Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

After our little tour of the Capitol and a pretty lengthy walk down the National Mall, our next stop on our tour of Washington, D.C. was a must see for any families with young boys.  What boys don't love a cool plane or space shuttle?  Evan was definitely excited to see the Air and Space Museum.  Brody, however, was pretty exhausted after a very long day.  He and Daddy actually fell asleep during the planetarium show.  While the Smithsonian museums are free to the public, the planetarium show did require a paid ticket so Daddy and Brody had to pay for that little nap.  Ha!  After the show, I gladly held Brody while he finished his nap so that Daddy and Evan could enjoy the rest of the museum.  Daddy really enjoyed seeing all the old World War I and II aircraft.

 photo Smithsonian1_zps3f7df723.jpg

 photo Smithsonian5_zps10db2ca9.jpg
Three Intercontinental ballistic missiles from the US and Russia.  Also, above them is a V-2 rocket.

 photo Smithsonian2_zps29342332.jpg
This is a copy of the International Space Station.

 photo Smithsonian3_zps4e3a3d83.jpg

 photo Smithsonian4_zps3e520f19.jpg
The actual size of the Hubble Space Telescope.  Pretty big telescope, huh? 

 photo Smithsonian7_zps32d90234.jpg
Where the astronauts shower in the space station. 

 photo Smithsonian6_zpsd25b3780.jpg
And where they eat those yummy MRE's. 

 photo Smithsonian8_zps50d3a187.jpg
The real Wright Brothers airplane.  We've seen the replicas at Kitty Hawk where the first flight took place.  One of the brothers donated the real plane to the museum.   

 photo Smithsonian9_zps537187e0.jpg
Evan enjoyed learning about the mysteries of flight. 

 photo Smithsonian10_zps134b729a.jpg
Early passenger plane.  I am not sure if I would feel comfortable riding in this.

 photo Smithsonian11_zps5d250e39.jpg
British Spitfire from World War II.

 photo Smithsonian12_zpsd2c18151.jpg
Only one of the greatest fighter planes ever made.  The P-51 Mustang

 photo Smithsonian14_zpsf49c01e2.jpg photo Smithsonian13_zpsb3be5cc2.jpg
Our future pilot or astronaut. 

 photo Smithsonian15_zps0b888ed7.jpg photo Smithsonian16_zps4df7ff13.jpg
This is an experimental aircraft that set the air speed record.

 photo Smithsonian17_zps23f4c728.jpg
Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis that made the first transatlantic flight. 

 photo Smithsonian18_zps9f3b4d04.jpg photo Smithsonian19_zps7073c74c.jpg

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How awesome is it that ya'll got to see the Wright Bros plane! Amazing! There is an air and space museum in Tulsa that I think we are going to have to check out now. I think the kids will enjoy it.

    1. This museum was great for kids and especially boys with interest in flight and space although it isn't really my favorite. I enjoyed holding Brody while he napped and resting while Eddie and Evan toured most of the museum. However, I did really enjoy the planetarium show. It was just so relaxing to sit and watch the heavenly show in the cool dark theater. Of course, Eddie enjoyed it a little too much since he fell asleep. Haha! I would highly recommend a planetarium show if you have one, but I know the kids would enjoy an air and space museum too. :-)

  2. Fascinating. I am actually really bothered sometimes by all the things I know that I will never be able to do in my life. One of them is going to outer space. I know that I will never do that and it bugs me.

    Although, honestly, I do enjoy a good shower and the space showers do not look fun. Ha!

    1. Haha! We are too much alike sometimes. Yep, I too really hate that I will never be able to go into outer space. I mean, I am likely too chicken to do it anyway because being strapped in a rocket with thousands of gallons of highly flammable jet fuel after watching several shuttles explode is probably a little too adventurous for me, but I still want the option. I totally hate that I have something on my bucket list that is very unlikely to occur. Of course, I am probably unlikely to achieve many things on my bucket list. Sigh. My real bucket list item though was just to get to see a space shuttle launch, and that really disappoints me now that NASA is not launching anymore. It's like the age of space travel ended. I guess we just need lots of money so we can pay some Russians to take us up with them. Haha!

  3. I never thought about how astronauts shower until I saw that picture and now being an astronaut has moved way far down on my list! Ha!

    And I love the "paid nap" although I'm sure it was a little annoying for you :)


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