Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Fun #4 ~ Adventures in the Library

"Can one have adventures in the library?" you ask.  Why of course you can!  Reading can be a truly great adventure taking you on journeys you could not even fathom happening in real life.  We made our first summer trip to the library to sign up for the summer reading program, get a library card, and check out our first books.  Evan was very anxious to see their Magic Treehouse collection.  When we arrived, they were about to begin a special program so we waited to see it.  A gentleman dressed in native African dress stood in front of the children with a table filled with African inspired pottery, sculptures, and instruments behind him.  He also had a whole bunch of African drums arranged on the floor around him.  He talked to the kids about the drums and how they are made and how they are played and then gave the children an opportunity to play them with him.  Evan patiently waited for his turn to play and listened attentively to how to keep the beat.  It was a fun adventure.  After the program, he picked out another Magic Treehouse book and a book from the Capital Mysteries series that he wanted to start after our adventures in the capital this Spring. Brody also picked out two books, and we have enjoyed reading them both.

 photo library1_zps3680e245.jpg
Learning about all the handmade instruments.

 photo library2_zps13d0b5ba.jpg
Evan was taking good care of little brother as they listened.

 photo library4_zpsc7deb10e.jpg
Being not so well behaved here as he tickles little brother.

 photo library3_zps134ff623.jpg

 photo library5_zpsfc57e56d.jpg

 photo library6_zpse8ea83e4.jpg
Learning proper hand placement to play the drums.

 photo library7_zpsf0dc08c5.jpg
Evan gets his turn.

 photo library8_zps5e6acf64.jpg
Little brother watches and then pouts because he doesn't get to play.  I tried to get him to sit and beat a drum with me, but he refused.

 photo library9_zpsbda7bec8.jpg
Evan giving a knowing look to someone about his little brother's attitude.  It turns out the little boy he is looking at was an old kindergarten friend. 

 photo library10_zps458ec75f.jpg
Keeping the beat.

 photo library11_zps4f78812f.jpg
Brody checking out all of the African pieces.

 photo library12_zpsa84013dd.jpg
But not too happy about posing for a picture.  Sigh.
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How much fun is that??? Way too cute! We've been hanging out at the library a lot this summer. I love the summer reading program!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to look into our summer reading program at the library. Since the last day of school isn't until tomorrow (!!!), registration starts next Wednesday. And this year, Rachel can sign up too! Yay!

  3. Wow, what a unique experience! :)

  4. I love cool (free) things like that. Sometimes they end up being the most fun things to do.

    We went to the library today. There was nothing special going on, but Spencer got his own library card. He is very, very, very excited about it.


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