Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Celebrating Evan's 7th Birthday

We had to have a couple of birthday celebrations for Evan again this year.  On the day of his birthday, we took him Chick-fil-a lunch to his school and some store bought cupcakes for his class.  Since his birthday is one of the few days I have an excuse to visit him at school, I am thankful for the opportunity.  Brody even got to go with us this year, and he loved it!  Evan's classmates always make a big deal of him.  That night we had baseball practice so we had a late dinner at Brooklyn Pizza and had a little cake with the family.  This past Saturday, we celebrated with a little party at a bowling alley.  We actually had a bowling birthday party when he turned 5 with a cowboy theme, and he loved it.  It is such an easy and affordable party where many guests can attend.  We invited many of his classmates, but for some reason, we haven't seen a good turnout for birthday parties from his public school friends.  In preschool, almost everyone would attend the class birthday parties so I don't know why parents in public school don't feel the need to take their kids to parties.  It is a bit disappointing especially when I have made an extra effort to take Evan to two of his classmates' parties this year, and neither of them showed up for his or even called or e-mailed.  Seriously, parents, show some decency and respect!  Okay, that's enough of that tirade.  Evan still had a great time with his friends and family that cared enough to come to his party.

 photo birthday2_zpsd9cbc3b9.jpg
Enjoying lunch with the birthday boy at school. 

 photo birthday1_zpsa38da63c.jpg
Brody had to have some Chick-fil-a too of course. 

 photo birthday3_zpscea4b63c.jpg
Evan's little cake we ate after dinner.  I would have had the bakery write his name on it, but no one was in the bakery when I went to pick it up so I just bought an icing pen and did it myself.  

 photo birthday4_zpsf92f17f9.jpg
Our little "big" family makes a presence at any restaurant. 

 photo birthday5_zps5a17ca76.jpg
Those boys were in rare form. 

 photo birthday6_zps92904083.jpg
Yep, they were happy!

 photo birthday7_zps8b9eb456.jpg
Lanny and Evan were pretending to be zombies. 

 photo birthday8_zpse8d62d0e.jpg
Evan showing us how he stuck his nose in his cake. 

 photo birthday9_zpsbeb254f3.jpg
Silly boys!

 photo birthday10_zps4643bca5.jpg
Evan wanted a ninja theme this year.  If you do not have a boy, you may not understand the serious fascination with ninjas that is very big right now.  

 photo birthday11_zps09346ba2.jpg
Adding all the names to the scoreboard. 

 photo birthday12_zpsd8e3b74c.jpg
Yes, I made yummy homemade cupcakes this year, and they were so good.  Next time, I may try gluten free, but these were seriously so yummy.  Of course, that may be because the icing alone called for four sticks of butter.  ;-)  I also made the ninja toppers. 

 photo birthday15_zpsd04d2ebd.jpg

 photo birthday13_zpsf3ccb8cb.jpg
And some cool balloons. 

 photo birthday14_zps9832e3c9.jpg
The table is set. 

 photo birthday16_zps7cb85f88.jpg
My little ninja is ready to bowl. 

 photo birthday17_zpsd1dcbb7c.jpg
Best buddies bowling together. 

 photo birthday18_zps5f240df3.jpg
Three sweet girls from Evan's class came to his party as well as his cousins.  

 photo birthday19_zps0447344d.jpg
Even little Cate enjoyed bowling although not as much as rolling in the dirt outside on the bocci ball courts. Ha!

 photo birthday20_zps79320854.jpg
Brody patiently waiting his turn.

 photo birthday21_zps0206bed3.jpg
Reade bowled like a champ.  I think 5 must be the magic age for bowling.  When we had Evan's 5th birthday party at the bowling alley, he had the highest score.  This year, 5 year old Reade stomped everyone!

 photo birthday22_zps4dd7fffc.jpg
This kid was too busy being a silly ninja. 

 photo birthday23_zps1f587e2f.jpg
Our sweet neighbor friend, Zachary, came to the party after playing two baseball games in a tournament. 

