Monday, July 7, 2014

Banner Obession!

While I have been a very lazy holiday decorator and do not have the skills for holiday decorating of my blog pal Natalie, I have developed a little obsession with finding or making banners for our manner of holiday displays.  (Seriously, you should check out this post of Natalie's because her holiday decor is amazing!)  I had been waiting and looking for a summer or 4th of July banner to pop up at Target or one of our other favorite stores, but it just never happened.  I resolved to make a summer banner instead.  This was a totally free project because I had the scraps of fabric and ribbon in my craft supplies.  I think it turned out pretty well.

 photo 4thJuly1_zpsac831181.jpg
I decided to make a Summer banner instead of just a 4th of July one so we could keep it up longer.  I actually just bought a new mirror for above the fireplace to replace my wedding portrait.  I had been wanting one for a while, and Kirkland's had a bunch on sale for $30.  I need to take a picture of it because I think it makes the mantle look a lot better.

 photo Spring1_zpsb06d626b.jpg
Spring and Easter banner

 photo valentines1_zps1b20104c.jpg
Valentine's banner(s) - for some reason, there are two.  I thought I could move the smaller heart one to a shelf, but it was too short so I just left it. 

 photo Christmashome2_zps80f28112.jpg
I had a Christmas banner hanging behind the stockings that I found at Target, but I need to find another place for it so you can actually see it.  

 photo Christmas53_zps0d7ac4d2.jpg
I also found this one at Target.

 photo fall16_zps9945e317.jpg
The Thanksgiving banner I made.  

 photo fall14_zps77a23fc3.jpg
I had made this little Fall banner first, but the scrap of ribbon I had was a little too short.  I will have to change this up for this year.
So there's my little banner obsession in a nutshell.  Thanks, Target and Pinterest, for starting this obsession!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. You and Natalie both put me to shame. After I read her post and your post, I have been thinking of ways to decorate my piano for each holiday and season. I guess I need to go to Target. =)

  2. I like Natalie's decorations but I really LOVE your banners. I need to get better at holiday decorating! Maybe I should start commandeering the top of our piano to decorate...

  3. Ahhhh, thanks for the shout-out and link to my blog. You know me, I just love, love, love holiday decorating. I am also totally jumping on the banner bandwagon. Probably because this house is the first time I've ever had a fireplace mantel, and that is just the pefect place to hang one. I like all of yours, but I think the Give Thanks one is my favorite.


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