Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evan's Last Days of First Grade

So Evan's first grade days have officially ended.  Just another reminder of how quickly our children are growing up.  Despite a few difficulties with his school this year, he learned a lot.  He became a very adept reader, and I am always so impressed when I listen to him read out loud.  It is always so amazing how quickly children learn and acquire these life changing skills.  His favorite subject now is probably math, but he really loves learning about new places in the world in social studies.  He has also made giant leaps in his writing abilities this year, and we plan to not let these skills go to waste this summer as he will be writing in a summer journal.  He also has a reading goal and has some math sheets to help keep those skills fresh in his mind.  Evan's last day of school was on Tuesday, June 10th.  On the last Friday of the year, they had a beach day and got to wear their favorite beach attire.  He chose his shark swim trunks with his bright green beach t-shirt that he got last summer at a favorite beach restaurant with his cousins.  On Monday, his class celebrated the end of the year with a little pizza party.  They played games and just had a lot of fun together.  Brody enjoyed getting to go with me to the party.  On Tuesday, the school had their last quarter recognition ceremonies so we all went to watch.  I am a little disappointed that this school does not do more to recognize academic achievements, and it feels like they are trying too hard to just give everyone awards whether they are earned or not.  Evan's report cards have him at the top in all subject matters so I guess that counts as "A" honor roll in my book.  He loves to run outside on the track, and his teachers are supposed to keep track of the number of times he runs around the track.  He comes home almost daily with 9 or 10 dots on his hand marking the number of times he ran.  His teachers are supposed to turn this information in so he can be recognized for the miles he runs.  He finally got recognized for reaching the 25 mile mark, but if his teacher had turned in all information as she should, he probably would have reached 50 this semester.  Last semester, his teacher did not turn anything in.  This is the first year teacher who decided that she just couldn't handle teaching after only one semester and quit over Christmas break.  Evan's class was a pretty good class, and she actually had a relatively small class.  It was very disappointing.  I am really glad it did not seem to slow Evan down this year.

 photo school1_zpsc757ccf5.jpg
Evan dressed for beach day at school.  

 photo school2_zps20417cae.jpg
Modeling his favorite t-shirt.

 photo school4_zps0f7aa0f0.jpg
Ms. Henderson did most of the work for the pizza party.  She is the mom of one of Evan's friends, and she was also the substitute who kept the class on track while they searched for a new teacher.  Ms. Martin came back from maternity leave to finish the year.

 photo school3_zps33d8ffdc.jpg
Evan always loves seeing little brother at school. 

 photo school5_zpsc127d29f.jpg
Sharing snacks.  It was a hot day, and you could tell Evan had just come in from outside with his sweaty head.  

 photo school6_zpsfd289c6e.jpg

 photo school7_zps4d77adf5.jpg
They were playing hang man when I arrived.  I thought they got embarrassingly close to hanging their man.  Haha!

 photo school8_zpsa67f41e3.jpg
Then they played a quiet game of bingo. 

 photo school9_zps46031f92.jpg
Evan finally got bingo.  He was very patient.  He is also wearing a caught with character sticker which he gets almost daily for being so well-behaved.  He is my little "good" boy who always has his clip on the highest behavior number. 

 photo school10_zps19967960.jpg
Evan's sweet friends, Patrick, Addison, and Olivia

 photo school11_zps8134ad06.jpg
Brody was very well-behaved during the party and found a nice place to sit and read. 

 photo school12_zps33f9b359.jpg
Ms. Martin handed out some special pictures.
 photo school13_zpse3302a1b.jpg
And they all got a little ice cream treat.

 photo school14_zpse3d71783.jpg
Even little brother got some. 

 photo school15_zps61e436eb.jpg
Ms. Martin read a sweet little card attached to her gift and got a little teary.  

 photo school21_zpsd886e7df.jpg
Ms. Martin's life survival kit.  I really like the penny and chocolate hugs and kisses ones. 

 photo school20_zps52fba27c.jpg
A special picture of the whole class that they all signed. 

 photo school19_zps31066c3d.jpg
Evan's picture with his teacher.  His hair was looking so big and poofy in this picture, and he was in desperate need of a hair cut.  Ha!

 photo school16_zps6720fb68.jpg
Checking out all his treasures. 

 photo school17_zpse2f0aa2d.jpg
A shot of him standing up for one of his awards at the recognition ceremony.  He had searched all over for us and finally found us so he smiled and waved. 

 photo schoolcollage_zpsa963a116.jpg
Technically, I was not a good mama and got no decent shots of him on the last day so the picture from the last Friday will have to do.  He has definitely grown a lot this year!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How frustrating that Evan's teacher quit! We've had a couple bad experiences with teachers over the years. I'm sorry that he didn't win the awards that he should have. I think your Evan is a lot like my Payton and Evan. So, I'm sure that he calculated and worked hard to walk all those miles and it stinks that they didn't count for him.
    It looks like your little guys had a lot of fun at the party. Glad they had a good time!

  2. I'm so impressed with all of Evan's accomplishments! It sounds like he overcame some difficult situations to really shine this year. You must be so proud.

  3. Oh my gosh he grew so much this year. He looks like such a little babe on the first day and now he's a full grown man. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

    Sounds like a very good end to a year that got a little rocky at times.


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