Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Day at Tweetsie Railroad ~ Part I

With one little boy who just adores anything relating to trains and one little man who loves pretending he is a cowboy or any other hero of his fancy, a trip to this fun little theme park set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is a must.  We are lucky that it is located a relatively short two hour drive from our home and is a really easy drive too.  Tweetsie Railroad has been around a long time, and Eddie and I both remember going as children.  Eddie remembers going when he was about 4 years old before his sister was born, and he remembers wearing his cowboy hat too.  Tweetsie boast two old, refurbished steam locomotives that take you on a wonderful wild west train adventure around the mountain.  It also has the look and feel of an old western mining town with lots of rides suitable for young kids.  Our kids probably enjoyed the chairlift up the mountain the best of any rides.  The pictures show how much fun we all had living our little wild west adventure!

 photo Tweetsie1_zps79c51698.jpg
We got an early start and stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast.  We didn't realize until we got inside that there was a big group of kids on some kind of field trip waiting in line.  The line moved pretty fast, but the boys took advantage of the time by playing in the play place.  

 photo Tweetsie2_zps79075498.jpg
Brody likes these play places that he can easily climb in.  

 photo Tweetsie3_zpsf5f2465d.jpg
Smiling down at me.

 photo Tweetsie4_zpscfc00500.jpg
This one had a cute little toddler area.

 photo Tweetsie5_zpsd8cb912c.jpg
They both liked this board that talked. 

 photo Tweetsie6_zpse13e67e7.jpg
Silly boys.

 photo Tweetsie7_zps9f6983d0.jpg
Down the slide to go eat breakfast.

 photo Tweetsie8_zps81df77b6.jpg
Little brother wasn't far behind.

 photo Tweetsie9_zps0b5519f0.jpg
After a short two hour drive through some beautiful country, we arrived!

 photo Tweetsie10_zps6bd681e6.jpg
This little cowboy could not wait for his train ride.

 photo Tweetsie11_zps4a7b588a.jpg
And this one wanted to meet some real cowboys.

 photo Tweetsie12_zpsa588c517.jpg
First, they tried driving a horse drawn wagon.

 photo Tweetsie13_zps84cd867b.jpg
And riding horses.
 photo Tweetsie14_zps9d9fb510.jpg
Evan was a pro.

 photo Tweetsie15_zpscb927778.jpg
They even rode together.

 photo Tweetsie16_zps95de097e.jpg
Oops, they must have been doing something bad.

 photo Tweetsie17_zpscb8ce20c.jpg
Our ride is here!
 photo Tweetsie18_zpse6e6fb10.jpg
Complete with a cowboy escort.

 photo Tweetsie19_zps2502ddc9.jpg
All aboard!

 photo Tweetsie20_zpsd60e76ed.jpg
Daddy and Cowboy Evan are ready to ride.

 photo Tweetsie21_zps657f97d6.jpg
And Cowboy Evan is ready to shoot.

 photo Tweetsie22_zpsa87b55f4.jpg
My Brave Brody will protect me from the bandits.

 photo Tweetsie23_zpsf9e7740f.jpg
They switched hats because Brody's head is bigger than Evan's.  Haha!

 photo Tweetsie24_zpsfaaae9f9.jpg
Handsome cowboy

 photo Tweetsie25_zpsf35fb082.jpg
Sometimes Evan plays the part of the bandit.

 photo Tweetsie26_zpsa3720413.jpg

 photo Tweetsie27_zps018ddc87.jpg
The cowboys are hanging out by the depot.
 photo Tweetsie28_zps5bf19ff3.jpg
Our first stop was this little western town.

 photo Tweetsie29_zps6f70c8ae.jpg
The Sheriff and his deputy got surprised by some bandits.

 photo Tweetsie30_zps419a14d0.jpg
The bandits wanted some gold that was supposedly on the train.

 photo Tweetsie31_zpsb3533da6.jpg
A bandit waited to surprise the Sheriff Deputy when he came out of the outhouse.

 photo Tweetsie32_zps0291284b.jpg
He surrendered quickly.

