg

 photo puttputt15_zpsd4b26bde.jpg
Capturing the outdoor waterfalls around the course.

 photo puttputt16_zpsba1dc7d5.jpg
At the end of this course, you put your ball in the ball return and may be selected as a winner.  Usually you win a free game at one of their affiliate courses, but the employee gave Brody a free slushy for his win.  He shared with Evan.

 photo puttputt17_zps5fd60e35.jpg
Evan the Mayan golfer

 photo puttputt18_zps1a559861.jpg
Yep, Brody was the Mayan girl golfer. 

 photo puttputt19_zps8f54e3d8.jpg
Daddy as a Mayan.

 photo puttputt20_zpscfea0978.jpg
Evan always enjoys seeing the skeleton of the Mayan golfer who apparently broke the rules and was sacrificed to the Mayan putt putt gods. 

 photo puttputt21_zps85c8bd65.jpg
I actually decided to utilize the course's waterfalls to finally figure out how to take cool waterfall pictures where the water looks smooth.  Now, I want to go see some real waterfalls and photograph them.

 photo puttputt22_zpsf9ef16ff.jpg

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! We haven't played putt putt in some time, but always have fun when we do. :). Your pics of the waterfall are perfect!

  2. What a fun place to play putt putt! Every time you all go, we talk about taking our kids. We need to soon.

  3. I love that this year Sam and Rachel have gotten into playing on their own, a couple of holes ahead of us, and Dave and I can actually be a little competitive. Rachel always pushes her ball into the hole too. She and Brody can play together while Sam and Evan have a real game and you teach me how to take amazing waterfall pictures. Deal?! :)

  4. I love reading about your putt putt adventures each year! Can you believe that we've "known" each other and have been reading each other's blogs for 2 complete years? That's 3 summers worth of putt putt.

    Michael is going to a bachelor party next month at an "adventure golf" place. He probably won't take any pictures though.


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