Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Fun!

This season is always so jam packed and crazy busy in our lives with the end of school, Spring sports, and both boys' birthdays within a month of one another.  Keeping track of our memories here always gets way behind.  For now, here is some of the Spring fun we've had the last few weeks:

 photo Spring1_zps2affbb67.jpg
At the end of April, we broke out the water table. 

 photo Spring2_zpsf3ab1bfd.jpg
This boy still cannot get enough of water. 
 photo Spring3_zps4c5dcd88.jpg
 photo Spring4_zps26248137.jpg

 photo Spring5_zps2393985a.jpg
 photo Spring7_zps9ed9abdd.jpg

 photo Spring6_zps50fcba6d.jpg

 photo Spring8_zps9a9f451c.jpg
Turn around for a second and this is what happens!
 photo Spring9_zps86e80b55.jpg
Time to dry off and warm up after playing in the freezing cold water. 
 photo Spring10_zps2f16102c.jpg
One morning, Brody and Mommy watched a Mommy and baby bunny playing in the backyard. 
 photo Spring11_zps954321e8.jpg
The baby was there first and just sat still for a long time.  The mommy came out and joined the baby. 
 photo Spring12_zpsa0ed6240.jpg
About as cute as the mommy and baby pandas we saw at the zoo.
 photo Spring13_zpsfeb47649.jpg
Sweet bunnies. 
 photo Spring14_zpsfa7199a6.jpg
Brody took back one of his birthday presents that he already had and got to pick this little wading pool out at Target for his birthday. It is a big hit.  We haven't left it on the grass because we don't want it to kill it.  It now lives on the deck and will hopefully provide lots of summer fun if we can keep the mosquitoes away.  Sigh. 

 photo Spring15_zpsd080ac09.jpg
Evan even enjoyed it. 

 photo Spring16_zps3bfd3889.jpg
If you hook up the hose to it, it can spray water all around the sides and onto the slide. 
 photo Spring17_zps93d92d21.jpg
Brody had been watching it out the window all day after Daddy put air in it. 

 photo Spring18_zps08e0f0eb.jpg
Well, the little slide didn't collapse on the big 7 year old so I guess that is a good sign. Brody was playing the little ring toss game. 
 photo Spring20_zps153c9da5.jpg

 photo Spring19_zps718dfe4a.jpg
Brody preferred to help his little whale friend go down the slide. 

 photo Spring21_zps0e7e0b4c.jpg
His turtle friend was his favorite though, and he took very good care of it. 
 photo Spring22_zps1f905397.jpg
Helping Mr. Turtle down the slide. 
 photo Spring23_zps66b7945d.jpg

 photo Spring24_zpsa8990bee.jpg
Silly boy covered the whole slide. 
 photo Spring25_zpsadb88ec3.jpg
Brody needed a little help to push himself up onto the slide.  It didn't have steps back there.  
 photo Spring26_zpsb2a1db11.jpg
Big brother gave him a push. 
 photo Spring27_zps0b7dc228.jpg
Making a splash head first.

 photo Spring28_zps0930d69f.jpg
Putting his turtle to "night night." 

 photo Spring29_zps37730d85.jpg
Does anyone know why they don't make little boys' swim trunks with real draw strings to help hold them up?  They just have a decorative one that doesn't go all the way around their waist, and this is what happens to most of them.  Thank goodness for the swim diaper, or he would be mooning everyone at the pool. 
 photo Spring30_zps84f2bef9.jpg
Big brother wanted more water on the slide so Brody helped him out. 

 photo Spring31_zpsa901417e.jpg
I love this shot of him on his tummy although it wasn't on purpose.  He slipped and fell and just laughed. 

 photo Spring32_zps17e3be86.jpg
Mommy helped him down the slide. 
 photo Spring33_zps0d57a7f9.jpg
Happy face = Success
 photo Spring35_zps8605879d.jpg

 photo Spring34_zps5ddda41c.jpg

 photo Spring36_zps8000f763.jpg
Love it! 
So that about wraps up the last month of our Spring fun with exception of lots of Saturdays and weeknights at the baseball field.  Baseball season has ended though so after our team recognition party this Friday night, we will have a lot more free time for fun! 
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  1. We just put our water table up this past weekend and the kids have been loving it!!! Even Sam :)

    You are so lucky to have bunnies in your backyard. All we get are non-exciting squirrels.

    And I have the same question about boys' swimsuits. Those decorative strings are useless when real ones would be soooo helpful. Blah.

    Enjoy your free time as baseball season ends.

  2. Wow, I bet Brody sleeps really good after all that playing. Love this!

  3. Okay I'll take one of each of the water toys your boys have :). hahaha :).

  4. That is an awesome little pool. I love the little slide for it. Can you believe that we just got out our water tables today? I actually think I forgot about them because they were on the side of the house where I never go. We'll have to pack in a lot of play really fast because it a few weeks it will be too hot for it. Ugh.


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