 photo Tweetsie33_zps9228a46a.jpg
The Sheriff put up a little fight.

 photo Tweetsie34_zps3b29a1b5.jpg
A little discussion about the gold.

 photo Tweetsie35_zps97b38fa5.jpg
Brody enjoyed watching the show.

 photo Tweetsie36_zps93358f23.jpg
And so did Evan.  He tried to participate.

 photo Tweetsie37_zps1339a80f.jpg
The next stop was Fort Boone where the Sheriff told the bandits the gold was kept.
 photo Tweetsie38_zps35d5eee7.jpg
The "good" Native Americans arrived to save the Sheriff and Deputy and untie them.  Apparently, the show is more P.C. now so the Native Americans are the good guys.  Eddie remembers when the Native Americans were the bad characters in the show. 

 photo Tweetsie39_zpsc81c9a2c.jpg
Discussing a plan to stop the bandits inside the Fort.

 photo Tweetsie40_zps51accd7d.jpg
The Native Americans snuck up behind and surprised the bandits.

 photo Tweetsie41_zpsd0822188.jpg
We passed a little mining operation on the journey.

 photo Tweetsie42_zps14c48881.jpg
The pretty little steam engine.

 photo Tweetsie43_zps60ea8549.jpg
Brody changed into his engineer hat for a picture with the engine.  

 photo Tweetsie44_zpse1cc3cc8.jpg
Mommy and her boys with the train

 photo Tweetsie45_zps0c0421d1.jpg
Daddy and his boys

 photo Tweetsie46_zps71660440.jpg
The train is so beautifully refurbished.

 photo Tweetsie50_zps2e169e89.jpg
The whole park is kept in really great shape.

 photo Tweetsie51_zps0829fd31.jpg
We watched the train pass by us, and I discovered just how much coal soot comes out of the smoke stack.  Ha!

 photo Tweetsie49_zpsfee2388b.jpg
The boys wanted to go inside the tee pee. 

 photo Tweetsie47_zpsb0ed4562.jpg
Brody exploring inside.

 photo Tweetsie48_zps17e891f0.jpg
Evan found something inside.  

 photo Tweetsie53_zpsccc099f7.jpg
Then, we took a ride on the stage coach.

 photo Tweetsie54_zps28dfe768.jpg

 photo Tweetsie55_zpsa103fa1b.jpg
We just love him!

 photo Tweetsie56_zps5b81018e.jpg
He also had to ride the carousel.

 photo Tweetsie57_zps62853b3a.jpg
Evan is a pro at riding.  I wish I could get him horseback riding lessons.

 photo Tweetsie58_zpsc18f6a08.jpg
What a sweetheart!

 photo Tweetsie59_zps9d5ae9fc.jpg
"Yee haw!"

 photo Tweetsie60_zpsee9d1ef6.jpg
Be still my heart!  He is going to break hearts for sure!

 photo Tweetsie61_zps96c01e30.jpg
Waiting anxiously to drive the cars.

 photo Tweetsie62_zps74ecdfda.jpg
Evan looked like he had been driving for years.  Makes me sad to think in a few years he will really be driving.  

 photo Tweetsie63_zps0e2dd5ac.jpg
Brody did a good job driving too.

 photo Tweetsie64_zpsfe189981.jpg
Evan raises his hand in a friendly Native American greeting.

 photo Tweetsie65_zps98b59ab6.jpg
Horseback riding with my boys.

 photo Tweetsie66_zps104e85d6.jpg
Eating lunch at the Cowboy Cantina.
 photo Tweetsie67_zpsa39c60c0.jpg
Evan chose pizza.  The kids meals were $7.50 each but at least they got keepsake cups and lunchboxes. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. That looks like a really fun place to visit! I love all the pictures of your cute boys!

  2. Your little cowboys are way too cute!!! I love that you got to do something fun that they both really enjoyed. I loved seeing them play at Chick-Fil-A too! I the one you went to is set up just like the one we go to often. It has the exact same toys. =)

  3. Great pictures for a great day. I love hearing about these regional places that are famous to the locals but no really to people in other states. It's just fun to read about.


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