Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Mattie Claire!

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Dearest Mattie,

I didn't think I could make it to this day.  I think you have been sending me the strength I needed day-by-day.  I know you are our special guardian angel now.  We should be planning the cutest little first birthday party for you.  We do have plans to celebrate you today, and I am sure the boys will help blow out your birthday candle.  Although your first year in heaven has passed, we will continue to remember you everyday and keep your memory alive for your brothers.  Today is a special day for us although it is sad too.  Your birth was as excitedly anticipated as any other in the world.  We longed to meet the little bundle of pink joy that we had already come to love.  Now, we must all await the day when we finally get to fulfill that meeting in our heavenly home.

This summer would have been such a fun one for you as we watched you learn to walk and talk and enjoy all of our fun summer activities.  You would have loved playing in the water with your brothers and splashing them I'm sure.  And how gorgeous and adorable you would have looked in your beautiful summer wardrobe.  Adorable bathing suits, summer dresses, and sandals.

 photo Mattiebirthdayoutfit_zps361a0b37.jpg
A special birthday outfit would have been a must for your party. 

 photo Mattiedress12_zps26b01fbe.jpg
Cute pastel dresses!

 photo Mattiedress11_zps9a10fac3.jpg
 photo Mattiedress10_zps952847b8.jpg

Adorable and sassy tops.
 photo Mattiedress9_zpsb0e0f13b.jpg

 photo Mattiedress7_zps0710b4c9.jpg photo Mattiedress1_zps4ede6a1d.jpg photo Mattiedress13_zps288424f5.jpg

 photo sandals_zps10f49309.jpg
And of course a cute pair of sandals would be a necessity.

 photo Mattiedress8_zps6c2f01f8.jpg
And a cute new bathing suit for our bathing beauty.  
We hope you will enjoy spending your special day with us as we do some special things to celebrate you!  If you ever doubt that my love for you will continue, please remember this:

 photo miscarriage_zps65a0eda6.jpg

With all my heart,

Your Mommy

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  1. I sent you my e-mail before I saw this post so I will just add that I'm thinking of you today. I love what would have been Mattie's summer wardrobe and it just plain sucks that she is not here to wear it, to walk around and splash her brothers, and for you to hold in your arms.

  2. Happy "1st" Birthday to Mattie Claire who will always be in our hearts. Little Miss Mattie is celebrating her birthday with Jesus where the all the saints celebrate each and ya!

  3. Sherry, I can only imagine how hard this post was to write and how you must feel today. I really wish that you would have spent this past year watching your sweet Mattie girl grow and be the wonderful kind of mother to her that you are. You have done an amazing job keeping her memory close and making your little angel an everyday part of your family. No mommy should have to do that, but you have done it so well. I wish I could give you a hug and pray with you today. I am saying prayers for you and your family. Hugs my friend.

  4. I'm not always sure how we are supposed to "bear one another's burdens," but please just know that the tears you shed are multiplied many times by those who love you.

  5. Happy birthday darling Mattie!

    Sherry, this was a beautifully written post. You always do such a lovely job remembering and celebrating the too short life of your baby girl. I know that this has been a terrible year of firsts.....first Halloween, first Christmas, first everything without Mattie. And now the first anniversary of her birth and death. I don't think that any of the seconds will be any easier and I don't think that the passage of time will make you miss her any less, but my hope for you is that you know better how to handle the pain now that you have done it. Does that make sense?

  6. This was a beautiful post! Happy Birthday Mattie <3


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