Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Ordinary Summer Days

Since I am behind as usual, some of these pictures are over a month old.  Sigh.  But my OCD need for proper documentation of our lives must be satisfied.  These pictures tell the tale of some of our pretty ordinary summer days.

 photo 4thJuly2_zps940b36cf.jpg

Water Play ~ We used this little pool quite a bit in June but not so much anymore because the mosquitoes have taken over our backyard.  Sigh.

 photo summer1_zps654ebabc.jpg

 photo summer2_zps4a533051.jpg
Water gun fights are a must with boys.

 photo summer3_zpsbea7434b.jpg

 photo summer4_zpse2673492.jpg

 photo summer5_zpsa757fd10.jpg
Brody prefers the water hose.

 photo summer6_zps5852579b.jpg
Evan decided the little slide makes a nice lounge chair.

 photo summer7_zps15c55945.jpg

 photo summer8_zpscf3687f5.jpg
Evan has been keeping up his studies practicing his reading, writing and math.  

 photo summer9_zps80d8ebe4.jpg
Brody has great naps after pool and water play.

 photo summer10_zps6c8913b7.jpg
I have also been venturing more into the area of cooking making breakfast and lunch for the boys and I and dinner for our family.  I try to occasionally spice things up and made the boys and I mushroom and cheese omelets and homemade orange smoothies.  The boys weren't crazy about the smoothies because of the pulp, but they were really yummy to me.  
 photo summer11_zps60cc2054.jpg
Eating their omelets.
 photo summer16_zps26f265dd.jpg
This picture does not do this meal justice.  I think the flash on my phone camera messes it up.  It is a super yummy recipe for crock pot bacon wrapped apple chicken that I paired with our specialty recipe of oven roasted red potatoes with herbs.
 photo summer12_zps47c494dd.jpg
The boys are enjoying lots of play time together this summer.  Brody loves cooking for us all.

Pool Time!

 photo summer25_zps5f12445b.jpg

 photo summer26_zpsce5b89d8.jpg

 photo summer27_zps07b76bd0.jpg

 photo summer28_zps5d1f6b51.jpg

 photo summer29_zpsd7fc029a.jpg

 photo summer30_zps2e1c52e6.jpg

 photo summer31_zpsb1058490.jpg

 photo summer32_zps0b0a1c5b.jpg
Daddy has been working on giving Evan diving lessons.  I have never been great at diving so I hope he progresses better.  I guess I can never just "let go" to dive in head first.

 photo summer33_zpsc95591b0.jpg

 photo summer34_zpsc7864f56.jpg

 photo summer35_zpsd5930877.jpg

 photo summer36_zps421d2697.jpg

 photo summer38_zpsb75bb9fb.jpg

 photo summer39_zpsc98ec62a.jpg

 photo summer40_zps1d269687.jpg

 photo summer41_zps872626fa.jpg

 photo summer42_zps8d239869.jpg

 photo summer43_zps0d5255b7.jpg

 photo summer45_zpsa37fa072.jpg

 photo summer47_zpsdabfd8eb.jpg

 photo summer50_zps4d011e06.jpg
Cool baby wearing big brother's shades.

 photo summer13_zpsb72f6b78.jpg

 photo summer52_zps67f78fd5.jpg

 photo summer53_zps5e1964a6.jpg

 photo summer54_zpsbc153941.jpg

 photo summer55_zps0b717d77.jpg

 photo summer56_zpsb0104a97.jpg

 photo summer57_zpsbfe5a0ea.jpg

 photo summer58_zps2f2f926d.jpg

 photo summer59_zps42ef6702.jpg

 photo summer62_zpsa4d2af0d.jpg

 photo summer61_zps0d950837.jpg

Summer Movies

So far we have seen The Smurfs 2, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, and The Lego Movie.  Evan and his Daddy also went to see the new Transformers movie and loved it.  Brody and I enjoyed our nap that day.

 photo summer17_zpsc44c8967.jpg
We brought Evan's neighborhood friend, Alejandro, with us to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.  They were being silly posing in front of movie posters.

 photo summer18_zps4b74ee67.jpg
Now this is a movie our whole family will love.  We absolutely love all the Madagascar movies and also love the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon.  It is just so funny.  

