Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Celebrating Our Angel's 1st Heavenly Birthday!

Facing this day had been giving me so much anxiety for many months.  I just didn't see how I was going to get through the day.  I knew I wanted to do my best to remember my baby girl on this day.  I guess I really should not have worried because it seemed like God just worked everything out.  Our plans were finally made to take balloons and cupcakes and celebrate with family during lunch and then going up to Mattie's little spot on earth to take her balloons and then release them to go up to her in heaven.  We ordered some of my new favorite cupcakes from Whole Foods with pink frosting of course.  Since Whole Foods doesn't use any artificial coloring and only uses natural ingredients, the frosting was made with real strawberries and just tasted divine.  We met Grandma, Papa James, Aunt Naomi and Uncle Sam for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant in Daddy's hometown.  Mexican is always one of our family's favorites so I know Mattie would love it too. The boys sang "Happy Birthday" and then blew out their sister's candle.  Then, everyone wrote special messages as "birthday cards" on the balloons to send up to Mattie.  The balloon release could not have worked out better.  It was actually raining a little on and off through the day, but the clouds had cleared over the cemetery and allowed a circle of blue sky to peek through.  The balloons floated right on up through the clouds, and we know our little angel received her messages of love from us!

 photo birthday1_zps4f0410d8.jpg
Pink birthday balloons for our birthday princess.
 photo birthday2_zps736693b0.jpg
Making a special wish for baby sister.

 photo birthday3_zpsddf2c278.jpg
Blowing out the candles together.

 photo birthday4_zpsb6b7df84.jpg

 photo birthday5_zps8604d647.jpg
Sweetest big brothers in the world!

 photo birthday6_zpsc018955c.jpg
Can you just imagine the big hugs Mattie would be getting from these two?

 photo birthday7_zps62f7acc3.jpg
Mommy enjoying a yummy cupcake for her baby.

 photo birthday8_zps3c50cb54.jpg
Enjoying a good meal and dessert with family.

 photo birthday9_zps22fba056.jpg
Writing our messages to Mattie.

 photo birthday10_zps4383a75b.jpg

 photo birthday11_zps0cc49452.jpg

 photo birthday12_zpscbe95498.jpg

 photo birthday18_zps618e29f6.jpg

 photo birthday13_zpsfec63f01.jpg
Evan's message

 photo birthday15_zpsea0f6ac1.jpg
I wrote Brody's, and he added some drawings.

 photo birthday14_zps01fbd607.jpg
Aunt Naomi's message

 photo birthday17_zps60ea8114.jpg
Daddy's message
 photo birthday16_zpsb7f4547b.jpg
Mommy's message

 photo birthday19_zpscb92c936.jpg
Since pink and aqua have tended to be special colors for our baby girl, we took some pretty new pink flowers with an aqua bow and a cute little sparkly butterfly to decorate her special place.

 photo birthday20_zps830a0682.jpg
Her birthday flowers and balloons.

 photo birthday21_zps2315ef4d.jpg

 photo birthday22_zps70d06cbd.jpg
The boys spending sister's birthday with her.

 photo birthday23_zps6be353ee.jpg
Our whole family together.  And yes, you may notice I look a little different.  I had just colored my hair a vibrant shade of red for a change so it was still looking pretty bright before washing it.  I have always been a little envious of red heads like my son so I thought I would try it out for a while after being blonde all my life.  

 photo birthday24_zps160f1bea.jpg

 photo birthday25_zpsa933ced2.jpg

 photo birthday26_zpsfdcf539d.jpg
Evan getting ready to send his balloon to heaven.

 photo birthday27_zps93bed1fd.jpg
Mommy with her special balloon for Mattie.

 photo birthday28_zps520aa09a.jpg
When I gave Brody his balloon to hold, I just knew he would let it go right away; however, that was not the case as he did not want to let it go and got a little upset about it. 

 photo birthday31_zps78bb9b19.jpg
Daddy with his balloon

 photo birthday29_zpsdb788195.jpg
Grandma with her balloon

 photo birthday30_zpsde92cb93.jpg
Aunt Naomi, Uncle Sam and cousin Grady all sent special balloons.
 photo birthday32_zps78f76df7.jpg
The whole group preparing to release our balloons.  
 photo birthday33_zps284611ef.jpg
Daddy smartly set up the camera on the tripod set to take a rapid succession of pictures of all of us releasing the balloons.
 photo birthday34_zpsb047f7ff.jpg
Sailing straight up to heaven. 
 photo birthday35_zps8e04e0b2.jpg
They kept going up up up so we know Mattie received them! 

We hope you enjoyed your special day, sweet Mattie!  We enjoyed celebrating you!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. As I read this post, I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I really wish that you were celebrating this day in such a different way. I am so sorry that Mattie is not here with you. You have done an excellent job of keeping her memory close. I pray for you often and I hope you know that I'm here for you. Love and Prayers.

  2. What a beautiful day you had celebrating Mattie. I'm glad that after so much anxiety the day was just how you wanted it to be. All my love to you and your family.

  3. Wow, what a special day...thinking about you mama! :)

  4. It sounds like you found the perfect way to celebrate and remember your sweet Mattie. Like Tracy, I just wish you were celebrating in a different way. Many hugs, prayers and much love from me too.

    Also, this is so random but I like your red hair.


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