Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Fun #1 - Movies and Bubbles!

We are well into our summer of fun now, and as usual, I am way behind on capturing the memories.  Just the other day I was browsing through some of my old posts and just felt so thankful that I had preserved these memories.  Most of the memories are "minor" events in our life that would so quickly be forgotten as time continues to pass us by.  I had actually forgotten most of what I had written about.  Most of our summer fun days would be lost to memory if not for cataloging these memories and our photographs here.  Just today, I took the boys by myself to our first of hopefully several summer movies we will get to see.  We saw The Smurfs 2.  I took no pictures, but we had a great time.  The price of admission was only $1 each, but we splurged on some popcorn and a drink.  Evan doesn't care for popcorn so I let him get some chocolate candy.  He usually prefers Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts) like his mama, but they didn't have them at this theater so he chose some chocolate Crunch bites.  I prefer chocolate candy to other junk candies that are worse on their teeth and health.  Brody ate almost all of the popcorn by himself.  The movie was very cute and funny and reminded me a lot of my own childhood since I grew up watching cartoons like the Smurfs.  Before we got to the movies, I asked Evan if he remembered the first movie and knew what it was about.  He summed it up pretty well as a movie about "little blue people with white hats and a man who wears a black coat and his orange cat who want to eat the smurfs."  I thought that was a pretty good summary although technically the man just wants to steal their magic essence.  Brody did so well during the movie.  We went potty right before going in, and he didn't ask to go potty until the last few minutes.  I think we will be able to enjoy more of these summer movies this year.

One of our first summer activities happened before Evan was out of school.  Brody loves blowing bubbles and wanted to try to do it by himself.  We have a ton of bubbles stashed away that have just been collected from various gifts through the years so we needed to use some of them up.  We had a bubble machine, but it was messy so we put it away.  Brody prefers to blow the bubbles himself anyway since that is half the fun.  He has actually gotten pretty good at it now.  Brody and I enjoyed doing this in the morning while Evan was in school, but Evan wanted to do it too when he got home.

 photo Bubbles1_zpsd50a38a9.jpg
He thinks he can do EVERYTHING by himself!

 photo Bubbles2_zps201536cc.jpg

 photo Bubbles3_zps4098f810.jpg

 photo Bubbles4_zpsbcf8ad7b.jpg

 photo Bubbles5_zpsa18f08ff.jpg

 photo Bubbles6_zpsa73e8dab.jpg

 photo Bubbles7_zps6fa65455.jpg
He caught one!

 photo Bubbles8_zps68539632.jpg

 photo Bubbles9_zpscfd3638a.jpg
Now that's a big one!
 photo Bubbles10_zps29d9d6f3.jpg
Big brother joins the fun!

 photo Bubbles11_zps6072336c.jpg

 photo Bubbles12_zps24093277.jpg

 photo Bubbles13_zps261892a6.jpg
His face is so funny as he checks out his bubble.

 photo Bubbles14_zps25a6e3e8.jpg

Just capturing the magic of summer one small memory at a time!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. This is so cute. I wish I could get Lance to hold the wand...just have to keep trying I guess. :)

  2. I always love reading old posts. It makes me so glad that I blog. I love the bubbles. Your boys look like they are having so much fun!

  3. I agree that I love how I've documented the "minor things" on our blog and thus, have these memories preserved. I love re-reading my posts and remembering my life "back then." Yes, I would have forgotten almost everything!

    And you are so brave to take both boys to the movies by yourself. I should really look into it but considering my kids find "Franklin And The Green Knight" too scary, I don't think it will be any time soon!

    The kids have just gotten into blowing their own bubbles, as opposed to us blowing bubbles for them to chase. Your pictures remind me that I need to try and capture some of those memories.

  4. I agree with the blogging to preserve old memories. Sometimes I stumble upon one of my old posts when I am searching for something. My favorite ones are always of just random day to day happenings.

    The orange, grey and blue shirt that Brody is wearing....was that Evan's? Spencer had that same shirt when he was 2 and now it's in Elliott's closet. I think it is so funny to see the same clothes that I know are like 4-5 years old!


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