Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Summary of Most of August

Most of August has been kind of a blur.  With Eddie being gone for a large chunk of the month, the boys and I made do the best we could.  We survived and did actually manage to have a little fun while Daddy was gone.  I didn't want the boys' last few weeks of summer break to be a total bore.

 photo pictures2_zps0935d910.jpg
We took some pictures before Daddy left.  I had actually bought these matching shirts at Janie & Jack for them to wear at the beach, but I wanted to see them in them.  We have a little tradition of having matching Janie & Jack shirts every year.  Sadly, Evan is probably reaching the end of being able to wear clothes from there.  

 photo pictures1_zps31df22cf.jpg

 photo pictures3_zpse06d2838.jpg
Me and my big baby boy.

 photo pictures4_zps2a3ff9a9.jpg
And me and my little man. 

 photo pictures5_zpsdce83331.jpg
Daddy and his boys enjoying their last day together before Daddy left.

A few days before Daddy left, Evan finally lost his third tooth that had been loose for quite a while. We were actually sitting in a doctor's waiting room when he extracted it himself.  I wrapped it up to ensure it made it home safely to be put under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  We actually forgot to put it out the first night, but the tooth fairy did come back the second night.  We are very thankful she forgave our forgetfulness.  Evan has been slower at losing his teeth, and I have been okay with that as I have been able to avoid the infamous snaggle tooth pictures for more of his young life. This was his third tooth on the bottom.  His top two front teeth are beginning to feel loose so I am expecting we'll be singing that infamous song by Christmas.  Yep, you guessed it..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" made famous by those adorable (annoying?) chipmunks.

 photo Evantooth_zpsf4da1a1a.jpg
Little snaggletooth.

 photo Evantooth2_zps9bf8a157.jpg
The tooth fairy was pretty generous.  It was the smallest bill she had.  

The Sunday before Eddie got called to go out west, he was expecting to receive the call so we made an errand run to Target to pick up some necessities for him and us.  We have also been picking up back to school stuff whenever we see good sales throughout the summer so Evan got some new shirts from Old Navy.  Brody just enjoyed playing in the store.

 photo Summer1_zps3b5d76ec.jpg
Silly boy riding the Old Navy dog while sporting his new shades.

 photo Summer2_zps9e3cd712.jpg

After dropping Eddie off at the airport on Monday the 4th, we stopped to try to watch the planes taking off.  There is an overlook, but it is way on the other side of the airport so I didn't drive over there.  We saw some neat planes at the Air National Guard base but got run off by airport security from watching the planes take off from this spot.  Too bad because it was a great spot.  Haha!

 photo Summer3_zps8390235b.jpg

 photo Summer4_zps8d08ac83.jpg

I think the boys and I ate pretty good while Daddy was away.  I made us some pretty yummy meals for breakfast, lunch and most of our dinners.  I made breakfast for dinner one night with eggs, bacon and cheese grits.  Evan could not get enough eggs and just kept saying how much he loved them.  They were just scrambled with some cheese added to them.  I made myself some yummy salads and also some yummy smoothies for us all.  I have been enjoying making smoothies for breakfast this summer.  We did eat out a couple of times for kids' eat free special nights or with Papa.

 photo Summer5_zpsce41e333.jpg
My yummy salad with avocado and strawberries.

 photo Summer13_zps45ab470b.jpg
And a yummy blueberry smoothie.  Evan loved this one.  He wasn't crazy about my orange smoothies because of the pulp.  

 photo Summer14_zpsa4d422b4.jpg
Brody sporting a milk or yogurt mustache.  I forget which.

 photo Summer8_zps8ed7fbf0.jpg
Out to eat at a little barbecue place that does a kids' special once a week.

 photo Summer9_zpse8a30604.jpg
Evan asked for onion rings although he didn't eat many.  

We enjoyed our last summer movies, Walking with Dinosaurs and Rio 2.  Both movies were a lot of fun.  I was pleasantly surprised by the dinosaur one.  It was both fun and educational.  Brody loved it so much, he came home and played with his toy dinosaurs that day.  He is definitely developing a real love for dinosaurs just like his big brother.

 photo Summer6_zpsf0046488.jpg
He was so cute talking for the dinosaurs like the dinosaurs in the movie.

 photo Summer7_zpsebbb7744.jpg

We enjoyed lots of cuddling time in the big bed, and both boys slept in our bed most nights while Daddy was gone.  I like having them close to me.  We took pictures to send to Daddy to make him jealous.

 photo Summer11_zps214c499e.jpg
Cuddling with my monkeys.

 photo Summer10_zpsd4f91be1.jpg
Brody was being silly sticking out his tongue.

Brody and I also enjoyed our daily naps.

 photo Summer12_zps69fd24cd.jpg
Being silly at nap time and not sleeping.

And finally, we hit the road to the beach after Mommy performed the arduous tasks of getting us all packed up and loaded in the car.  We stopped only once in the Fort Mill/Rock Hill area of SC to get cheap gas and eat lunch at Sonic (and get a yummy milkshake for the road).  The boys were so great on the drive.  They didn't even watch any movies.  Brody slept most of the way, and Evan played his Kindle.  We made excellent time and used our knowledge of the beach traffic to detour around it and made it to our resort in record time despite being passed by many "speeders" along the way.  I figured I passed most of them with our detour because they spend a good 30 to 45 minutes in the backed up traffic going into Myrtle on the most heavily traveled route.  That is our little "secret."

 photo Summer15_zpsc93c3fd3.jpg
I had to promise Brody a ride on this little horse to get him to eat his lunch.  

 photo Summer16_zpsdf8366f3.jpg

So that catches us up until our beach trip last week.  I can't believe August is almost over.  I have been a very slack blogger this month!

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  1. Sounds like a great end of summer! You are super mama packing and driving to the beach!!!

  2. What Tracy said about you being super mama! I agree. I find it hard enough to pack and drive WITH Dave around, let alone on my own. Way to go Sherry! You rock!

    I hate it when my kids outgrow brands I like, like the Pekkle sleepers at Costco. Sadness :( Of course, I still buy them as baby gifts :)

    Tim and Janice have a video of Tessa in front of the Christmas Tree singing "All I Want For Christmas" without her two front teeth so you should definitely do that for Evan.

    And now I want some scrambled eggs with cheese. My dad used to make them with Cheez Whiz and that is such comfort food to me. Yum!

  3. So many things to comment on!

    Spencer is way ahead of Evan in losing teeth. I feel like he started young and is losing all of them early. He just lost his 6th. 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top. I hate this age where all of their teeth are gone. They look so funny and awkward.

    It sounds like you had a great August despite Eddie being gone for part of it. Single motherhood is just UGH! I think you handled it well.

    Smoothies are a great solution for many meals. Sometimes that is the only thing Elliott gets for lunch. He gets way more nurtition with a smoothie than with refusing to eat anything.

    I am going to be so sad when my kids refuse to wear matching shirts and/or I can't find them to fit them anymore. I think Elliott will outgrow them before Spencer though. Ha!


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