Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break Trip to Washington, D.C. - Part I

Our trip to D.C. commenced early Tuesday morning as we loaded our family and belongings into the car for a six and a half hour drive.  Luckily, the drive is pretty easy on Interstates 85 and 95, and we didn't experience any major traffic delays.  We did hit heavy rain showers in Virginia about 40 miles from D.C. which slowed traffic a little.  We discovered that we had forgotten our coats so we stopped at a large indoor outlet mall, Potomac Mills, to find some for the trip since the weather was supposed to be pretty cool.  The rain stopped that night, and the rest of the week was dry but cool and windy.  We saw and did almost everything we planned to do.  Sadly, we didn't get to see the National Archives, Holocaust Museum, and Arlington Cemetery which were on our hope to be able to see list.  We knew our time might limit us a little, and since this was a very busy season in the capital, we just couldn't fit it all in.  We definitely walked a lot although we were thankful for the metro system which made getting around a lot easier.

 photo DC4_zps5287d45d.jpg
One of our first stops the next day was the National Mall on the way to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  This is a view of the Washington Monument from the Mall. 

 photo DC1_zps980f8846.jpg
The boys and I on this sunny but chilly morning in D.C.

 photo DC2_zps6d017d5b.jpg
The Capitol building from the Mall. 

 photo DC3_zps8ea65640.jpg

 photo DC7_zpsf0cee296.jpg
Just for fun, Evan tried to push the monument over. 

 photo DC8_zps9e4b864f.jpg
And Daddy and Brody tried to straighten it back up. 

 photo DC10_zps89f1f5c0.jpg
The boys loved riding the "toot toot" as Brody calls it. 

 photo DC11_zpsede5d632.jpg
My handsome hubby on the metro. 

 photo DC12_zps7675cba4.jpg
So these signs were posted all over the metro stations.  I took it as a "sign" that my Canadian blog pal, Natasha, and I are meant to be friends!  Haha!  Apparently, Canada has been spending some advertising money in the States. 

 photo DC13_zpsc07c996b.jpg
A whole wall of Canadian advertisements. 

 photo DC14_zps10292433.jpg
Brody loved riding Daddy's shoulders on many of our walks around town.  I could do a comparison of this picture with Evan at the same age on his Daddy's shoulders when we went to California and walked around Yosemite National Park!

 photo DC15_zps07869652.jpg
Another view of the Washington Monument from the White House lawn. 

 photo DC16_zps4eecbd2b.jpg
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...the most famous address in America!

 photo DC18_zps2c9e2bac.jpg
This is the back side of the White House.  The portico side (West Wing) is more commonly photographed although apparently in recent years heightened security has been added to that side so you can't walk right up to the fence. 

 photo DC6_zps1af9c514.jpg
The fountain surrounded by tulips. 

 photo DC17_zps9a890e7e.jpg
That must have pose in front of the White House. 

 photo DC19_zps9a4904d0.jpg
Eddie and the boys

 photo DC20_zpsccd90d33.jpg
A pretty shot of the famous White House. 

 photo DC26_zpscc126d46.jpg
This side may be more familiar. 

 photo DC27_zps6d2b8360.jpg
I think they were preparing for the annual White House Easter egg hunt.  I would have loved to get Evan and Brody in for that.  They aren't doing the hunt until Monday. 

 photo DC28_zpsd03f9909.jpg
Another shot of the Washington Monument.  It is everywhere in the capital.  I actually think it is a law that no buildings in the city can be taller than it. 

 photo DC21_zps19bdd40e.jpg
The old Department of the Treasury building next door to the White House. 

 photo DC22_zpsf9cec5ec.jpg
Another reminder of our Canadian friends. 

 photo DC25_zps10aba10c.jpg
Brody playing on one of the memorial structures. 

 photo DC40_zps70eac5f2.jpg
Then he decided to try bird chasing. 

The Beautiful Tulips

 photo DC23_zps4d87bf2e.jpg
Oh, the tulips!  They were planted all over the city around many of the buildings and memorials.  I loved these red tulips!

 photo DC35_zpsb0616184.jpg

 photo DC24_zpscff32c28.jpg

 photo DC29_zps43d7aaf1.jpg
A great excuse for pictures. 

 photo DC30_zpseb16f01b.jpg
My sweet boys in the tulips. 

 photo DC31_zps9904f4b0.jpg
Love their faces. 

 photo DC32_zps31c545c3.jpg
Sweet brother hugs. 

 photo DC33_zpse1af27ba.jpg
Trying to get Brody to hug his brother. 

 photo DC34_zps7bbeba9e.jpg
Me and my boys. 

 photo DC36_zps48b84a95.jpg
My handsome men

 photo DC37_zps7431aa49.jpg
A special World War II Memorial although not the big one over at the Reflecting Pool. 

 photo DC39_zpsef2aaedc.jpg
And one to the soldiers in Vietnam too. 

 photo DC38_zps1775df13.jpg
Ah, the tulips!  I will miss them!

And Daffodils too!

 photo DC41_zps12b77d46.jpg

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How much fun! I really would like to go to DC now. I love the pictures of you and your boys in the tulips. You look so pretty and the boys look way too cute! Glad ya'll had a safe trip. I really look forward to reading more about it.

  2. The friends with Canada sign is interesting. You can learn so much by traveling. It makes me wonder if more will come of it later...
    I love the picture of the boys hugging.

  3. What a fun trip! I know the boys loved it!! I can't wait to take my kiddos to see all of the monuments!!

  4. You got some gorgeous pictures from your trip. Seriously some of them look absolutely professional. My parents took us to D.C. for about 2 weeks when I was a kid. I think I was 10 or 11. I think you could live in D.C. for a decade and still not see everything there is to see there. I really want to take my kids but we're going to wait until they are a bit older.

  5. I've only been to DC twice and both times was in the summer. This is REALLY making me want to go in April. The cherry blossoms, the TULIPS!!! Ahhh... Also, I'm glad that there are "signs" that we should be friends :) Ha! Those made me laugh!


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