Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Fun # 8 ~ Painting Sun Catchers!

Oh my, my boys have been bitten by the painting bug!  Brody now asks to paint all the time.  And yes, I know that paint and a 3 year old can make for a messy project.  The boys did enjoy painting some sun catchers, and this was a cheap little art project.  Plus, I now have something very pretty to look at over my kitchen sink!

 photo painting1_zpsf9437d44.jpg
I did help Brody a little more than he liked.  I let him go to town and paint his firetruck all by himself first, but when he was finished it just all looked black because of all the paint he mixed together.  I washed it off, and we started over.  I should have photographed his work first.  Sigh.

 photo painting2_zpsb0c346f7.jpg
Now, we are painting our firetruck red.

 photo painting3_zpsed41e4a2.jpg
Evan chose dolphins for his big one.  I let them both choose a big one and a couple of small ones.

 photo painting4_zps6810a8d0.jpg
Brody smiling for the camera while Mommy works on his project.

 photo painting5_zps8649a20e.jpg
I did turn him loose a little on the turtle with just the green paint.  

 photo painting6_zps848c0912.jpg
He was very serious about his work.

 photo painting7_zpsff56f7e7.jpg
I just love how focused he is.

 photo painting8_zps7f603793.jpg
And yes, he did get quite a bit of paint on his hands.  Warning - for some reason, this glittery paint from Hobby Lobby did not wash off as easy I had thought.  It came off in the bath, but it did require some scrubbing.  

 photo painting9_zps72f7a803.jpg
Evan's dolphins

 photo painting10_zpsde5caa5a.jpg
Brody's puppy - He did help a little!

 photo painting11_zpsd19febd4.jpg
And his turtle.  He painted most of this one, but I just filled in some spots.  Evan had actually picked out this turtle to paint, but Brody was frustrated that he had not really gotten to fully paint one all by himself so Evan graciously allowed his brother to paint this one.    

 photo painting12_zpsff5a26c5.jpg
I painted these balloons.

 photo painting13_zps70ea3407.jpg
Brody and I painted this firetruck. 
 photo painting14_zps624c3374.jpg
Evan did a great job on this cross that he also picked out.  
So despite the messiness of painting with kids, we did embark on another painting adventure this week so stay tuned!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I love those sun catchers. My kids love painting too and it's so messy. I'm going to try some outside painting this week and see how it goes. Wish me luck!!!

  2. Looks like you all had so much fun! They turned out so cute!

  3. We did these for Easter last year, but now I am inspired to do some more. Maybe we'll do pumpkins, etc for the fall. They really are a fun, reasonably cheap and long lasting (as opposed to painting on paper) project.


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