Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Amazing 4th of July in the Queen City

So I expected big things from the 4th of July celebration in Charlotte this year since the new baseball stadium was opened and the best fireworks show in the region would now be held right in the center of the city, but I really didn't expect that we would participate in too many of the festivities.  We didn't get tickets to the game this year because with the new stadium opening, the baseball games have become much more popular events, and the game has been sold out for months.  We debated what fireworks show we wanted to see and finally decided we would head in to uptown and find a spot to watch the big show.  We had also heard that a local radio station would also be holding a little festival in the new park next to the ball field.  When we arrived, I was actually pretty glad we didn't get tickets to the game.  I think we had way more fun than we would have sitting inside the stadium!  I could write more about our fun, but I will just let our pictures tell the tale.

 photo 4thJuly3_zps818c10a3.jpg

 photo 4thJuly4_zps9054ab77.jpg photo 4thJuly5_zpsef1959f8.jpg

 photo 4thJuly7_zps3d2fefe2.jpg photo 4thJuly10_zpse83fe7f4.jpg

 photo 4thJuly9_zps3a16b8c4.jpg photo 4thJuly8_zpsb5a5a774.jpg

 photo 4thJuly11_zps2079612e.jpg

 photo 4thJuly12_zps244957bf.jpg

 photo 4thJuly13_zpsff1a6bfa.jpg

 photo 4thJuly14_zpsf609fafc.jpg
Technically, we really didn't need tickets to the game anyway since we could watch from the park outside the stadium.

 photo 4thJuly15_zps62380742.jpg
One of the first things we had to do was ride this little ferris wheel.  

 photo 4thJuly16_zps89de4613.jpg
Brody found a flag to wave.

 photo 4thJuly17_zpsc5a43197.jpg
The boys' first ride on a ferris wheel.  Evan really got over his little fear of heights!

 photo 4thJuly18_zpsd33720e9.jpg photo 4thJuly19_zps819a84e6.jpg photo 4thJuly21_zps46faaf84.jpg
We had a great ride.  You can barely see Brody's little head sticking up.

 photo 4thJuly22_zps12594b88.jpg
Evan pretended he was Kung Fu Panda at a martial arts school's booth.

 photo 4thJuly23_zps7840cc11.jpg
And of course, there were inflatables.  Evan also practices his kung fu moves in there.

 photo 4thJuly24_zps57590620.jpg
My little ninja

 photo 4thJuly25_zps63ea11fa.jpg

 photo 4thJuly26_zps9ea90a75.jpg
There were also street performers.

 photo 4thJuly27_zps79f85c67.jpg
And acrobats.

 photo 4thJuly28_zpsa6404611.jpg
And a beautiful view of the city.  The tallest building in the center is the Bank of America building.

 photo 4thJuly29_zps63aef57e.jpg
The tall building to the right with the rounded top is the Wachovia/Wells Fargo building.  Gorgeous Carolina blue skies!

 photo 4thJuly30_zps45fdfb3e.jpg
The park was mostly just a large open green space.  All of this was just old parking lots before the new stadium was built.  They really did a great job in this area.

 photo 4thJuly31_zps2198be91.jpg
Evan trying out his cartwheeling skills as we walk across the park.

 photo 4thJuly32_zps08373f3a.jpg
We walked through the city on our way to eat dinner and stopped to chat with this little alien outside Discovery Place.  We may have to pay this little exhibit a visit later this summer.

 photo 4thJuly33_zps47406d61.jpg
Brody did not want to pose for a picture.

 photo 4thJuly34_zps706f19b4.jpg
Eddie got Brody to cooperate but then Evan had lost interest.

 photo 4thJuly35_zps7773102d.jpg
After dinner, we found our spot for watching the fireworks and settled in for a long wait.  Our team played terribly, and the game took forever.  

