Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Fun # 11 ~ Gone Fishin'!

One of our summer bucket list items was to go fishing in our little neighborhood pond.  Evan has loved the little neighborhood pond since we first moved here in 2009.  It is a great shady place for walks or just sitting on a bench and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  It really doesn't feel like you are in a city when you are walking around this little retreat.  Last year, the neighborhood did some major renovations to the pond and really cleaned it out and added some new landscaping.  It was never terrible, but it really looks nice now.  The pond isn't very deep so it is doubtful that it could ever support any substantial fish supplies.  Likely, you won't catch anything but turtles or maybe an occasional snake.  The boys and I don't really mind since I wouldn't really enjoy the whole touching the fish thing anyway.  Instead, we just use it as an opportunity to practice putting our artificial bait on our lines and casting and reeling.  Evan has really improved and can cast his line perfectly.  Brody is using Evan's old rod so Evan advanced to my old fishing pole that never really saw much use before.  Eddie made me buy it when we were dating because we had a tradition of meeting his church friends and family at a lake for a camping and fishing weekend every summer. I do think I caught my first fish on one of those excursions.

 photo fishing1_zps5a35d42d.jpg
The boys lead the way to the pond.

 photo fishing2_zps2a16e22a.jpg
The little pier was also added with the newer renovations.

 photo fishing3_zps87b02973.jpg
We spotted some little tadpoles swimming by the shore.

 photo fishing4_zpsbf678de1.jpg
And a turtle

 photo fishing5_zpsc4ba8f23.jpg
We tried fishing from the pier but due to no place to sit and the railings being too high for casting, that didn't work very well.

 photo fishing6_zps7afea4fd.jpg
Brody trying out his little rod.  We purchased this for Evan because it had Diego, his favorite old cartoon character, on it.

 photo fishing7_zpsbc247292.jpg
Evan using Mommy's big pole.

 photo fishing8_zps2c6b41d4.jpg
Reeling in his line.

 photo fishing9_zps77910cec.jpg
I just love watching boys learning to fish like little men.

 photo fishing10_zpsa9567370.jpg
Evan casting his own rod.

 photo fishing12_zpsd4221d11.jpg
One cute thing about Brody's little pole is that it came with a little fish to attach to the line.  Little ones love that they always "catch" a fish.  

 photo fishing13_zps08084c83.jpg
It was a lovely day for fishing.

 photo fishing14_zpsb0265beb.jpg
Love that Evan was helping Brody.  Daddy didn't come with us this day so Evan was being a great big brother.

 photo fishing15_zps35107af6.jpg
Looks like a pro.

 photo fishing16_zps60ec84df.jpg
He looks like he could sit there all day waiting for the fish to bite.

 photo fishing17_zpscc53de05.jpg
Brothers fishing together.  I see years of fishing together in their future.

 photo fishing18_zps4cdf1dab.jpg
Brody wanted to try out the big pole.

 photo fishing11_zps42465fa1.jpg
This one reminds me of one of Evan from back in 2009.

 photo summer173.jpg
Two and a half year old Evan fishing.

 photo fishing19_zps46fa669f.jpg
After fishing, the boys had to stop at the playground for a little bit.

 photo fishing20_zps1ca65e4a.jpg
They built this new playground a couple of years ago as well.  Lots of nice changes to the neighborhood in recent years.

 photo fishing21_zps525bee5f.jpg
He was a little nervous going down the big slide.

 photo fishing22_zps13f57bdd.jpg
Pretending to be an ice cream store clerk.

 photo fishing23_zpsa39d158a.jpg
Time to swing.

 photo fishing24_zpsdaf0d192.jpg
Happy boy.  He wanted to swing in the "baby" swing although he can swing in the big swings.

 photo fishing25_zps35e4360a.jpg

 photo fishing26_zps2bab53dd.jpg
Do all kids at some point like swinging this way?  Evan was pretending he was flying.

 photo fishing27_zpsafca13ff.jpg

 photo fishing28_zps21b74105.jpg
Resting on the slide.

 photo fishing29_zps3bed866d.jpg
Little monkey climbing the jungle gym.
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How much fun! We had planned to go fishing this summer, but didn't make it. I guess we'll wait until the fall.

  2. This makes me miss fishing. Okay, I like the feeling of catching the fish but I never bait my hook or touch the fish itself until it's cooked! Ha!

  3. Fishing is something that I have no interest in and have been happy to pass on as an activity to Michael's dad. He has taken Spencer several times and they both love it. Pretty soon Elliott will join them too.

    Our old neighborhood had a bunch of little lakes in it for residents to fish. We used to walk to them and feed the ducks. I think it's such a nice feature for people that are interested in fishing.


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