Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Very Choo Choo Birthday

 photo Brodybirthdaycollage_zpsef1eb8a4.jpg

At the end of April, our little future choo choo train engineer turned the big 3.  We celebrated on the day of his birthday, but his big party wasn't until Sunday, May 4th.  Perhaps we should have done a Star Wars theme that day since it seems May the fourth has become some kind of a Star Wars holiday or so I've heard.  (Something about it sounding like "May the force" be with you.) But for this little choo choo train lover, only a super cool train party would do.  My Gym seemed like the obvious choice for location since all the other preschool parties we have attended this year have been there, but we thought Gymboree Play and Music offered more options for a train party.  I think all the kids enjoyed the change of scenery too.  Brody loved being the star of the show or the lead engine on the choo choo train.

 photo Brody10_zps330cf0f9.jpg
On Brody's birthday, we enjoyed pizza together at a favorite restaurant and some birthday cupcakes, of course.  Our waitress went a little overboard with the candles for a 3 year old.  We bought a dozen cupcakes because we thought the cousins might join us, but they had a prior engagement.  Our waitress had taken the cupcakes to put in their fridge while we ate and then brought them out with candles on all of them.  Haha!   We let the waitress and staff have the extra cupcakes.  

 photo Brody11_zps534c1d07.jpg
He needed Mommy to help him accomplish the task of blowing out all of the candles.  Do you get extra wishes for blowing out more candles than your birthday age?  Maybe you should.  Ha!

 photo Brody12_zps37c7b52f.jpg
Almost done. 

 photo Brody13_zps62580d3d.jpg
Brody enjoyed a yummy chocolate one.  He actually never eats a whole cupcake though. 

 photo Brody14_zps029fb784.jpg
What a cute little chocolate face!  Isn't he looking so big these days?  

 photo Brody15_zps9b3e2582.jpg
He got to pick out a little gift at Target for his actual birthday.  After careful thinking, he decided on this big dump truck and hard hat. 

 photo Brody16_zps1d30f609.jpg photo Brody17_zpsa7daad8e.jpg
Little digger

 photo Brodybirthdaycollage2_zps282acfa5.jpg
The outtakes from the birthday photo session.  I saved mucho dinero this year making his birthday shirt with iron-on transfer paper.  He loves his choo choo shirt!  He is actually not a fan of Thomas, but that was the only train balloon available at Party City.  We added the Mickey balloon since that is his newest obsession. 

 photo Brodybirthdaycollage3_zps53b5d9f7.jpg
He actually had a train engineer hat to wear but that lasted all of 3 seconds. 

 photo Brody78_zps7d8e9aaa.jpg
The birthday cupcakes with toppers made by Mommy, of course. 

 photo Brody41_zps65c53abc.jpg
I also made a little train banner and used our colorful toy bins for the food with paper wheels to look like train cars.  The snacks were very simple, including some Goldfish crackers, Teddy Grahams, and chips.  

 photo Brody42_zps66513135.jpg
Gymboree doesn't do chairs in their party rooms which I guess makes sense since it is usually a hassle to get the kids to stay seated anyway.  They actually do really well standing around the table. 

 photo Brody43_zps15d9d621.jpg
And some cute favor bags with homemade thank you labels. 

 photo Brody19_zps332d7bbd.jpg
I loved the little wind up trains and wooden train whistles and just added some sweet treats and punch balloons. 

It's Play Time!

 photo Brody20_zps00b2a68d.jpg
Brody begins the party shooting some hoops. 

 photo Brody21_zps2b600efa.jpg photo Brody22_zps1143e1b7.jpg photo Brody23_zpsfe730da2.jpg photo Brody25_zpsb84f33f9.jpg photo Brody24_zpsc3b18dd0.jpg
Brody's school friends, Sammy, William, Quinny, Miles, Liam, and Sullivan, had a great time playing together.  This is likely the last birthday party of the school year. 

 photo Brody26_zps1b0a2aa1.jpg
Brody started the train activities with a walk on the choo choo engine and a jump into the smoke stack. 

 photo Brody27_zps3f320ca0.jpg
Big brother Evan was there to catch him at the end. 

 photo Brody28_zps923afa0c.jpg photo Brody31_zpsd608c72d.jpg

 photo Brody32_zpsedf82c7f.jpg
Cousins Reade and Cate enjoyed the train walk too.

 photo Brody29_zps5bf584e7.jpg photo Brody30_zpsc5fb31f2.jpg photo Brody33_zps550f4346.jpg photo Brody34_zps525b59ba.jpg photo Brody35_zps6d53e526.jpg photo Brody36_zps3fa7d356.jpg
Friends Quinny, Sully, Kyndall, Liam, Sammy and William all had a great time.

 photo Brody37_zpscd0fa874.jpg
One more train walk for the birthday boy.

 photo Brody38_zps881ea7e5.jpg
Cousin Grady just loved this fun place to play. 

 photo Brody39_zps346ab6e7.jpg
And watching all the big kids playing.

 photo Brody40_zps3bf55b9a.jpg
Playing the maracas to the music. 

 photo Brody44_zps1f50eba6.jpg photo Brody45_zpsec069051.jpg photo Brody46_zps14185112.jpg photo Brody47_zps5ae005ca.jpg
Brody led the choo choo train around the room and under the bridge.

 photo Brody48_zps6c9fa6d4.jpg
He is just getting so independent now. 