 photo summer19_zps6aefa88c.jpg
Evan was super excited to see the new Transformers movie with the Dinobots.
 photo summer85_zps193e1eb0.jpg
Brody could eat a whole small popcorn by himself if we let him.
 photo summer70_zpsa340fe45.jpg
I also broke out our ice cream maker and have made several flavors.  This butter pecan is probably our favorite.  We bought this Cuisinart Ice Cream maker with wedding gift money so it is about 11 years old.  We haven't used it nearly enough.
 photo summer71_zps6a4f18cc.jpg
The boys enjoyed getting some very rich chocolate cupcakes at Whole Foods.

 photo summer72_zps4e5beada.jpg
And messy too!

 photo summer73_zps928e7134.jpg

 photo Summer65_zpse30cbace.jpg
After a big shopping trip to Super Target, Brody shows he is a Target shopper in training.  He filled a grocery bag with all his play food and put it in his shopping cart.  

 photo summer64_zpsbbcdcef6.jpg
Zooming around the house with his shopping cart.  

 photo summer66_zps76b42b84.jpg
Future Target shopper.

 photo summer83_zpsadca3834.jpg
One night Brody decided his old potty seat made a great hat.  Oh to have the mind of a 3 year old!

 photo summer74_zps578f5832.jpg
He also enjoys playing football in his underwear.

 photo summer75_zpsd4e04ea0.jpg
Free kids' Italian ice made a trip to Rita's a necessity.

 photo summer76_zps4f5f90f5.jpg
Brody loved his cotton candy Italian ice.

 photo summer77_zpsbf48e3ba.jpg
Mine was just indescribably good.  Creamy coconut Italian ice topped with creamy orange creamsicle gelato.  Yum!

 photo summer78_zpsf769508d.jpg
Brody showing off his first pair of flip flops...or as he calls them "feet flops."  

 photo summer80_zps68b0ec3a.jpg
Brody loves to "help" me all the time.  He loves to help make the bed.  We changed the sheets and this is how he puts the pillow case on the pillow.

 photo summer81_zps0ad3f974.jpg
 photo summer84_zps720f190c.jpg
Yay for Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
 photo summer86_zps4a23d09c.jpg
Evan has taught Brody to be a ninja...complete with sticking his sword down the back of his shirt.  Haha!

 photo summer87_zps9178ec20.jpg
I often let the boys sit at their little table in the living room and watch a show while eating lunch because it's summer and that's how we roll.  We usually watch our favorite cartoon, The Penguins of Madagascar.  

 photo summer88_zps761a1c95.jpg
And because he's three, lying on the kitchen floor after throwing a fit for no apparent reason and throwing all the fridge magnets on the floor is often a necessary part of his day.

So thanks to an unexpected cold that suddenly hit me last week and not feeling the greatest, we have spent a relatively boring week in the house this week with very little photographic documentation.  Hopefully, we will get back to our regular summer schedule soon. 
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  1. You have been having an awesome summer. And I do the exact same thing with the watching a cartoon while eating lunch. Sometimes it's breakfast and sometimes it's lunch. But hey, it's summer. I think it's OK the relax the rules a little.

    Also I think I have finally found a difference between us (well, other than me being 1 year older and living in different states, ha ha). I was a competetive swimmer from the time I was in about 2nd grade until I graduated from high school. I am a champion diver. Not diving from the diving board with tricks and flips and stuff, but diving off a diving block at the start of a race. It gets my adrenaline pumping just thinking about it!

  2. Okay, now I want an omelet. That could be because it's 5:24am and I've been up since 4 because I had the world's scariest nightmare. Gah.

    Also, I love that picture of Brody wearing Evan's shades with his chin propped on his fist. Adorable!!!

    And Summer is supposed to be about easing up on routine and taking it easy. This is true for moms too so my kids have been watching more DVDs than normal too. It happens.

  3. Looks like you all are having a great summer and keeping really busy. We've relaxed a few rules around here too. The kiddos have been going to bed quite a bit later than during during the school year. I love the picture of Brody in his sunglasses. Too cute!!! We haven't been to another movie in a while. This post reminds me to check the schedule again. I love that Brody is helping you do housework.


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