 photo birthday24_zps14bcafa2.jpg
Grandma and cousin Grady enjoyed watching the action. 

 photo birthday25_zps411c8ddf.jpg
Cate watching her ball. 

 photo birthday26_zpscd82c4b0.jpg
Brody and Cate love running around together. 

 photo birthday27_zpsa727bd2f.jpg
Sweet Olivia is one of Evan's favorite classmates, and she was the only girl who stuck around and finished her game. 

 photo birthday28_zps18ed5d46.jpg
Addison is another of Evan's favorite girls at school, and her twin sister Avery also came to the party although she is in a different class at school.  

 photo birthday29_zpscb108220.jpg
Yes, Evan insisted on wearing his ninja costume. 

 photo birthday30_zpse1b8c8fa.jpg
Brody was so big carrying his own ball. 

 photo birthday31_zps26cb640c.jpg
The final scores for the boys.  Reade stomped them! 

 photo birthday32_zps6ecac05f.jpg
Olivia bowled like a pro. 

 photo birthday33_zps766e8bc8.jpg
Our neighbors watching the action.  It was kind of a neighborhood day at the bowling alley as our other neighbors were bowling next to us for an adult birthday party.  

 photo birthday34_zps33fc1752.jpg
Miss Emma looking more and more like a teenager everyday.  Sigh. 

 photo birthday35_zps7c8eaf56.jpg
These final scores were a little misleading as the boys actually came over to help finish the game for Addison and Avery since they preferred playing video games. 

 photo birthday36_zps83362ae9.jpg
Everyone is ready for some cake. 

 photo birthday37_zps9f64fcdc.jpg
Evan was loving his sparkler birthday candle.  Brody looks like he liked it too.  He had just enjoyed lunch at our Japanese restaurant and was our chef's biggest fan when he made a really big onion volcano and fire. 

 photo birthday38_zps060ac69c.jpg
Evan wasn't sure if he wanted to blow out his sparkler. 

 photo birthday39_zpsc709b410.jpg
I like that the sparkler gives you more time to watch the action. 

 photo birthday40_zpsfb7438fc.jpg
Enjoying their yummy cupcakes.  I heard no complaints. 

 photo birthday41_zps41288d5e.jpg
Evan and Lanny being silly around the girls. 

 photo birthday45_zps47b451c0.jpg
I forgot to get a picture of all the favor bags I made.  I just made some little sticky labels to attach to the bags and filled them with some ninja masks, little ninja action figures, candy, and Japanese fans for the girls.  I had ninja swords for the boys, but since there weren't too many boys, the girls got swords too. 

 photo birthday42_zps5e411365.jpg
These girls loved their ninja masks! 

 photo birthday43_zpsbc8408bc.jpg
Evan and Brody giving Grandma hugs before she left.  Just a short goodbye as she came back on Tuesday to stay with them for the week. 

 photo birthday44_zpsa2eb4630.jpg
And Evan and Lanny finished up with a little game of ping pong. 


  1. It sounds like Evan had an awesome birthday. I love it when kids get to stretch their birthdays out into multiple days and events. They are only the age when that can be done for such a short amount of time and I think you need to take advantage of it.

    I saw you pinning all of the ninja stuff and was really excited to see how it all turned out. I think it is an excellent theme for a party. It all came out so cute.

    And don't even get me started on the birthdays where everybody is invited and nobody shows up. Spencer has been invited to 3 parties this year. We took him to all 3 and I called to RSVP. At all 3 of those the whole class was invited and I'd say between 3 and 6 kids came to each. That's just sad! I think it is so important to try your best to make it and foster those relationships.

    Spencer wants to have his 7th at Skateland and I am already dreading it. Maybe I could convince him to do bowling instead.

  2. Happy Birthday Evan! What a great party! I love that he wore his ninja attire. Way too cute! I'm so sorry that not many class mates showed up. That seems to be a common trend in school aged kids. It's great that so many cousins can come.

  3. That looks like a great party for Evan! I love the details on the cupcakes.

    I can't believe people from school didn't RSVP. That must be so frustrating, especially when you are kind enough to invite his whole class.


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