Monday, May 12, 2014

Lions, Tigers...& Pandas!

Oh my!  So you might think us a little crazy if I tell you that on our last day in D.C. before we loaded up in the car to make the long 6 to 8 hour drive home, we made one last stop AT THE ZOO!  But really, we couldn't have asked for a better end to our wonderful week.  Saturday turned out to be the only fair weather day of our whole trip, and the temperatures had risen back into the seasonably warm (almost hot) zone.  We rode the metro over to the Smithsonian National Zoo and spent a few hours in this national treasure.  One of the best parts of this zoo is definitely the panda exhibit, but there were plenty of other things to enjoy too.

 photo zoo2_zpscd9f2ceb.jpg

 photo zoo1_zpsbae54e13.jpg

 photo zoo3_zps499b2b42.jpg
First, we spotted a sweet zebra. 

 photo zoo4_zps049cab09.jpg
Trying to get a picture with the boys. 

 photo zoo5_zpsad1fb14b.jpg photo zoo6_zpsc5d2da06.jpg

 photo zoo7_zpsa6ca39cf.jpg photo zoo8_zps5aeaec5d.jpg

 photo zoo9_zps0bf71be3.jpg photo zoo10_zps5f323860.jpg
So sad that we didn't get to see the red pandas. 

 photo zoo12_zps20f32363.jpg
We did get to see elephants though.  They are always a treat. 
 photo zoo29_zpsc03fd682.jpg
This one was very playful rolling his ball around. 
Our Favorite! (I did go a little overboard with pictures but seeing the pandas was definitely a big opportunity for me.  They really put on such a cute show for us!)

 photo zoo11_zps794395df.jpg

 photo zoo13_zpsb68e40de.jpg
At first, Mama Panda was enjoying some yummy bamboo. 
 photo zoo14_zps4aa70a47.jpg
She was really getting with it!
 photo zoo15_zps96bb31f5.jpg
Isn't she a cutie? 
 photo zoo16_zps4cb12509.jpg
Then, she needed to go potty and headed off for a little privacy. 

 photo zoo17_zps31064a4e.jpg
Evan wanted to know why her rear was brown.  I told him that if he was wearing white pants all the time and didn't have toilet paper to wipe, he'd have a dirty bottom too.  Haha!

 photo zoo18_zps0fbbb4e5.jpg
She was a big girl.

 photo zoo19_zps86ba12e4.jpg
Brody loved his nice view of the pandas from Daddy's shoulders.   There were tons of people at this exhibit, but Evan and I managed to get through the crowd for some good pictures.  Evan could squeeze right through to the front with no problem.  Ha!
 photo zoo20_zps239e3c67.jpg
For a while, we couldn't find baby panda anywhere.  People thought they could see him hiding up in a tree.  The zoo workers started throwing in some yummy apples to entice him out of the tree, and he finally came down.  

 photo zoo21_zpse64ddb25.jpg
Mommy waiting for her baby to come out. 

 photo zoo22_zps2a2b5aad.jpg
Here he comes out of the tall grass. 
 photo zoo23_zps8225b584.jpg
Sweet mama waiting for her baby. 
 photo zoo25_zpsbf818079.jpg

 photo zoo26_zpsa289b5a8.jpg
Like mama like baby. 

 photo zoo27_zpsb20184b5.jpg

 photo zoo28_zps7659bff1.jpg

 photo zoo30_zps4a482b15.jpg

 photo zoo31_zps657e6fc5.jpg
Baby panda thought he would go back up in his tree to hide.  He seemed to be a bit shy. 

 photo zoo32_zps31c11f5a.jpg
He was so cute here trying to climb back up the tree.  
 photo zoo33_zps3f812a8f.jpg

 photo zoo34_zps57a44c22.jpg
Then, he fell back out of the tree and rolled down the hill which appeared to really embarrass him.

 photo zoo35_zps0217fcc9.jpg
Mama bear comes to check on her baby. 

 photo zoo36_zpsd258d8ba.jpg
Our next stop was the ape house which was quite hot and smelly inside.  That's just a little warning for you. 

 photo zoo37_zps6ca3d312.jpg
I recently caught some of the old Planet of the Apes movie (yes, the Charlton Heston one), and this ape totally makes me think of them. 

 photo zoo38_zps6be35d2f.jpg
This orangutan did not look very happy. 

 photo zoo39_zpse03eaca5.jpg
This tiger appeared to just be enjoying a little morning nap. 

 photo zoo40_zps5a0a4d71.jpg
This tiger was a little more alert. 

 photo zoo43_zps93f24bc4.jpg
Then, one of the tigers got thirsty. 

 photo zoo44_zpsfb644aad.jpg
And this one was feeling quite playful and started playing with this bag. 

 photo zoo46_zps8404f4ad.jpg
Looking very proud. 

 photo zoo48_zpsc6b48913.jpg
Tigers are such pretty animals.  

 photo zoo47_zps481c60f8.jpg

 photo zoo41_zps5cc7800a.jpg
The King of the Jungle

 photo zoo42_zps8a7b3539.jpg
A beautiful lion. 
 photo zoo52_zps6f541446.jpg
The orangutans were allowed to climb over our heads on these ropes. 
Brody's Favorite 

 photo zoo49_zps4a97c06a.jpg
Brody had been enjoying riding the metro train all week, but he kept asking to ride "Puffer Pete."  Puffer Pete is a steam engine from his favorite train cartoon.  He finally got his wish as he rode this little train at the zoo which was like a mini version of Puffer Pete.  
 photo zoo50_zpsf8b49d7c.jpg
This was a happy little boy.  Luckily, his big brother could ride with him. 

 photo zoo51_zpsf36c60d7.jpg
So cute peeking his little head out at me. 

 photo zoo53_zpsd8dbb952.jpg
Brody's choo choo. 

 photo zoo54_zps31c5a6f9.jpg
Climbing out like a big boy. 

 photo zoo55_zps3c2aa54a.jpg
There they go. 

 photo zoo57_zps531285bc.jpg
A perfect ending to our trip making our little boy's dream come true!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I love your pictures! You got some really good ones.

    I still remember seeing the pandas when I went to this zoo. They were my absolute favourites!!!

  2. Glad to see that panda babies are just like every other baby on the entire planet....they have to be bribed with food to cooperate for pictures. Ha ha!

    Nice pictures of all the zoo animals!

  3. I'm not sure how I missed this post. I love all of these pictures!!! I really want to go see the Pandas now. Our zoo doesn't have them. I'm so glad that you all had such a great time in DC! How did the drive home go? Were you all pretty tired?

    So as I was reading this post, Payton was sitting next to me reading a book. She looked up from her book and pointed to the picture of Mattie. She said, "Mommy, that baby is really pretty! I lover her cute little dress." =)


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