 photo Brody49_zps4663bb80.jpg
Brody's friend, Parth, also enjoyed the fun.

 photo Brody50_zpsf215cda1.jpg
Wow, this was a full boat!  

 photo Brody51_zps22528969.jpg photo Brody52_zpsf6ae1e2a.jpg
Playing with my big birthday boy.

 photo Brody53_zpsbc9d4d34.jpg photo Brody54_zps955da65a.jpg photo Brody55_zps96f1c653.jpg
They tried to make this game "train" related by saying the little shapes were pieces of coal that the kids had to pick up and put on the ball.  Then the instructor picked up the ball and dropped it on the floor making the shapes scatter and fall. The kids just laughed and laughed as she did it multiple times. 

 photo Brody56_zpsea6d6b01.jpg photo Brody57_zpse9ee3d67.jpg
Brody and his pal, William, playing on the slide.  I'm not sure what Brody was doing lying on his belly, but I think William was getting impatient for him to go down the slide. 

 photo Brody58_zps63787b8c.jpg
Grady and I enjoyed watching the kids catch the bubbles on the parachute. 

 photo Brody59_zpsb03cba41.jpg photo Brody60_zps2ed15208.jpg
So I know why Gymboree bubbles are so popular.  Those things do not pop!  They are like made of glue or something.  Ha!

 photo Brody61_zps757ab2ed.jpg photo Brody62_zps28139554.jpg
Brody loved catching the bubbles.  We all had bubbles sticking in our hair. 

 photo Brody63_zpsb82860a0.jpg
 photo Brody64_zps3886920e.jpg
He loves bubbles, but what kid doesn't?  I am really thinking of buying a colorful parachute.  I don't know what I will do with it, but I just love the bright colors!

 photo Brody65_zpsbb18c79e.jpg
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday under the parachute.

 photo Brody66_zps152192ef.jpg
Brody loved making "bubbles" with the parachute.  And doesn't it look like Brody has a twin sister beside him (cousin Cate)?
 photo Brody67_zps5c0c66bf.jpg photo Brody68_zps7c22d10c.jpg
Camera man Daddy did not get under the parachute so he had the interesting perspective from outside. 

 photo Brody69_zps9430f27f.jpg
Parachutes make seriously happy kids. 
Time for Cake!

 photo Brody70_zps352d7843.jpg
Wearing his party hat. 

 photo Brody72_zpsc24c60b8.jpg
I love that almost all the kids wore the party hats.   If I ever buy party hats, nobody puts them on.  Ha!

 photo Brody73_zps615b8570.jpg
What a cute bunch of kids. 

 photo Brody74_zps6dac73a0.jpg
Sweet Cate is ready for cake. 
 photo Brody76_zps208de3fb.jpg photo Brody77_zps7c59648a.jpg
The cousins all enjoy the snacks. 

 photo Brody79_zps3e70c6c2.jpg
Brody prepares to blow out his candle. 

 photo Brody80_zps38d91a5c.jpg
I hope he made a good wish!

 photo Brody81_zps90357d01.jpg
He isn't a really messy eater and usually insists on wiping his face right away if he gets messy so getting even this little icing picture is hard to do. 

 photo Brody82_zps368620f7.jpg
I love that kids this age eat cake in so many different ways.  Some eat the icing only, some eat the cake only, and some devour the whole thing. 

 photo Brody83_zpsc4b8c136.jpg
Trying to capture a group photo turned out to be a bit of an ordeal. 

 photo Brody84_zpsec935438.jpg
Grady definitely did not want to cooperate, and Lanny tried his best to hold him. 

 photo Brody85_zpsbc32c2ea.jpg
This is probably the best one although not everyone is in it.  Lanny and Grady are the only cousins represented. 


 photo Brody86_zps532af76a.jpg
Brody really racked up so many great presents, and he is so thankful to all his friends.  

 photo Brody87_zps87cb3636.jpg
He loves this new Lego set. 

 photo Brody88_zpsc135bf30.jpg

 photo Brody89_zps620962ff.jpg
A talking Mickey was also a big favorite!
We think Mr. Brody felt very special with all of his birthday celebrations this year!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. What a great birthday party! Looks like Brody had a great time! You did an awesome job on the cupcakes. They look professionally made. Our Gymboree's here don't have a play area. It looks like so much fun. You do an awesome job making your boys' birthdays special!

    1. While they are owned by the same company as the stores, the play places are separate establishments from the stores. They are just like My Gyms and do kids' classes that you can join for a fee. :-)

  2. What a totally fun birthday party! I loved all the primary colors. It just looks so festive and bright. And total score on Brody's shirt. Was it easy to do? I've thought about doing shirts with that transfer paper before, but have been hesitant to try it. Your shirt looked totally professional though, so I might have to give it a try.

    Oh, and when did Grady turn into such a big boy? And Brody too. Ugh. All the baby boys are growing up!

  3. One more thing I meant to say.......I love the outfit you were wearing. I know I've seen it before. Maybe when you were at the beach last summer? It's just so fresh and hip.

  4. I want to work at that Gymboree place...looks fun! : )
    Happy Birthday Brody!

  5. I'm commenting late to the party but I just wanted to say how cute this all was! I love the cupcake decorations! I love the train name banner! I love the toy bins turned into a train! I love all the colours! You already knew that though :) This looks like a really fun party!

    Also, I wouldn't want to have to blow out four times as many candles as my age. Blah.


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