Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrating Memorial Day and Grandma's 60th Birthday

Wow, are we really halfway into June already and almost halfway through with 2014?  And I am just now writing about Memorial Day at the end of May?  Oh well, that's life here now.  Maybe I will get caught up sometime, but to tell you the truth, being on the computer just isn't a top priority for me right now, and I have actually been using my limited computer time for another big project that has been put off for a couple of years.  I still love to get these memories documented though and prefer to do them before I forget any details.  Memorial Day is an American holiday where we recognize and honor the men and women who gave their lives in service to their country.  It honors all of our military heroes, past and present.  We definitely appreciate all they have done for us to help our country remain free and to spread that freedom around the world.  I know other countries may often view our nation as "intruding" on others' affairs, but it is hard to deny that when a nation is facing serious trouble, we are there to help!  So here is our sincerest thank you to all those men and women who sacrificed so much for our country!  We appreciate each and every one of you!

For the day, we actually just spent a nice, relaxing weekend enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors, going to the pool for the first time, and celebrating Grandma's 60th birthday.  While she isn't big on celebrations, I think she enjoyed this special time with all of her children and grandchildren.  On Saturday, the kids all enjoyed playing in the yard while Daddy cooked a very yummy feast of homemade baby back ribs on the grill.  It was our first time making these at home, but they were seriously the best we have ever eaten.  The ribs were on sale at our grocery store and were the thickest and meatiest I have ever seen.  Like seriously over an inch of meat on top!  Sorry to write so much about meat, but I promise I really didn't take many pictures of the food.  Haha!  On Sunday, we enjoyed lunch together at Mellow Mushroom and a little more time together before Grandma had to leave.  On Monday, we spent all day from about 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the pool.  We packed lunch and snacks and a ton of supplies that are necessary when taking two young children to an outdoor pool for the day.  Sunscreen was definitely a must.  Next time, we will also bring our own umbrella because when the pool is crowded like on this day, umbrellas are scarce!  Not to worry, Brody and I found a lovely shady spot for our afternoon nap.

 photo Memorial1_zps32f828f8.jpg
Brody, Evan and Grady enjoyed playing together. 

 photo Memorial2_zpsf04a26d1.jpg
Brody enjoyed sharing his pool with cousin Grady.

 photo Memorial3_zpsff693ba1.jpg
This cutie was a little skeptical of the cold water, but he loved the pool toys!

 photo Memorial4_zps15a5f720.jpg
Taking that first cautious step into the pool.

 photo Memorial5_zpse14e13b4.jpg
Getting his toes wet.

 photo Memorial6_zpsf4b19d7e.jpg
But he preferred riding to swimming, and Brody didn't mind giving him a push.

 photo Memorial7_zps0d607d5a.jpg
And Grandma took over when Brody got tired.

 photo Memorial8_zpsea618879.jpg
Brody doesn't mind the cold water too much.  He just loves water.

 photo Memorial9_zps6df695c9.jpg
He loves going down head first!

 photo Memorial10_zpscd17a679.jpg
Cute little bike rider.  

 photo Memorial12_zps669d20a1.jpg
I just love this picture of Grady reaching out to Brody for help getting out of the pool.  Just pure sweetness!

 photo Memorial13_zps41f5291c.jpg
They are going to be best buds for sure!

 photo Memorial14_zpsb1d3612b.jpg
Little stunt rider likes standing on the trike!

 photo Memorial16_zps5ee3b1cc.jpg
Brody just wanted to shoot someone.

 photo Memorial11_zpscff5c306.jpg
Sweet Daddy makes sure we all have a yummy feast after our playtime. 

 photo Memorial17_zpse747db84.jpg
Then, we all sing happy birthday to Grandma and enjoy dessert.

 photo Memorial18_zps6144b564.jpg
Aunt Naomi's friend made a very yummy carrot cake.

 photo Memorial19_zps6ae36fd7.jpg
Grandma had good help blowing out her candles.

 photo Memorial20_zps9fc92c1f.jpg
What did she wish for?  Probably more time with her grandbabies.

 photo Memorial21_zpsb45f7dc2.jpg
I love this picture of the kids all hugging night night. 

