Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Brody!

To my sweet baby boy,

I can't believe it has been 3 years since you looked like this:

 photo Week0.jpg

You were just the sweetest baby!  We all adored you...yes, we still do!  Last year when you turned two, you were still so quiet and just seemed to be observing everything around you.  We suspected you were learning language as you understood everything we told you and have always been a great listener and followed instructions well.  Then, one day at Target you just started speaking in little sentences, and now we are constantly amazed at the intelligent way you express yourself.  You fill our home with the sounds of your sweet voice and laughter.  Like your brother, you have a lot of very good common sense, and you also have a great sense of direction which should help you a lot in life.  Lately, you love to tell us how to get places in the car.  "Turn that way, Mommy!"  You definitely know how to get to your beloved Chick-fil-a.  One Saturday, we were going to the mall so we passed the exit that we usually take to go to Chick-fil-a, and you loudly protested that we were going the wrong way.  "No, Daddy, turn that way!"

 photo Brody16_zpsae1cad44.jpg
We just love your smiles and laughter!

You still love music, and yesterday, I enjoyed hearing you sing "Let It Go" (from Frozen) in the car.  Your favorite song is still "The B.I.B.L.E."

You still love your "toot toots," but you recently acquired a new fondness for Mickey.  Now when you wake up and come in our room in the morning, you immediately request to watch "Nickey's House."  Your favorite movies lately are the "Genii Genii" movie (Aladdin), "the snowman movie" (Frozen), and "panda panda" (Kung Fu Panda).  Like your big brother, you mostly like funny movies that make you laugh.  You are still a video game addict, and I am just so amazed at how well you play the games.  I sat and watched you playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii one night for a few minutes, and you beat two levels.  You do not like when you get killed though.  One morning a few months ago, I was upstairs, and you were downstairs playing the Wii.  I suddenly heard a loud banging sound and then you screaming "Ahhhh!"  I snuck down the stairs and watched you (and I might have videoed you too!).  When you got killed in the game, you would bang the controller repeatedly on your little table in a fit of rage and then scream "Ahhhh!"  Once you had gotten your frustration out, you calmly continued the game.  Then, you would repeat the process.  Ha!  You've actually done better lately at controlling your temper.

 photo preschool25_zps62cf2e76.jpg
You love school and learning new things.

 photo Brody3_zps1af0f7a0.jpg
You still love those choo-choos. 

You have been learning so much lately...your colors, shapes, numbers, etc.  You love to tell us when to stop and when to go at stoplights or point out stop signs for us.  You know the stop sign is an octagon and sound so cute saying big words.  Your favorite color is still blue, but you know green, orange, and red pretty well. You have also been learning to use your manners a lot more.  When you ask for our help with something like playing one of your favorite games, you always says "Thanks" after we help you.  You are pretty good about saying "please" too although you do need reminding occasionally.

 photo Brody9_zps261ec39a.jpg
You actually don't use your little Elmo potty much anymore and do better using the big potty, but I thought this was a cute and fairly acceptable shot of you on your potty. 

 photo Brody8_zpsf30057bc.jpg
Silly boy!
You have been doing a fabulous job using the potty like a big boy and telling us when you have to go.  It is really Mommy and Daddy's fault that you are not yet wearing underwear as you are telling us you need to go all the time and rarely wet your pants anymore in the daytime and stay pretty dry at night too.  I think I can honestly say you have done as well potty training as your brother did, and I am so thankful I have had two easy potty training experiences.  You really trained yourself as you started asking to go on your own.  We are so proud of the big boy you are becoming and love when you proudly proclaim that you are a big boy.

You still love to eat and will basically eat ANYTHING!  You are definitely like your Mommy there.  We both know how to appreciate good food.  Your favorites are probably Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, anything you can dip, and salad.  You still love to eat salad!

 photo Brody6_zps0bab86f8.jpg
Rocking out on the guitar. 

 photo Brody15_zpsc8af37d2.jpg
Being super silly in the bathtub is one of your favorite pastimes. 

 photo Brody12_zpsb0c88a6b.jpg
We just love your sweet face. 

 photo Brody1_zpsb7d64c92.jpg

We just can't believe how quickly you are growing up.  I look back at your pictures from the last three years, and I miss all of our happy times together.  You are still my sweet, cuddly baby boy who loves to snuggle with Mommy in the bed every night and just gives me the sweetest hugs and kisses.  You still adore your big brother "Edah" and, of course, your daddy.  You boys have so much fun together, and I look forward to watching all the fun you three will have in the years to come.  I anticipate you will be starting to play sports later this year and so much more.  Welcome to being a big boy, my sweet baby boy!




  1. Brody is such a special little guy! Sending lots of love and Happy Birthday wishes from all of us!!!!

  2. I am so glad he is healthy and growing. He is so lucky to have you two as parents, and a great big brother too. :)

  3. Happy third birthday to Brody! He is getting so big and looks like such a sweetie :)

  4. Happy birthday Brody! You have turned into such a fantastic big boy. Of course you have always been a fantastic baby, but it's time to drop the baby now that you are three. Yay!

  5. Brody thanks you all for the very special birthday wishes! He is so very excited about his "toot toot" birthday party this weekend! :-)


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