Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fun #3 ~ First Trip of the Year to the Splash Park

One of our first summer field trips was to visit the splash park.  We decided to visit one that we had only visited once in 2012 for one of Evan's old preschool birthday parties.  The park is close to the center of uptown (or downtown if you prefer) in a neighborhood called Dilworth.  The splash pad isn't fancy and is just a big concrete circle surrounded by a fence with water shooting out of the concrete.  The kids love it though, and they get thoroughly soaked on a hot day.  It was a nice hot day so the water felt nice.  We actually went on a Saturday so Daddy could go with us.

 photo splashpark1_zpsedac1692.jpg
Brody was prepared with buckets to fill.
 photo splashpark2_zpsfc385c0b.jpg
He was also proudly wearing his new Mickey shorts.  They are his new favorites!

 photo splashpark3_zpsee87200e.jpg

 photo splashpark4_zpse0b7eae1.jpg

 photo splashpark5_zps090c68ac.jpg
Evan runs through the water full speed ahead.  He doesn't need toys or accessories anymore to have a good time.  
 photo splashpark6_zpsc2243a54.jpg

 photo splashpark7_zps75b84d23.jpg

 photo splashpark8_zps4b73eff8.jpg
I love watching him in action.

 photo splashpark9_zpsbd03f639.jpg
My favorite Brody face.

 photo splashpark10_zpse5edab03.jpg

 photo splashpark11_zps01173e5d.jpg
Practicing his ninja moves.

 photo splashpark12_zps686ab548.jpg
Just hanging out in the center of the fun.

 photo splashpark13_zps20ddd354.jpg
I love this shot of Evan.  Seriously, he is in his own little world in these pictures just fighting bad guys and keeping the world safe.  Haha!

 photo splashpark14_zps25bccfae.jpg
Seeing how high he can jump.

 photo splashpark15_zpsc5b8243a.jpg

 photo splashpark16_zps74c157f0.jpg

 photo splashpark17_zps5dffe4e7.jpg

 photo splashpark18_zpse046dc6e.jpg
Showing Brody his karate moves on the water.

 photo splashpark19_zps5a485725.jpg

 photo splashpark20_zps5a9d41ba.jpg

 photo splashpark21_zpsbe064aa5.jpg
The face of a happy boy.

 photo splashpark22_zps7d3cb6c3.jpg
Just resting for a minute.

 photo splashpark23_zps98545028.jpg

 photo splashpark24_zpsf35fa427.jpg

 photo splashpark25_zps2699f3dd.jpg

 photo splashpark26_zps0e955afa.jpg

 photo splashpark27_zps8b51be8b.jpg
Drying off while playing on the playground.

 photo splashpark28_zps415742a7.jpg
Big brother dried off while shooting some hoops.

 photo splashpark29_zps3b334156.jpg
He's a great shot.

 photo splashpark30_zps78e78c9b.jpg

 photo splashpark31_zps70c0ecae.jpg
Brody wanted to score one too.

And of course, a little comparison is necessary:

 photo splashpark33_zps28df7539.jpg

 photo splashpark32_zpsc61a2c15.jpg

Just watching them grow and enjoying every second!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Great summer pictures!!!! The boys look like they had way too much fun!

  2. Looks fun! The boys are getting so big! :)

  3. This looks like a really fun day! I always love your pictures of water splashing. You get really good pictures.

    I hope Sam and Rachel get more into splash pads this year. I guess we shall see. Sam always gets into his own little world too. It's fun to watch.

  4. Oh wow! I was impressed with how much Evan grew in 2 years and then I saw Brody. He was just a tiny little tike in 2012. Can you believe we've been reading each other's blogs for 2 years????!!!!


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