Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Fun #2 ~ Park and Pinkberry

This is actually another summer memory from the last week Evan was in school.  After I picked him up on one of his last days of school, we decided to go to the park for a little bit to play.  This park is usually one of the busiest parks in our area so it was a little surprising when we arrived and only one other mom and little girl were there.  We had the park to ourselves for nearly an hour.  Evan was getting bored with no one to play with and was ready to leave until some more kids finally showed up.  He is such a social little guy.  Also, I must mention that Brody has been wearing big boy underwear on all of our outings.  He went potty when we first arrived at the park and then again before we left.  I think we can officially say we are potty trained!

 photo park2_zpse3d06635.jpg
Racing down the slide together.

 photo park3_zpsab8e3e0b.jpg
I think the slide was a little hot for Brody's liking.

 photo park1_zpse11e9dbb.jpg
And of course, a picture on the purple dinosaur is a must.

 photo park4_zpse4dbbc08.jpg
Cooling off in a shady spot.

 photo park5_zps79a3aa31.jpg
Silly face.

 photo park6_zps47eab72f.jpg
Exploring the castle.

 photo park7_zps1bbf234c.jpg
Going down all the slides like a big boy.

 photo park8_zps7168ccfb.jpg
Now, that's a happy boy!

 photo park9_zps5354ea3e.jpg
Here comes big brother.  Don't his legs just look so long here?

 photo park10_zps3ea4de10.jpg
Pretending to sell ice cream. 

 photo park11_zpsa4fc7dea.jpg
Evan handing me an ice cream cone.  This brings back so many memories of his early childhood.  When he was Brody's age, he would pretend to make us ice cream, and he always put "hot cherries" on top to see us desperately need water.  Haha!  This is the same kid who now loves hot sauce on everything.  

 photo park13_zpsfed4901f.jpg
And of course, Brody always loves to drive. 

 photo park14_zps2a31082e.jpg

 photo park15_zpsff62be4c.jpg
Letting the dinosaur eat his hand. 

 photo park16_zps4112bff2.jpg
And giving him hugs. 

 photo park17_zps231aaea7.jpg
Following big brother up the mountain. 

 photo park18_zps001c4537.jpg
He even went down the big tunnel slide by himself. 

 photo park19_zps24989ea2.jpg
Evan trying to run on the spinner.  

 photo park20_zps8bae9b12.jpg
This picture of Brody on the swings captures how empty the whole park was. 

 photo park21_zps93abace3.jpg
Brody and the only little girl there rode the dinosaur together. 

 photo park22_zps30f83383.jpg
I then sat back and let them play for a while.  Brody climbed onto the dinosaur by himself. 

 photo park23_zpsbe3b764e.jpg
Another little boy arrived and joined him. 

 photo park24_zps1cda72e9.jpg
Evan was finally happy to have more kids to play with.  I was super impressed that Brody could hold himself up on the bar.  He definitely has more upper body strength than Evan. 
On the last day of school after his awards ceremony, we took him to our favorite frozen yogurt place for a cool treat.  Pinkberry is primarily a western based business so we consider ourselves lucky to have one here.  It is now the only location in our state except the one at the airport.  We used to have two, but the second location closed.  I just hope we don't lose this one.  They specialize in healthier frozen yogurt with more natural and some organic toppings.  Eddie likes the yogurt because it has a more tart flavor.  I love special flavors like chocolate hazelnut (think Nutella) and salted caramel with toppings like chocolate shavings, chocolate hazelnut wafers, and fresh raspberries and strawberries.  You just cannot compare this frozen yogurt to places like Sweet Frog and TCBY.  There is no comparison anywhere else in our area.  If you ever have a chance, I would highly recommend trying it out!  (Note:  Pinkberry is not sponsoring this ad, and I am receiving nothing from this "review."  I just love it THAT much!  Haha!)

 photo pinkberry3_zps3d576622.jpg
Evan enjoyed his mango yogurt.  

 photo pinkberry1_zps3bc0819d.jpg
He could do an ad for Pinkberry. 

 photo pinkberry2_zpsd32a4903.jpg
Brody had yogurt, but he wanted some of these little mango beads that were filled with juice and popped in your mouth when he saw that Evan had some.  They kindly gave him a little cup with some. One good thing about this place is that they don't charge you by the "weight" of the toppings.  They will fill up the cup with as many toppings as you want for one set price.  If you only want one topping, they just give you a lot of that topping.  Plus, it isn't self-serve so you don't have to worry about lots of grubby, nasty hands touching everything.  :-) 

 photo pinkberry4_zpsc202d13f.jpg
Daddy and his boys. 

 photo pinkberry5_zpsfa5488a4.jpg
And one of me too.  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Yay for Brody and the potty training!!! We are almost there with Karsyn. I can't wait to be a diaper free family. I love the purple dinosaur park. Your boys always have such a great time there. Pinkberry sounds great. My girls would want to go there all of the time just for it's name sake. ha! I don't think we have any here. I'll have to check though. We have Peach Wave and Cherry Berry. Do you all have those there?

    1. Amazingly, we do have both of those yogurt places but haven't tried them out. If we lose our Pinkberry, we'll have to give it a shot. What kind of toppings do they have? Is it self-serve? Do they charge by the weight? That has been my experience with most frozen yogurt places, and I just don't like it. ;-)

  2. Cute pictures! :)
    Lance and I went to a yogurt place a few weeks ago, and he wouldn't eat any of it....I sat there and ate nine dollars worth of yogurt and toppings by

    1. Ugh. Yep, yogurt can be pricey. You may have a Pinkberry close to you if you want to try it out. I feel like it is a slightly better deal since they don't charge by the weight of the toppings. Those toppings can add up fast that way and kids always pick the heaviest junk toppings. Haha!

  3. Congratulations Brody on being toilet trained! That is so awesome!!!

    Pinkberry sounds so amazing. We will definitely have to go there when I come visit :)

    1. We had a little rough day yesterday, but he has been doing really well. Yes, we can definitely add Pinkberry to the list!

  4. We had to stop going out for frozen yogurt because of the price. I just cannot justify $20 for the 4 of us to have a cup of yogurt. It's the toppings that get you though. So many choices!


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