Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Fun # 7 ~ Imaginon!

Imaginon is a special branch of our city and county library system.  It is like a library and children's museum in one and also has a children's theater where special plays are shown often.  Evan has had several opportunities to visit on school field trips and has seen some plays there too.  I have never had a chance to visit so we added this to our list of summer activities.  It is located in the center of the city right next to our light rail train system for easy transport although we drove this time.  Parking wasn't too difficult either.  There was a special little exhibit where the kids got to be a part of many fairy tale stories, and the boys and I really loved that.  Brody really loved a big replica of one of our town's trolleys that he could play inside.  Of course, he thought it was a train. There were just a lot of things to treasure in this place.  This library trip was truly an adventure!

 photo Imaginon1_zps7b1f0249.jpg

 photo Imaginon2_zps7a1333d1.jpg
The boys are ready to see some books come to life!

 photo Imaginon3_zps7e48a0af.jpg
A sculpture dedicated to the importance of reading and books.

 photo Imaginon4_zpsa07a11df.jpg
My little explorers are ready to begin a fantastical journey.

 photo Imaginon5_zpsbe96368d.jpg
Bet you can guess what story this is.

 photo Imaginon6_zps2bbf974f.jpg
Evan pretending he's Jack climbing the beanstalk.  He recently watched Jack the Giant Slayer and loved that new take on this old classic.

 photo Imaginon7_zpsde1bddce.jpg
Encouraging little brother to climb the stalk.

 photo Imaginon8_zps37106c09.jpg
Sliding down the slide into the giant's castle.

 photo Imaginon9_zpsd1342e5e.jpg
Counting the giant's coins.

 photo Imaginon10_zps851aab62.jpg
Pretending he's king of the jungle.

 photo Imaginon11_zps111033bd.jpg
What a cutie on the throne.
 photo Imaginon26_zps1892d7c4.jpg

 photo Imaginon12_zpsddfbcd1b.jpg
Riding in Cinderella's carriage.

 photo Imaginon13_zps9dc8881e.jpg
Evan crowning his brother.

 photo Imaginon14_zpsde7a2ab6.jpg
Cinderella's home

 photo Imaginon15_zpsecc90dec.jpg
Hey if the shoe fits, right?  Haha!

 photo Imaginon25_zps280a5cde.jpg

 photo Imaginon17_zps1c41d727.jpg
Elves hard at work.

 photo Imaginon16_zpsf6624b17.jpg
My little elves making some shoes.

 photo Imaginon18_zpsdb785f26.jpg
Evan was determined to finish his shoe.

 photo Imaginon19_zps0cbe01ae.jpg

 photo Imaginon20_zpsd5dec154.jpg
Crawling through the mole's tunnel.

 photo Imaginon23_zpsfe31ed57.jpg
Big brother showing him the wonders in the tunnel, including some snowflakes suspended overhead.

 photo Imaginon24_zps033000b4.jpg

 photo Imaginon21_zpsc8250f9e.jpg
Just hanging out on the Beast's castle.

 photo Imaginon22_zpsbee5bf59.jpg
Brody shows his strength lifting the wolf.
 photo Imaginon27_zpsac0f230a.jpg
They had the costumes from the theatrical production of Beauty and the Beast on display.
 photo Imaginon28_zps6e76612c.jpg
The boys sharing the task of driving.

 photo Imaginon29_zps8ba514dd.jpg
Brody enjoyed riding in the back of the pickup.  He's a country boy by nature.  Haha!

 photo Imaginon30_zps9bd08505.jpg
But he still loves to drive.

 photo Imaginon31_zpsafbe4455.jpg
Visiting Snoopy in his doghouse. 
 photo Imaginon43_zps0f167c53.jpg
The boys playing in Snoopy's house.

 photo Imaginon44_zps49cadf50.jpg
Dr. Evan 

 photo Imaginon32_zps1b9ff997.jpg
Brody finally made it to his "choo choo."  We actually have never ridden on our city's little trolley system.  They are in the process of making it go on a longer route so we will have to check it out soon.

 photo Imaginon33_zpsf721e1ce.jpg
Even a view of our city from inside.

 photo Imaginon35_zpseea1d935.jpg
Evan riding the trolley.  

 photo Imaginon36_zpsea37c0e3.jpg

 photo Imaginon34_zpsc91e44b0.jpg
Brody found a big firetruck and was in heaven driving it on this large mat.

 photo Imaginon39_zpsbf2d4716.jpg

 photo Imaginon37_zps8cfc668a.jpg
And flying rocket ships.
 photo Imaginon38_zps71f1b849.jpg

 photo Imaginon40_zpsf886f1c0.jpg
As usual, Evan is content with an electronic device.

 photo Imaginon41_zpsc2bb389b.jpg
Brody and I enjoy more imaginative play with this dollhouse.  OCD mommy had to set up all the furniture in the "correct" rooms.  Haha!

 photo Imaginon42_zps04205008.jpg
I see a giant peeking through those little windows. 
 photo Imaginon45_zps92e89b24.jpg
Evan found Brody this train book.  It turned out to be a very long book and was more educational than I would have thought.  It told all about the building of the first transcontinental railroad and the first journey by train across the country.  I enjoyed reading it to Brody, but I kept expecting him to lose interest any second.  He listened to the whole story, and I am pretty sure it took me more than 30 minutes to read it.  Evan, on the other hand, was a different story. 

 photo Imaginon48_zps7f7244a8.jpg
Evan gave me a riveting little puppet show until Brody pulled his puppet off.  Little brothers spoil everything.  Haha!

 photo Imaginon49_zps31d504f0.jpg
Then Brody played the part of the frog.

 photo Imaginon50_zps8f95d466.jpg
And got attacked by a monkey.

 photo Imaginon51_zpsd2f8d4e6.jpg
The story of the monkey and the frog by Evan and Brody.

 photo Imaginon52_zps3a232208.jpg
Cute little puppeteers. 

 photo Imaginon53_zps41c92544.jpg
Did an alligator eat Brody?

 photo Imaginon54_zps8b1b0a6f.jpg
Or is he just turning into one?

 photo Imaginon55_zpsaa9f65e0.jpg
Telling his audience something.

 photo Imaginon56_zpscded3c7d.jpg
Big brother is an adoring fan.

 photo Imaginon57_zps190f382c.jpg
They just wanted to run around this little courtyard area.

 photo Imaginon47_zps32b6809b.jpg
A magical carpet on our way out.  

 photo Imaginon46_zpsa2bc969f.jpg
A dragon guarded the entrance and exit.  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. That looks like such a neat place to visit. Evan and Brody looked like they had a blast! I think my kiddos would really enjoy it as well. I love the fairy tale theme!

  2. Wow, that is so amazing that your library makes children a priority. Our library let the children's director go because of budget sad. We still make the best of it though, and Lance loves to play with the touch screen computer they have.
    I wish I lived in your city! : )

  3. Oh my goodness! I totally want to visit this library. This looks AMAZING!!! I wish we had something like this near us. I literally have no words for how cool this place looks...!!!

  4. We're so glad you had a great time! The photos are adorable.

    Sarah Goldstein
    Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

  5. I am so jealous of this place. My kids would have a blast there. We are Snoopy fanatics and I love that they have a human size doghouse to hang out it.

    That picture of Brody looking through the dollhouse window is hilarious and just perfect. Did it take multiple tries? Part of me hopes it did and part of me hopes you got it by chance the very first time.


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