Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Little More Beach Fun!

A week at the beach pretty much means you spend a lot of time on the beach.  Since we only get to the beach about once a year, we try to make every minute count.  We enjoyed our last few days at the beach with mostly great weather.  We would have almost daily afternoon rain storms due to the intense heat along the coast, but we were happy to either spend that time resting or playing in the water park.  I just enjoyed watching these boys play!

 photo beach200_zps9332e6a0.jpg

 photo beach201_zpsef74b0fd.jpg

 photo beach202_zps8f4a9d11.jpg

 photo beach203_zps9ca5bfc3.jpg

 photo beach204_zpsab8071fb.jpg

 photo beach205_zpsac1a0e00.jpg

 photo beach206_zps97faa8bf.jpg

 photo beach207_zps7266728b.jpg

 photo beach208_zps50cbcffa.jpg

 photo beach209_zps7a6e3ec0.jpg

 photo beach210_zps47aa8077.jpg

 photo beach212_zps799e080d.jpg

 photo beach213_zps573940da.jpg
Sometimes you just have to pull your chair up right to the action.  

 photo beach214_zps38f4950f.jpg

 photo beach215_zpsbeff49ee.jpg

 photo beach217_zps42a9848f.jpg

 photo beach218_zps2af0e358.jpg
If Evan doesn't stay in the water, he is going to demand that someone play with him.  He wanted to play frisbee, but his frisbee didn't work very well. 

 photo beach219_zpsf3516dc7.jpg
So he settled for football with Daddy.

 photo beach220_zps2f703965.jpg

 photo beach221_zps2bf3edb0.jpg
I built Brody a little sandcastle which stood for all of 5 minutes before he tore it down.
 photo beach223_zps19ef75cc.jpg
Evan enjoyed lots of boogie boarding.

 photo beach224_zps26184984.jpg

 photo beach226_zps02b98222.jpg

 photo beach228_zps8d826ef0.jpg

 photo beach229_zps96f9c0ba.jpg

 photo beach230_zpsa66d02f8.jpg

 photo beach233_zpsca20369a.jpg

 photo beach234_zpsd2017a3f.jpg

 photo beach235_zpscb76dd7a.jpg

 photo beach236_zps51f86cfb.jpg
We also discovered the joys of a late afternoon swim when the beaches weren't as crowded, and it wasn't as hot.  Evan wanted to try out his new dragon boogie board.

 photo beach237_zpse53ed295.jpg

 photo beach238_zpsee743cb3.jpg

 photo beach239_zps8277cb0a.jpg

 photo beach240_zpsaef9eb50.jpg

 photo beach241_zps548a81d6.jpg

 photo beach242_zps1e9b2971.jpg

 photo beach243_zps4f714816.jpg

 photo beach244_zps5b666b1d.jpg

 photo beach245_zpsd11e2927.jpg
Love this shot of Evan looking like a professional surfer.

 photo beach246_zpsf9d389c9.jpg

 photo beach247_zpsb8638d1d.jpg

 photo beach248_zps3c59fc18.jpg

 photo beach250_zpsb6ca3f79.jpg

 photo beach251_zps204c71e3.jpg

 photo beach252_zps085b09fd.jpg

 photo beach253_zps7babcaa6.jpg

 photo beach254_zps2f2eee7a.jpg

 photo beach255_zpsa78b0f8e.jpg

 photo beach256_zps1ef83dee.jpg

 photo beach257_zps6948cbc8.jpg

 photo beach258_zps1e640f18.jpg

 photo beach259_zps418436c1.jpg

 photo beach260_zps39b12467.jpg

 photo beach261_zpsa18604b8.jpg

 photo beach262_zps24340ac8.jpg
Our beach experience ended with this exciting sighting. No, not a shark thank goodness.  Several dolphins were jumping just off the shore.  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. OH! That looks like so much fun! Some day, our Evans are going to have to go boogie boarding together.

  2. Beautiful pictures AND family. It looks like you guys had a great time. Your gorgeous smile makes my heart happy. :)

  3. "A week at the beach means you spend a lot of time at the beach." Yeah. That's what we thought and you know how that turned out :) I'm glad that the weather was much more cooperative for you guys and you got a lot of beach time. I love all the pictures of your cute boys. Oh. My. Word. Adorable!

  4. Great beach pictures! Evan could totally be a professional boogie/surf boarder. Hang ten, dude!


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