 photo Memorial22_zps049b134e.jpg
I tried to get a decent picture of Grandma with her kids and grandkids together during lunch, but this was the best I could get on my camera phone.  Outdoor pictures are usually pretty good, but I can't seem to get inside pictures to focus.  It seems like about the time I get the phone's camera figured out, we upgrade to newer ones.  Haha!
 photo Memorial23_zps677d7ac2.jpg
This cute picture of Daddy and Brody did turn out pretty good. 

 photo Memorial24_zps986445e1.jpg
Brody enjoying his first day at the pool. 

 photo Memorial25_zpsc6a10c97.jpg
Getting warmed up after a little swim. 

 photo Memorial26_zps6af60f1b.jpg
Pool snacks are a must because swimming makes them so hungry!  Brody wanted chips with his strawberries.

 photo Memorial27_zpse0d0e0b9.jpg
Evan was happy with just strawberries.

 photo Memorial28_zps13a6e630.jpg

 photo Memorial30_zps07b10216.jpg
Evan preparing to take his first jump of the season off the diving board. 

 photo Memorial31_zps36e86161.jpg
I can't believe I caught him.  I forgot the camera at home and was stuck with the phone camera again. 
 photo Memorial29_zps78a692b3.jpg
He jumped right back into swimming with no problems. Now, we just want him to take lessons to learn some more swim strokes and maybe diving lessons so he can join the swim team.

 photo Memorial32_zps3bcbb015.jpg

 photo Memorial33_zpsd91765d4.jpg
He does well swimming underwater. 

 photo Memorial34_zps9400c13f.jpg
I love having one independent swimmer now!

 photo Memorial35_zps4201e173.jpg
Another good jump.  He gets braver the more he jumps. 

 photo Memorial36_zpsc098b438.jpg

 photo Memorial37_zpse19efca2.jpg
We wanted Brody to start the summer off swimming freely with just his arm floats, and he did so well. 

 photo Memorial38_zps8dfb9178.jpg
Daddy and his boys

 photo Memorial39_zps742c81bd.jpg
Swimming like a big boy!

 photo Memorial40_zpse8134ee3.jpg
Big brother Evan helped show him what to do.

 photo Memorial41_zpsa5b01a68.jpg
Mommy really got him swimming freely although he fussed a little at first.

 photo Memorial42_zps79c17b48.jpg
Swimming with Mommy is fun.

 photo Memorial43_zps31119983.jpg
He loves being "thrown" up in the air.

 photo Memorial44_zpsd7ebda5d.jpg
And coming down to make a big splash.

 photo Memorial45_zpsc06df952.jpg
Mommy and her boys

 photo Memorial46_zps6106750b.jpg
After lunch, it was time for an ice cream snack.  We let the boys get ice cream from the snack stand. 

 photo Memorial47_zps60cfa441.jpg
Evan loved his chocolate cone.

 photo Memorial48_zps9e593821.jpg
Yes, Brody ate the whole thing!

 photo Memorial49_zps54020fd7.jpg
Messy face!

 photo Memorial50_zpse853320e.jpg
Someone's getting tired!

 photo Memorial51_zps33e7d4c7.jpg
A 2 hour nap in the shade was a must!

So as you can see, nothing quite says summer like ice cream and naps by the pool.  We had a great start to our summer!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. What a great way to kick off the summer! I LOVE the pictures of Brody and Grady playing together. Those two are so cute together. There is just something about cousins playing together that is so sweet. Way to go Evan on the diving board. He's an awesome little swimmer. I'm so impressed!

  2. I cannot believe how fast this year is going. How is 2014 almost halfway done already?!?!? And I can see that you'd rather play with your kids than be on the computer. Is the big project one you are willing to share? Just curious...

    Rachel started singing "Happy Birthday" when she saw the picture of Grandma with the cake and candles :) It looks like it was a good celebration.

    And I am definitely looking forward to some pool time this summer. I can't wait until school is out. Only six more days... Not that I'm counting down, or anything :)

  3. OK, well I have you beat. Here we are at almost the 4th of July and I am just now reading about your Memorial Day. I am going to try my best to get caught up on your whole month of June tonight!

    I love how you were all wearing blue and white stripes when you were playing in the pool at home. Well, and Grady had yellow too, but you all matched!


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