Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Preschool is a Zoo!

March was a really fun month for Brody's class.  They turned their classroom bulletin board into a zoo and talked about the different kinds of animals found in the zoo.  They took a pretend trip to the zoo and traveled by train and car.  You know Brody loved riding the train!  We really need to make a trip to the zoo this summer.  Once at the zoo, they took a bus tour and saw the penguins, elephants, lions, and alligators.

They also brought the dinosaurs back from extinction for a week and enjoyed discovering dinosaurs, painting dinosaurs, and dancing like dinosaurs.  They even made a volcano (the baking soda and vinegar kind instead of hot lava) and watched it erupt over and over again!  

They read about Noah and how God told him to build an ark and bring the animals two by two.  They also recreated the rainbow by making a delicious rainbow cake. Everyone mixed a little batter with a color from the rainbow and then they added all the batter together and created a very colorful cake.  I wish I could have tasted some, but they ate the whole cake!

They also talked about shapes and colors and even did a little magic.  Using finger paint, they painted each hand a different color and then rubbed their hands together to create a new color.

They also learned the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill.

 photo preschool13_zps7a9211ce.jpg
I love that Brody is getting more independent at doing his little projects.  Look at that little determined face!

 photo preschool16_zps76ef7409.jpg
The little zoo train!

 photo preschool17_zpsd8651f3b.jpg
I think they were supposed to make binoculars to see the zoo animals, but I'm not sure Brody's binoculars would work very well.  Looks like he was covering his eyes.  Ha!

 photo preschool18_zps34d682b8.jpg
Watching the volcano.  Brody has really started a habit of putting his hands in his mouth a lot.  I hope he breaks that soon!

 photo preschool19_zps0df72c13.jpg
Looks like it was a pretty exciting eruption!

 photo preschool20_zpsb346487c.jpg
I think we may need to replicate this little experiment at home because Brody definitely seemed to enjoy it.

 photo preschool15_zpsc085e63e.jpg
And yes, Brody loves to paint.  He comes home with paint all over his clothes almost every day.  And it looks like he was painting his big brother's favorite dinosaur.  I know Evan will love that when it comes home! 

 photo preschool14_zps25a77ae3.jpg
I'm not sure Brody enjoyed doing the bear walk though.  Looks like he wasn't too sure about that!

April is going to be another really fun month for Brody's class as they celebrate the week of the young child with lots of extra special fun (bouncy houses, bubbles and a Trike-a-thon).  Of course, there is also lots of Easter fun and an Easter egg hunt.  I hope I can join him for that!


  1. I love Brody's school!!! It looks like he does too. Addi and Karsyn keep putting their hands in their mouth all of the time. Ugh!

    1. It is a great little school, and I am thankful the teachers take these pictures. That is good to know that Brody isn't the only one developing this habit. I am sure it is a pretty common childhood habit, but I just worry he'll develop my bad habit of biting his nails. We still catch Evan sucking his thumb when he's bored. Sigh.

  2. I'm glad you are so involved. So sweet!

    Lance puts his hands in his mouth when he is in the bathtub for some reason...I just have to make sure he doesn't make himself sick.

    1. Oh, Kelly, I wish I was more involved. Sigh. I am thankful his teachers take these pictures though.

  3. Replies
    1. I just love all the fun he gets to have and that he gets out of the house during the week while I am working for some structured play. If not, he would probably play entirely too much Wii as he has become a little too addicted lately. Sigh.

  4. FUN! So many awesome activities. His preschool picks the best themes and then really runs with them. That is so great.

    The volcano was so cool looking. I'll bet all of the kids loved it. Spencer didn't put his hands in his mouth, but at about the same age he would cover his mouth with his hands. It drove me bonkers and then one day he just stopped. I think it was just a nervous tick.

  5. Can I sign up for Brody's preschool? It looks like a lot of fun and I think I would really like it :)


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