Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Trip ~ Day I

We arrived at the beach by about 4:00 p.m.  We had to wait a couple of hours for Grandma, Papa James, Aunt Naomi, and Cousin Grady to arrive to eat dinner so after getting our stuff in our room, the boys and I hit the water park.

 photo beach15_zps6ddb97ce.jpg
I chose to watch the kids play most of the time since I was alone with them and wanted to keep a careful watch.  Evan walked Brody up to the top of the slide the first time, but I was nervous about him going down by himself.  He, of course, did great and loved it.  He would often turn himself sideways or upside down going down.

 photo beach16_zps17b9a979.jpg
All smiles at the bottom.

 photo beach17_zpsda59c0dc.jpg
I needed to be at the bottom to make him get out quickly so the next person could go.  He was in no hurry to get out of the water.
 photo beach18_zps94e0bb80.jpg
Evan is an old pro.

 photo beach19_zps6c945206.jpg
Brody came down right behind Evan.  The attendant at the top is supposed to keep kids from going down at the same time, but he wasn't paying attention obviously.

 photo beach21_zps2e5430a8.jpg
Closing his eyes before hitting the water.

 photo beach20_zps1d0b8723.jpg
He got the hang of it so quickly and couldn't get enough.

 photo beach22_zps6085b4cd.jpg
He loves getting splashed at the end.

 photo beach23_zpsaf8882b3.jpg
And that's a happy face!
 photo beach24_zpsd7acd428.jpg

 photo beach25_zpsff02f2c2.jpg
Evan prepares for the big splash.

 photo beach26_zps72b77115.jpg
I love his funny faces at the end.
 photo waterslidingcomparison_zpsffe75bdb.jpg
I love the similarities and differences of their faces on the slides.  Both are pretty serious at first, close their eyes in preparation, and then Brody looks a lot more excited at the end. 

 photo beach27_zpsab5be9e3.jpg
Trying out the curved slide.  Most kids love this one way better.

 photo beach28_zpscc95dee5.jpg
Brody didn't seem too sure here.

 photo beach29_zpscd356a42.jpg
But he was very happy at the end and was ready to go again.
 photo beach32_zpsc88cefc7.jpg

 photo beach31_zpsb3e3153c.jpg
They loved getting in the hot tub to warm up.

 photo beach30_zps85da1873.jpg
Silly boys.
 photo beach33_zps2de5314d.jpg
Evan kindly pushed Brody around on the lazy river.

 photo beach34_zps8a5347ee.jpg
But he wanted to ride by himself too.

 photo beach35_zps0d77011d.jpg
Brody was fine with lounging by himself on his float.
 photo beach36_zps44997525.jpg
Just relaxing on the lazy river.

 photo beach37_zps3a4f07a1.jpg
Then, Evan dunked himself.

 photo beach38_zps9cabd52f.jpg
And Brody found it hilarious!

 photo beach39_zpsc05e5011.jpg
In the five years we've been going to this resort, they have gradually had less and less of these little dolphin floats.  The kids always love them, but they don't hold up well so I guess the resort doesn't replace them.  This seemed to be one of the last ones left.  So sad.

 photo beach40_zps1e6562e4.jpg
We were a little disappointed that they also seem to have let several parts of the water park go without repair.  This place is only 5 or 6 years old.  They used to have a bucket that dumped water on you when it filled up.  That didn't seem to be working so they just rigged this big pipe to constant pour water into the river.  Brody loved it. 

 photo beach41_zps08695df1.jpg
He loves getting water poured on his head.  Silly kid.

 photo beach42_zpsa153a5d0.jpg
Getting warm one last time for the night.
We went back to the room and took showers/baths and got ready to go to dinner with Grandma, Papa James, Aunt Naomi, and cousin Grady.  After dinner, Grandma took all the boys back to the hotel while Aunt Naomi and I headed to the grocery store to buy groceries for our week at the beach.  It was quite a busy day for our first half day at the beach.

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the boys' faces. They look like they are having a blast! =) I can't wait to read about the rest of y'all's trip!

  2. Wow! You got a lot accomplished your first day. I am way impressed :) Also, this makes me miss waterparks and lazy rivers. I can't wait until our kids are more comfortable in the water and we can spend time there again.

  3. MMMM. That hot tub looks really nice. I'd like to head there right now! Ha ha!

    Elliott is the same way....he loves getting water dumped on his head. Elliott and Brody are just water loving kids!

    You did an amazing job of taking pictures since you were on parent duty all alone. Well done.


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