Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun #10 ~ Learning and Painting!

As promised, we did another painting project after our sun catchers were such a success.  I found some cute little wooden painting crafts in the cheap bins at Target.  They were $3 each.  Brody wanted to build and paint a car, and Evan wanted to paint a birdhouse.  It was a simple and fun project.  Of course, Brody was not happy with Mommy's help, but he did get to do more painting on his own this time.

 photo painting1_zpse786a2d6.jpg
Brody's car project

 photo painting2_zpsfb55f664.jpg
He's ready to paint.

 photo painting3_zpsec75a8a0.jpg
It came with everything we needed including some glue to glue the wooden pieces together.  

 photo painting4_zpse6925c4a.jpg
Brody wanted a blue car of course.

 photo painting5_zpscd80f21b.jpg
Mommy added the number 3 to his race car because he is 3 although some may know that the number 3 race car was driven by the best NASCAR driver of all time, Dale Earnhardt.  

 photo painting6_zps003bc09c.jpg
Evan painting his birdhouse carefully.

 photo painting7_zpsc90453f5.jpg
We had planned for Brody to nap while Evan painted so that he could be free to paint in peace, but little brother woke up before he finished.

 photo painting8_zps86db46be.jpg
He painted the house in bright, beautiful colors.  

 photo painting9_zpsaadf8456.jpg
I only helped him with some of the trim and the inside of the house.  Daddy sprayed it all over with clear coat to help protect it from the elements and then we hung it outside with some bird seed in it.  The next day, we guessed that a heavy squirrel must have climbed on it because it was lying broken on the ground.  We need Daddy to put it back together with some sturdier glue, and I need to take a picture of his finished product. 

The kids also enjoy doing their learning activities regularly.  Evan is supposed to read and write everyday and also does some math worksheets or a math app on his kindle for practice.  He has read several Magic Treehouse books and writes in a journal either about the books he reads or about something we have done.  I actually found a neat little book in the Target dollar bins that helps with reading comprehension and writing.  It has excerpts from several classic books and then has questions to answer about the writings.  Evan has read excerpts from Tom Sawyer and from Little Women so far.  Brody has been attempting to get better at recognizing his letters as well as his colors and shapes.  I tried out another Pinterest activity for him with some little letter magnets from Target and one of my metal baking sheets.  He did a great job matching the magnet letters to the letters I wrote.

 photo learning1_zps61172a7f.jpg
Playing a letter matching game.

 photo learning2_zpsaefc8e69.jpg
He got many letters right away and then he would act silly and put random letters in the wrong spots and laugh.

 photo learning3_zps9efe6bbf.jpg
Concentrating on his task.

 photo learning4_zpsf43a67c7.jpg
Proudly showing off his work.

 photo learning5_zps3ddc32d2.jpg
Evan had finished his latest book so I prepared questions for him to answer about the story.  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I am so impressed that you keep your boys thinking during the summer. I have tried to institute a daily reading time with my kids (key word being "tried") and the only thing I encourage Sam to do is to read out loud to me. Other than that we are dismal. Sam actually does some of his workbooks on his own. Ha!

    1. Awe, I bet you do a great job. I am just trying to at least keep what skills Evan learned this year fresh for when school starts back. He can be a challenge to motivate though. The Target bins have been great some cheap learning workbooks for both ages. Evan just read a little section from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. :-)

  2. Fun! I have to come up with some of these activities for fall break. I think I will steal both of these ideas. My boys have been fighting, a lot, when they have down time with each other. I don't want that happening over and over and over for the 2 weeks of break.


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