Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Baseball 2014 ~ The First Games

Evan started his first season of machine pitch baseball a few weeks ago.  After two years of t-ball and one year of coach pitch, this really feels like real baseball now.  They play on a much bigger field, and the teams are definitely more competitive.  The rules are more like real baseball too.  Keeping score is also a big part of the game.  There is even a real paid umpire.  It can get pretty stressful at times, but the boys are really learning a lot and progressing in the sport.  Four years ago, I could hardly fathom being at this point, but I am so proud that Evan has stuck with sports for the time being as I think they can be such an important part of a young boy's development.  Plus, I really just love watching him play.  Sports are probably one of the best parts of being a mom of boys.  The boys have won 2 and lost 2 games so far.  One of the games they lost was only by one point.  Last night's game was a slightly different story as the boys just weren't on their game in the field and missed many plays costing them many runs.  Evan actually did pretty well though and scored his first run by barely beating the ball to home plate and sliding in.  I couldn't believe it when daddy told me because unfortunately Brody and I had stayed home for that game.  I have been playing sports photographer during the games to catch as many good shots of the players as I can while Daddy is assistant coaching.

 photo baseball1_zps24dc80aa.jpg
Evan and his team lining up in the dugout. 

 photo baseball5_zpsaba137f3.jpg
Evan prepares to hit.  We soon learned that his bat was too short and that he was either having to stand dangerously close to the plate or missing the balls. 

 photo baseball6_zpscb8853f8.jpg
He has a great stance and swing. 

 photo baseball7_zpsd092fdfc.jpg
Taking pictures through a fence can be tough. 

 photo baseball8_zps6629472a.jpg
Evan's first hit got his cousin Lanny to third base although it meant he got out at first.  We explained that is called a "sacrificial hit." 

 photo baseball2_zps156303b8.jpg
Cousin Lanny in the field. 

 photo baseball9_zpsab3f50fd.jpg
Evan in the field.  Handsome little ball player!

 photo baseball10_zps9b9962a0.jpg
Waiting for the pitch.  I just think he looks so cute now that his baseball pants are shorter and show his baseball socks.  

 photo baseball11_zpsae1eedcf.jpg
Lanny is ready for the ball. 

 photo baseball12_zpse2464529.jpg
I liked this shot of Lanny. 

 photo baseball13_zpsa2413b1c.jpg
Coach Eddie (also known as Daddy)

 photo baseball14_zpsaad026b2.jpg
Evan just needs to work on his concentration in the field.  

 photo baseball16_zpsc0d877f4.jpg
Brody finds a new friend to play with during the game. 

 photo baseball17_zps7ef2d3eb.jpg
Silly boy.  Yes, watching him at games can be challenging and tiring. 

 photo baseball18_zpsf6c733d6.jpg
Brody and Cousin Cate love getting very dirty at the games. 

 photo baseball19_zpsf350ae6c.jpg
Evan at bat

 photo baseball20_zpsd000fe04.jpg
Swing.  Apparently, Evan likes to wait for the "money shot" to make the hit.  He works well under pressure. 

 photo baseball21_zps533495a3.jpg
Giving high fives after the game. 

 photo baseball22_zpsfe85677f.jpg
He was excited to get snacks after the game. 

 photo baseball23_zpsfe68c8d0.jpg
Listening to Coach Bill's pep talk after the game. 

 photo baseball24_zps7ed6284d.jpg
Coach Eddie and the players putting their hands in for the team cheer. 

 photo baseball25_zps55063aff.jpg
Go Gladiators!

 photo baseball26_zps87afae55.jpg
The second game was our first Saturday game.  We missed the previous week's opening day games because of bad weather so we had the opening day festivities this day as well as team pictures.  The games commenced with singing the National Anthem. 

 photo baseball27_zps2c5e1d4f.jpg
Our team during the Anthem. 

 photo baseball28_zpsc3348971.jpg
Don't they look so professional? 

 photo baseball29_zps93c8d69d.jpg
Coach Eddie was a great first base coach...and cute too.  ;-) 

 photo baseball30_zpsf75bfba1.jpg
One of my other cuties during the game. 

 photo baseball31_zps92420aeb.jpg
Lanny is up at bat. 

 photo baseball32_zpsfdf90854.jpg
He made it to first.

 photo baseball33_zps3a29afd5.jpg
Evan prepares for the pitch. 

 photo baseball34_zps40c9ade9.jpg
I just loved this shot of one of our teammates running home. 

 photo baseball35_zpsc6a854d4.jpg
Brody just enjoys being outside on a lovely day. 

 photo baseball36_zps9f8061b4.jpg
Evan is ready in the in field. 

 photo baseball38_zpsa5848b80.jpg
Such a cute little ball player. 

 photo baseball40_zps85ec4765.jpg
The sun was pretty bright. 

 photo baseball41_zpsfc0a3e8b.jpg
Evan's teammate Liam is safe at first. 

 photo baseball42_zps85183724.jpg
Coach Eddie giving instructions to the team. 

 photo baseball44_zpsf087353a.jpg
Lanny takes the plate. 

 photo baseball45_zpsbbfbf474.jpg
Evan practicing his swing. 

 photo baseball46_zps72271a7b.jpg
He's ready. 

 photo baseball47_zps5d462be8.jpg
Go #7!

 photo baseball48_zpsb010014f.jpg
Like a pro. 

 photo baseball49_zps62a40160.jpg

 photo baseball50_zpse7bb9fdd.jpg
Evan also got to play catcher for the first time but wasn't loving the heavy equipment. 

 photo baseball51_zpsa31a269c.jpg
Catching is serious business. 

Let's go, Gladiators!


  1. My nephews are now teenagers. When they were younger, we used to go to their summer games. My mom and I drove by the field the other day and were talking about those fun times. Now, one works a part time job and the other is into other things. Those are fun times to look back on. : )

  2. Evan looks so handsome in his uniform! My goodness! I love the picture of the boys during the National Anthem. Priceless!!! Keeping up with a 2 year old during a ball game is a job. Addi's at the age now where she's pretty easy. Karsyn, on the other hand, can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. She can make it through one game pretty good, but by the second, she's done. Yikes!!! I feel bad, because she spends about 10 hours total each week waiting on dance, gymnastics, soccer, and games. Can't wait to read about Evan's progress during the seaon.

  3. You take amazing pictures Sherry! You well deserve the title of team photographer. I hope Evan keeps having a great season!

  4. You made the comment about Brody being exhausting to watch at the games. That's how I feel about taking Elliott anywhere and everywhere. He is just on the move all the time. It's nice that Cate can be there to be his Brody's buddy though. That hopefully keeps him a little bit occupied.

    We had Spencer signed up for baseball 2 years ago and he didn't really like it. We should probably try again though.

    1. Oh, with Cate it is more like she leads him into a lot of trouble...she is a wild girl! Haha! While Evan enjoys sports, we have had our moments where he just gives up or doesn't try. We are actually having that problem this year, but I don't want to teach him that giving up is okay. He usually acts this way the years that he is one of the youngest on his team. His birthday is right at the cut off for Spring sports so the first year he played t-ball and now machine pitch, he was the youngest on his team. I think that makes him feel more timid and self-conscious. With Spencer's birthday being later in the year, I think he would probably be fine, but he may have different interests than Evan. :-)


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