Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrapping Up Another Season of Baseball

I really hope Evan enjoyed this season of playing baseball.  He really made so much progress in the sport and continued to show a lot of skill at the sport.  He hit consistently well all season, he improved his game in the field, and he learned that he really likes playing catcher and was one of the best catchers on any team.  Even though the equipment swallowed his small frame, he could move better than other players in the gear and could catch the fast pitches and quickly get up to throw the ball and make a play.  He could also throw it harder than most of the other players wearing the bulky equipment.  There were good parts and bad parts to the season.  I hated to see how hard Evan was on himself for things that really weren't his fault.  If he was thrown out at first, he would hang his head and act so sad despite my trying to encourage him that he did his best and ran hard and that sometimes that happens.  We worked on helping him learn to hit the ball more towards third base in the end and that really helped him get safely to base.  Our team seemed to have the toughest playing schedule of the season, playing the top teams in the league more times while the other teams got to play less ranked teams more.  The last game of the season was his and his other teammates' best game.  They were in the lead for most of the game by 10 points so it was very disappointing that the umpire called several very bad plays that were against the rules of the league and cost our players the lead and the win.  They really deserved that win!  Due to the umpires not knowing the rules and costing our team several games this season, the baseball commissioner did send Eddie and our coach an e-mail apologizing for what had happened and promising that things would change for next season.  While that helped soften our disappointment, we do hope that it will help the league improve.  Coaches and umpires should read the rules so that all play fair and are teaching their kids the same proper way to play.  Regardless, our boys played like champs even through some tough moments!

 photo baseball1_zps8ddb3a4d.jpg

 photo baseball3_zps1bc8ced7.jpg

 photo baseball4_zps7231bc8d.jpg

 photo baseball7_zps35a3c417.jpg
Safe at first!

 photo baseball8_zps5d23d932.jpg
And going to second.
 photo baseball10_zpse19e08a4.jpg

 photo baseball9_zps6941e93f.jpg
Heading to third!  Go Evan!

 photo baseball11_zps5cf2de84.jpg

 photo baseball12_zps8e30578b.jpg
Our favorite coach!
 photo baseball13_zps66052043.jpg
Cousin Lanny at bat to bring cousin Evan safely home!

 photo baseball14_zpsfa469c07.jpg
I just love his determined little face.  

 photo baseball16_zpsc516cbc3.jpg

 photo baseball17_zpsa6655ae9.jpg
An end of game line up. 

 photo baseball18_zpsfa6ec790.jpg
Coach Bill giving an end of game pep talk.  

 photo baseball19_zpsc1c12e0f.jpg
Coach Eddie prepares to give the game ball to a player.  Evan got a game ball one game for hitting four R.B.I.'s.  

 photo baseball22_zpsc8960a4c.jpg
Love this shot of him beating the ball to first!

 photo baseball23_zpsf74bafba.jpg
He's safe!

 photo baseball24_zps51affa39.jpg
I love that I caught him looking at the camera.  I was standing behind outfield here because we had to play a few games at another league's field which was set up differently. 

 photo baseball25_zpse49f5941.jpg
My #7!

 photo baseball26_zps1f9f6ed0.jpg
Evan made it to third. 

 photo baseball27_zps76788fe3.jpg
And home!

 photo baseball28_zpse4564749.jpg
Yay Evan!

 photo baseball20_zpsf2f8a349.jpg
Brody enjoyed playing on the playground at this field. 

 photo baseball21_zps9f2c9924.jpg
He needed to wear a hat because it was so hot, and I thought his Mickey hat would insure he actually wore it and didn't take it off. 

 photo baseball31_zps5bac4fb5.jpg
Cousin Emma watching him play the kindle. 

 photo baseball32_zps4dd4a666.jpg
We played this game at a different field because our league's fields were closed because of our annual PGA golf tournament  taking place down the road.  Most of the parking in the area has to be used for the tournament during this time because it is such big event.  The MetLife blimp was flying over the tournament. 

 photo baseball29_zps5b9d14e9.jpg
Ready for another big hit.

 photo baseball33_zps255bdf9b.jpg
I just can't believe how much he has grown in his four years of playing ball. Sigh. 

 photo baseball34_zps7f7adafb.jpg

 photo baseball36_zps6c045578.jpg
With the hotter weather and sunnier weather during our last games, Evan wanted some new shades to wear on the field.  He looks so cool in his new shades. 

 photo baseball37_zps85c83549.jpg
My little man was a champ at catcher!

 photo baseball38_zps662775ee.jpg
Lanny prepares to make another big hit.  He played a very good season of baseball as well and makes a great second baseman!

 photo baseball39_zps54237b5c.jpg

 photo baseball40_zpsc3bf0bec.jpg
I love that I caught his handsome face here. 

 photo baseball41_zps703df3f5.jpg
Safe at second. 

 photo baseball45_zps1cb60618.jpg
Evan getting his trophy and some special words of encouragement from his Coach at the end of season celebration. 

 photo baseball46_zpsfbcd444c.jpg
My sweet little red head.

 photo baseball47_zpsa199a11b.jpg
Aunt Jessica was the team mom, and she made the boys some little treat bags and brought some yummy cupcakes.

 photo baseball48_zps0caeb0b1.jpg
Okay, so I have to admit these cupcakes from Whole Foods were the best store bought cupcakes I have ever eaten.  I will definitely be buying future cupcakes from there. 

 photo baseball49_zps17e854b7.jpg
Eating cupcakes is serious business apparently.

 photo baseball50_zps4c7096ce.jpg
I know Evan and Lanny and the other boys don't look very happy, but they really were having a great time. 

 photo baseball51_zpsae90b498.jpg
And Brody enjoyed his blue cupcake.
Now that baseball season is over, we are looking forward to a less hectic schedule for the summer.

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Evan looks like a little pro out on the field, especially with his sunglasses. It stinks that the umps didn't always know the rules, but I'm glad that the league has acknowledged the problems and is working to correct them. I think I'll have to try some Whole Food cupcakes now. They sound great.

  2. Way to go Evan on being such an amazing back catcher! That is so great! And I'm so sorry that some umps messed up a lot of your season. Like Tracy, I'm glad the league has acknowledged it and will work to improve things for next year but I can see that it would leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth for this year. Blah.

    However it looks like Evan was having fun and I guess that's the main thing, right?!?!?

  3. Oh man is it ever hard to watch your kids being hard on themselves. It's such a difficult parenting moment when you are trying to teach them the balance of things that are important and things that you just have to let slide.

    I also think that the boys were just really enjoying their cupcakes in the picture where they don't look like they are having fun. They were just focused is all. :)


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