Friday, August 29, 2014

Beach Trip ~ Day 2

The next morning, we got up and got ready to head for the beach.  Brody couldn't wait to make castles.  Evan wanted to try out his boogie boarding skills again.  The day was actually overcast, but it felt really nice and not too hot.  We got to spend a couple of hours on the beach before it started to rain.

 photo beach43_zpsaafc9947.jpg
Both boys jumped right in to the ocean as soon as we arrived.  I was still setting up our beach gear.

 photo beach44_zpsbfb7bb35.jpg
Brody didn't mind falling down in the waves.

 photo beach45_zps784ae9a3.jpg
Brody was so excited to play in the waves.

 photo beach46_zps1d8b4d1b.jpg
Running from the waves was so fun.

 photo beach47_zps2267dfc8.jpg
Smiling for the camera.

 photo beach48_zps3d932587.jpg
Just strolling along the beach.

 photo beach49_zps598bc909.jpg
But he couldn't stay out of the water for long.

 photo beach50_zps147e2f59.jpg

 photo beach51_zpsbe450ae3.jpg

 photo beach52_zpsc2882c52.jpg

 photo beach53_zpsf3be6f52.jpg

 photo beach54_zps5f2a17e5.jpg
We started seeing the fish jumping closer to shore and thought that probably signaled some changing weather conditions.

 photo beach55_zpsc5d1a9a2.jpg
Evan has always been a beach bum.  He could stay in the water all day.

 photo beach56_zpsa0b08750.jpg
A picture of Grandma and her boys on the beach.

 photo beach57_zps409b8e70.jpg

 photo beach59_zps39620625.jpg
Evan showing off on the boogie board.  We did have to buy him a new board this year.  His has lasted several years and finally broke in the middle.  It has gotten a lot of abuse as a snow sled. 

 photo beach58_zpsdfe55084.jpg
Still a pro.

 photo beach60_zps86a7e7c2.jpg
Riding the waves.

 photo beach61_zpse1f7be24.jpg

 photo beach62_zpse197efed.jpg

 photo beach63_zps6ab5d23d.jpg

 photo beach64_zps114a5eff.jpg

 photo beach65_zpsacd80769.jpg
Playing in the sand.

 photo beach66_zpsc8929c09.jpg
Cousin Grady liked playing in the sand.

 photo beach67_zps289deb76.jpg
Just doing some digging.

 photo beach68_zpsd616ddac.jpg
Little man did a good job digging and filling his bucket.

 photo beach69_zps7a2eba84.jpg
Cousins playing "together."

 photo beach70_zps9998ce10.jpg
The water got them.

 photo beach71_zps4bfa3c15.jpg
Just having fun on the beach.

 photo beach72_zps92514e22.jpg

 photo beach73_zpscae604f2.jpg

 photo beach74_zps00e9b3b4.jpg
Brody is a forager.  He is always on the hunt for food.  He was sneaking into the cooler.

 photo beach76_zpse8d2944f.jpg

 photo beach75_zps5787bbc7.jpg

 photo beach77_zps05ed7b2c.jpg
Grady got brave venturing into the water.

 photo beach78_zps50dfca0e.jpg

 photo beach79_zps13ca14ce.jpg

 photo beach80_zps637a85ea.jpg
Enjoying snack time on the beach.

Daddy was scheduled to arrive around 5:00 p.m. from Chicago.  After we ate lunch in our room (I had already been to the grocery store the previous night to buy food for breakfast and lunch for the week), we decided to just rest and then get ready to go pick up Daddy before going to eat dinner. Evan still wasn't completely aware when Daddy was arriving although he had overheard me saying Daddy was coming back early.  He was super excited when we arrived at the airport.  The boys and I headed into the terminal to meet Daddy.  Daddy's plane was a little behind schedule, but we watched it arrive on the monitor and waited for him at baggage claim.  Evan suffered a little casualty while waiting because he was being silly and running on the slick floor in his slick crocs and fell.  We got him calmed down before Daddy arrived though.  The boys met Daddy with big hugs.

 photo beach82_zpsb9bc0dbd.jpg
Walking in the big airport terminal.  Evan was way up ahead. 

 photo beach83_zpscc4416bb.jpg
Brody enjoyed using all the space to practice his dancing.

 photo beach84_zps81f2420b.jpg
Daddy's plane is the red one.

 photo beach85_zps65c3854f.jpg
Happy boy.

 photo beach86_zpsff081d01.jpg
Brody gave Evan big hugs to cheer him up after his fall.

 photo beach87_zps70acacc0.jpg
And here comes Daddy!

 photo beach88_zps9f81775e.jpg
Evan made it to him first.

 photo beach89_zps67eef2eb.jpg
But Brody wasn't far behind.

 photo beach90_zpsf1a7ed31.jpg
Three happy boys!

 photo beach91_zps44d00f6c.jpg
We chose seafood for dinner, of course.  

 photo beach92_zps7d4490d0.jpg
My crab legs were super yummy.
After dinner, Daddy obliged the boys and went with us to play putt putt after dinner.  I played this time, and he just watched and tried to take some pictures.  The camera battery died so we didn't get very many this time.  This course has actually been one of my favorites since I was a kid.  It is a pirate themed course with a pirate ship and a pirate cave.

 photo beach93_zps59030ccc.jpg
Evan practicing his putt.  

 photo beach94_zps6fe1c57a.jpg
Brody still mostly takes his ball and puts it down by the hole to hit it in.  He did play the whole game with us though.

 photo beach95_zpsb593a1af.jpg
Grandma stomped us all!  She got mostly all 2's and a couple of hole in one's.  

 photo beach96_zpse4a554b3.jpg
I did consistently mediocre as usual.

 photo beach97_zpsa32d2a7e.jpg
Posing for a picture with the boys.

 photo beach98_zps5027fac3.jpg
Little golf champ.

 photo beach99_zps2072355e.jpg
I wanted a picture of us at the helm of the pirate ship, but the camera died.  I had to settle for a not great picture from the phone.

 photo beach100_zps1e77efa3.jpg
The boys liked operating this little mining car at Long John Silver's mine.
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Oh, it looks like you all had such a great beach day! I love the pictures of the boys meeting Eddie at the airport. What a sweet moment! I love that you kept it a surprise. About the fish jumping, I've always been told it's because they are being chased by predators. I could be wrong.

  2. This looks fun. I love days that are a little overcast...makes me want to go back to the beach soon.

  3. I love how much your boys obviously enjoy the water! And what awesome pictures of your boys running to greet Eddie! And I can tell I'm hungry because your dinner looks AWESOME!!! And yay!!! Mini golf. Or you know, Putt putt!

  4. Consistently mediocre.....ha ha ha!

    I'm so glad that Eddie got to come back early and didn't miss your vacation. What a perfect reunion at the airport!


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