 photo 4thJuly36_zps102fd584.jpg
This little dude was chillin' in his shades.
 photo 4thJuly37_zps8df21313.jpg

 photo 4thJuly38_zpscfc422df.jpg
The city in the setting sun.

 photo 4thJuly39_zps133ec149.jpg
Brody and I killed some time by going for a walk and checking out the fountains. 

 photo 4thJuly40_zpsd4d95162.jpg
I was not aware that this little water wall feature was hidden behind the fountain.  Of course, lots of kids were playing in it and having a blast.

 photo 4thJuly41_zps9ff7b0cd.jpg
Yep, Brody had to jump in too.  In his clothes.  I only had a pair of shorts and underwear to change him.  
 photo 4thJuly42_zps95c73c72.jpg

 photo 4thJuly43_zpsae1e819b.jpg
Proudly showing how wet he got.  He went bare chested the rest of the night and just wrapped up in his blanket.  

 photo 4thJuly44_zpsea087b4c.jpg
But he was happy!

 photo 4thJuly45_zps28e29256.jpg
Crazy kid!

 photo 4thJuly46_zpsab940571.jpg

 photo 4thJuly47_zps4677f9bc.jpg
Oh my!

 photo 4thJuly48_zps38d7c6fe.jpg
The Duke Energy building was lit up in red, white and blue.
 photo 4thJuly53_zps635b5659.jpg
Eddie and I decided this year was the year to learn to take pictures of fireworks.  We googled and finally figured it out.  I think Eddie did a good job capturing the beauty.
 photo 4thJuly54_zpsd2773c85.jpg photo 4thJuly55_zpse64d66d2.jpg

 photo 4thJuly56_zpsfbbfcf01.jpg photo 4thJuly57_zps8e612bd6.jpg photo 4thJuly59_zps058d94dd.jpg

 photo 4thJuly58_zpsbc876f57.jpg photo 4thJuly60_zpsb9ecd0ba.jpg photo 4thJuly61_zpsd9a34bb9.jpg

 photo 4thJuly63_zps5230d479.jpg photo 4thJuly65_zpsac48f34f.jpg photo 4thJuly66_zps46c00bd6.jpg

 photo 4thJuly68_zps95e77e66.jpg photo 4thJuly69_zpsd02a0e04.jpg photo 4thJuly70_zpsf8cb7530.jpg

 photo 4thJuly72_zps98e2492a.jpg

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. What a fun night! I love the picture of you and the boys on the Ferris Wheel with the city in the background. It's really a great shot. I really LOL when I saw the pictures of Brody playing in the water. He looked so happy and cute. I also giggled at the picture of Evan with the panda head. He's so silly! You all looked like you had such a fun night! What did the boys think of the fireworks?

    OH and tell Eddie he did an amazing job taking pics of fireworks!!!

    1. Thankfully, they both did well during the fireworks. Evan has been having issues with loud noises for the last couple of years. He didn't get too anxious until the finale this year. We were further away from where they were shot off this year so that probably helped. :-)

  2. One more thing...I really enjoyed the pictures you took of different buildings too. Thanks for showing off your city.

    1. I just felt I needed to point those out since they are probably the most "famous" buildings in our city. ;-)

  3. I love Brody in his shades. Cool boy :)

    Also, those are AWESOME fireworks pictures. You have inspired me to take pictures of fireworks next time I get a chance.

    And like Tracy said, I liked that fact that you showed off your city a little bit. I really enjoyed that!

    1. You can probably google or pinterest search for instructions, but if you need any tips, feel free to ask. Just remember...slow shutter speed is best! I think we had ours on 1/8 or something and ISO on 100. :-) We also figured out how to take those cool sparkler pictures where you can write words. Coming soon! ;-)

  4. You did an awesome job with those fireworks pictures. It's things like that that make me want to upgrade cameras. I just know that I would never want to carry a bigger camera around with me. Ugh.

    I'm glad you all had a fun 4th! It's such a fun summer holiday.


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