Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brody's End of Year Picnic

As usual lately, I am still way behind.  Brody has been out of school for over a week now, and I am just now writing about his end of year celebrations.  Hopefully, I can get caught up before Evan's last day of school.  He has one full week and two days left.  Brody's school does an annual end of year picnic for the families to get together.  Last year, our picnic got rained out, and we had to improvise indoors.  This year, the weather was PERFECT.  Unfortunately, Daddy had a work meeting and couldn't come so it was just Mommy and Brody this time.  Brody hasn't figured out how to take pictures yet (well, of anything but the ground and feet) so Mommy isn't in any pictures.  Ha!  He had a great time eating his favorite meal, playing with his friends, and eating some yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Mommy loved the special little gifts from Brody's teachers.

 photo preschool40_zps51a58041.jpg
One last photo of Brody's class. 
 photo preschool38_zps979786fb.jpg
During Brody's last month, he learned all about where his food comes from.  Here he is shucking some corn. 

 photo preschool39_zps999054f6.jpg
And he went grocery shopping. 
 photo picnic1_zpsb1f6627a.jpg
Enjoying his favorite lunch from Chick-fil-a. 

 photo picnic2_zps87dc017c.jpg
Brody's friend, Madeleine, was fascinated by this little gecko. 

 photo picnic3_zps0058a761.jpg
And she was very brave to touch it. 

 photo picnic4_zps888e13f0.jpg
Brody decided a little too late that he wanted to see it. 

 photo picnic5_zpsebd871a0.jpg
And touch it too. 

 photo picnic6_zps2db2936b.jpg
Eating his strawberry shortcake with his friends. 

 photo picnic7_zps1e3b96e0.jpg
Brody and his pal, William. 

 photo picnic8_zps65ed6861.jpg
Swinging like a big boy. 

 photo picnic9_zpsd61b2d87.jpg
Swinging on his belly is a favorite pastime.  I think he pretends he is flying. 

 photo picnic10_zps6feb4116.jpg
Madeleine wants to hold hands. 

 photo picnic11_zps28b82b58.jpg
He reluctantly obliged for a second. 

 photo picnic12_zpsd159d487.jpg
They were being very silly. 

 photo picnic13_zpsba606d1e.jpg
Playing peek-a-boo at Mommy.

 photo picnic14_zps232ccabe.jpg
Inviting his friend, Sammy, into his house. 

 photo picnic15_zpsc7045146.jpg
He and Madeleine were almost inseparable this day. 

 photo picnic16_zps8b5a471a.jpg
He just plays like such a big boy now. 

 photo picnic17_zps0353315a.jpg
Going down the big slide. 

 photo picnic18_zps9ddadfc6.jpg
Madeleine and Kyndall wanted to ride on the "choo-choo" with Brody. 

 photo picnic19_zpsefb979a9.jpg
Brody and his teachers made this wonderful book to help us remember all the fun he had this year. 

 photo picnic20_zps69486190.jpg photo picnic21_zps9de54ac8.jpg
It showed off some of his art and some pictures from the year. 

 photo picnic22_zps4ccdc9cd.jpg
I love his little snowman with the slightly askew eyes and arms and upside down scarf. 

 photo picnic23_zps3277818b.jpg
All the faces of Brody and his class. 

 photo picnic24_zpsf365487b.jpg

 photo picnic25_zpsb5638123.jpg
He also made a little nursery rhyme book with all the ones he learned this year.  Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater was his favorite. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I love this post! The picnic looks like so much fun. I love the scrapbook too. That's something to really treasure.

  2. That scrapbook from his teachers is so cool. I love that!!!

  3. This is so cute. What a cute book too.

  4. I will say it for the millionth time......what an awesome preschool Brody goes to. I love that he was shucking corn! And all of the little end of the year remembrances are just wonderful.


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