Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beach Trip ~ Day 3

Our 3rd day at the beach (or Daddy's first full day) was a Sunday.  We awoke to beautiful sunny skies and immediately dressed to spend the morning on the beach.  While the sunny weather makes for a great day on the beach, it can often make for difficult picture taking because of the brightness. Most of the pictures I get of the boys are of squinty eyes and faces.  Still, they had a great time playing in the water and sand.  After the boys had their share of the beach, my sweet husband walked up to the hotel's poolside bar and bought me a yummy fruity smoothie to drink on the beach.  He took the boys to the room to eat and then to play in the water park while he let me relax alone on the beach with my drink and a book.  And yes, I did take a little nap.  It was wonderful!  He even came back to get me and the rest of the beach stuff, and I then went to join them in the water park.  That night, we enjoyed our last dinner with Eddie's family before they left the next day.

 photo beach102_zpsd1bf58d0.jpg
Brody started his morning playing with cars.

 photo beach103_zps96109e65.jpg
Grady enjoyed a stroll in the water with Papa James.  Papa James could only endure the heat for a little while so they headed back to the room to rest. 

 photo beach104_zps76fdc62a.jpg
A dark picture is the consequence of the too bright sun. 

 photo beach105_zps1ed30b81.jpg
Evan often chooses just playing in the waves opposed to boogie boarding.  He did this pretty much the whole morning on the beach.  He likes to pretend the waves are his adversary, and they are fighting an intense battle.
 photo beach106_zps300ed3a8.jpg

 photo beach107_zps86a09b16.jpg
I tried helping Brody boogie board.  We weren't as successful this day.

 photo beach108_zps5792d8e2.jpg
The boys playing in the sand together a little.  Evan didn't last long at this.

 photo beach109_zpscdb7bc8f.jpg

 photo beach110_zpsb7b9ec54.jpg

 photo beach111_zps5a62187e.jpg
Grady enjoyed playing in the sand too.

 photo beach112_zps44738d97.jpg
He's getting so big!

 photo beach113_zps010c9eca.jpg
It was like attack of the birds when all these seagulls suddenly showed up.  I think someone threw out some food.  

 photo beach114_zpsfa5c598e.jpg
At the lazy river again.  

 photo beach115_zps44954e18.jpg
Still loving the "water fall" as he calls any water than falls or pours or moves.

 photo beach116_zps4656d106.jpg
More sliding fun.

 photo beach117_zps033f6f46.jpg
Yep, Daddy caught me going down.

 photo beach118_zps0d9a19e4.jpg
I was a little nervous when Brody turned himself completely upside down going down the slide.  

 photo beach121_zpsd7727de3.jpg
Then, he rediscovered the submarine.

 photo beach120_zps0950e429.jpg
He loves any water splashing on his head.

 photo beach122_zpsee88b360.jpg
Driving the submarine.  I think the first year it actually had steering wheels, but I guess they got broke off and were never replaced.  Sigh.

 photo beach123_zps437cdf1d.jpg
Daddy and Brody swimming together.  Most of the water in the water park and indoor pools feels warm and is heated, but this pool was crazy cold.  We didn't use it much.

 photo beach124_zps9bb1d08f.jpg
Sweet boys.

 photo beach125_zpse5b8c2e6.jpg
Brody not wanting to smile when Evan got in the picture.  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. That looks like a perfect day of indoor and outdoor fun! Also, I love that Eddie gave you some time off from parenting :)

  2. A little time to yourself...that sounds great. I love the indoor pool area. It looks like so much fun!

  3. Your time alone on the beach sounds heavenly. Ocean, smoothie and a book. Perfection.

    It's nice that you got to travel with Eddie's family for part of the time and on your own for part of the time. It's the best of both worlds.


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