Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary!!! 11 years and going strong

Today, Sherry and I celebrate our 11 year anniversary.  Thinking back to that wonderful day when our lives became one, I can't help but think of all the adventures good and bad that we have been through.  Our adventures started before we even got married but I didn't let Sherry know until after the wedding.  On the day of our wedding, I noticed that I had forgotten to pick up the Best Man's tuxedo from the rental place.  Now, you ask, how do you forget such an important thing like that?  Very simple.  I forgot that Sherry's dad had rented a tuxedo also.  So when I counted the tuxedos and got the number of groomsmen, I was satisfied.  The day of our wedding, I spent the morning scrambling to a local tuxedo rental place and begging them to stay open so we could get a tux and then trying to match as best as we could to the tuxedos we had picked out for the ceremony.  Thankfully, it all went off without a hitch, and Sherry was none the wiser until I told her after the wedding.  I think that our 11 years have mirrored our wedding day in many ways. Sherry being the perfect vision of a wife and mother and me scrambling to live up to the ideal husband that I think I should be and need to be.  I think we all stumble and fall along the way in our marriages.  We have highs and lows, good times and bad, horrible tragedies and unfathomable miracles.  All of which have made our marriage stronger.  Our pastor David Chadwick has always said that if your husband or wife is your best friend then it makes it harder for you to even think about life without them.  The years spent together are full of wonderful memories that you can't imagine sharing with anyone else.  You can't think about giving up on your marriage that you have both worked so hard to build.  The life and love that only the two of you have shared together.  I know that our marriage is just like that.

The last year has been extremely hard on our family and our marriage.  Losing Mattie to be with the Lord took its toll.  I have struggled, Sherry has struggled, we have struggled together.  I love Sherry and our family with all my heart, and I can't imagine life without them.  I can't imagine stepping one foot forward in life without the love of Sherry and my boys and our angel Mattie going with me.  I know that Sherry feels the same way.  Our 11 years is a True Love Story, "Our Sweet Love Story!"

11 Years in Pictures
 (limited believe me)


 photo wedding.jpg

 photo wedding1jpg.jpg

 photo luau.jpg

 photo picnic.jpg


 photo NYC4.jpg

 photo anniversary2.jpg


 photo EddieSherry.jpg


 photo Evanparents.jpg


 photo SanFrancisco368.jpg

 photo Evan5.jpg


 photo family12.jpg

 photo portrait7.jpg


 photo valentines10.jpg

 photo photopass48.jpg


 photo Baby22.jpg

 photo Easter45_zps09c4c665.jpg
 photo Baby36.jpg

 photo graduation8_zps0e61505a.jpg


 photo DC50_zps628cf646.jpg

Our Anniversary Photo Session

 photo Anniversary1_zps205d3018.jpg
Not as young as we once were with a whole lot more worldly experience but still laughing together!

 photo Anniversary2_zpsf1a84a28.jpg
Still romantic

 photo Anniversary3_zps520a0b4d.jpg
With a whole lot more love in our lives.

 photo Anniversary7_zpse2416e55.jpg
Life is good!

 photo Anniversary5_zps8799639c.jpg
Especially with a mischievous 3 year old in our midst.

 photo Anniversary6_zps010e22e7.jpg
Brody faking a pout.
 photo summer21_zps12a2b871.jpg
Stealing some kisses from my little man.

 photo summer22_zps02389a98.jpg
He is a mama's boy.
Dear Sherry,

The past 11 years have been a roller coaster that has brought us closer together and strengthened our bond.  Our love has grown as our family has grown.  We have experienced so much together, and as we move forward in life, I pray that God will bless us with more wonderful years to come.  I love you now and forever!!!  You are my soul and my heart!!!

 photo Eddie_zps81282c42.jpg


  1. What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Happy 11th Anniversary!!! And this blog post is such an accurate portrayal of what marriage is. Thank you for sharing Eddie.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry I didn't send my best wishes sooner. I think it is so important to congratulate people on their anniversaries because it is really something to celebrate. Way more than birthdays, honestly. The two of you are such a shining example of what married people should do and be like. Good job!

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