Saturday, July 19, 2014

What do I do with my blog now?

I spend a lot of time on this blog preserving our memories.  Some people may wonder how exactly this digital collection of our memories helps us preserve our memories.  You may also wonder why my posts are so photo heavy.  These posts have become my main means of recording our family memories.  I quit trying to print most of our pictures because I may have actually been on the TV show "Hoarders" by now because my family would be buried alive by our pictures.  Haha!  I decided when I started this blog in 2009 that I would start from our "beginning" when we first became a family in 2003 and chronicle our lives together.  I discovered a site called blog2print (by a simple google search for printing my blog).  I find blog2print is a fairly easy online site that allows many blog platforms (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) to print books of their blogs.  The one downside is that it may take quite a bit of time to load your blog posts, especially if there are a lot of pictures.  You will get to see a pdf example of your book before you pay to print it.

An example of the cost of these blog books:

I currently have a blog book prepared on the site for the first half of 2010 with about 200 pages. The cost of the book is about $88.  You get to customize the front and back cover and choose the posts you want included.  I usually start with a date range of posts and then I uncheck any random "bloggy" posts that I don't want included.  The book includes a "dedication" page and a Table of Contents.  The pictures in the book will be about the size of a 4X6 print.

Here are some of the books we have printed so far:

 photo blogbooks1_zps1dafe193.jpg
Yep, so far I have just printed 3.  I am so far behind.  2010 and subsequent years will likely need to be at least 2 book compilations.  

 photo blogbooks2_zpseb1abc33.jpg
The front covers of the books.  Like photo books, you can also include pictures and writings on the back.

 photo blogbooks3_zps580d025a.jpg
One of my dedication pages.  This was to Evan since it was mostly about his first year of life.

 photo blogbooks4_zpse4ac8d09.jpg
A table of contents page.

 photo blogbooks5_zpsc3f3d7f0.jpg
The first entry that started it all.

 photo blogbooks6_zps81db2ea6.jpg
A whole page of photographs with captions.

 photo blogbooks7_zpsfbe9c139.jpg
A page about our sweet baby Evan.

I hope this information was useful to anyone wondering about printing their blogs as a family record.  These books are some of our family's treasures.

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Thank you so much for doing this! It really does give me a good jumping off point. My problem is that I don't want to edit out any of my posts. I want to print ALL of them. I am considering doing like 4 books per year so that it is broken into quarters. I haven't done any though so I will have to start basically at the beginning of 2009 (I started in December 2008 but only have a few posts from that month).

    Can someone just give me a few thousand dollars for this and many other projects I need to fund? Ha!

  2. Oh, and each year will get cheaper and cheaper since I blog less and less each year! Ha, again!

  3. I have sooooo been wanting to do this honestly! I've also looked into another site to publish as well.

  4. You scared me with your blog post title because I thought maybe you were ending your blog. I'm so glad you're not :)

    And I absolutely want to get my blog printed off. Thanks for reminding me to look into this again. We still print off pictures so it's not as urgent but I still want to preserve the written memories I've recorded.


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