Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beach Family Photos ~ Session 1

We attempted our first beach photo session while Grandma and the family were still with us.  While Brody refused to fully cooperate, we still really like these pictures.

 photo beach1_zpsbb8fa946.jpg
A family shot.  Nope, no smiles from Brody.

 photo beach2_zpsbdad3bd9.jpg
Squint from Evan.

 photo beach3_zpsda69ff88.jpg
Daddy trying to get Brody to smile.

 photo beach4_zps988bd488.jpg
A couple shot.
 photo beach5_zps7518acb6.jpg
Trying for one of Grandma and her boys.  Brody and his infamous pouty lip.

 photo beach6_zps29f5f0f8.jpg
Grady said he was done with this photo session and was off to the beach.

 photo beach7_zps44251e3d.jpg
Aunt Naomi and her little man.

 photo beach8_zps2d084184.jpg
Grady was copying Evan here.

 photo beach9_zps6c5c056d.jpg
One of Grandma and Aunt Naomi and the boys in which Brody smiled a little.

 photo beach10_zpsdd3b536e.jpg
But Daddy got in the picture and the smile disappeared.

 photo beach11_zps1edf2592.jpg
Brody giving the camera a sneer.

 photo beach12_zpsedd3570d.jpg
Trying for one of the cousins.  Brody was not digging Grady's hugs.

 photo beach13_zps5a40b4a0.jpg
He was trying to escape.  Of course, he was just getting pay back.

 photo beach14_zpsc22c02ee.jpg
Silly beautiful boys.
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. They turned out great! I love the first family picture!

  2. These are some cute pictures, even if Brody wasn't feeling cooperative! Ha!

  3. I absolutely love the background for those pictures. It is so perfect. It's almost like somebody painted it to look like the stereotypical "beach" background. Hey, are you sure you didn't go to the portrait studio? Just kidding.


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