Thursday, April 24, 2014

America's Crown Jewels

To continue my post about the sights we enjoyed at the Natural History Museum, I just wanted to share one of my favorite exhibits.  Now, America isn't a monarchy so technically I guess we don't have crown jewels.  However, we do have a pretty impressive collection of gemstones that I think rival any nation's jewels.  Sorry, England, but I do think these gemstones are as impressive as some of your quite gaudy collection.  Ha!  This collection is more to emphasize the beauty of the natural formation of these wonderful works of natural art.  The sheer size and brilliance of some of these stones is just so breathtaking.  And yes, call me materialistic if you want, but I wouldn't mind one or two of these pieces in my own collection.

 photo Smithsonian44_zps0423ccf6.jpg

 photo Smithsonian42_zpsac31ec16.jpg
The Hope Diamond is the most famous piece of the collection, but I don't think it is the most impressive.  Apparently, it has been more modernly fitted into a setting very similar to the Titanic diamond.  The Hope Diamond is an impressive 45.52 carat blue diamond from India.  It is also surrounded by 16 white diamonds and hangs from a platinum chain bearing 46 more diamonds.   
 photo Smithsonian45_zps97fa639f.jpg
I began to have a love affair with aquamarines when my first son was born in March.  The beautiful light blue aquamarine is March's birthstone.  Eddie actually gave me a pendant for one of my first mother's days. The size and brilliance of this large aquamarine sculpture was breathtaking.  I had a really hard time capturing the beauty of these stones in their glass cases.  
 photo Smithsonian46_zps557aff3f.jpg
This beautiful American Golden Topaz gets the award for the largest cut gem in the collection and one of the largest in the world at over 22,000 carats! 
 photo Smithsonian47_zps5f83b091.jpg  photo Smithsonian48_zps848898f0.jpg
Beautiful yellow diamond necklace, earrings, and ring...I'll take two please!  ;-) 

 photo Smithsonian49_zps58e5daa8.jpg photo Smithsonian51_zps936e9182.jpg
A gorgeous emerald pendant. 

 photo Smithsonian52_zps9735298b.jpg photo Smithsonian53_zpsfda38d12.jpg
Quite possibly my favorite single piece in the collection although the picture does not do it justice.  It is actually a blue emerald cut aquamarine and is just such a clear blue color.  The picture just makes it look more green. 
 photo Smithsonian54_zps3fc408a5.jpg
Some dazzling Harry Winston diamonds, anyone?  There are 325 diamonds in this platinum necklace weighing 131.4 carats.  Yes, designed by none other than Harry Winston himself. 
 photo Smithsonian56_zps484ab9a4.jpg
The Pearson Diamond is a 16.72 carat nearly flawless, colorless diamond from South Africa. 
 photo Smithsonian58_zps7250aa7b.jpg
A Blue Heart Diamond ring weighing 30.62 carats from South Africa.

 photo Smithsonian62_zpsdf600e6c.jpg photo Smithsonian63_zps0ab8917d.jpg

 photo Smithsonian64_zpsa085863a.jpg photo Smithsonian65_zps9a6b9262.jpg
Another of my favorite pieces.  I just love the color of champagne diamonds. 

 photo Smithsonian66_zps68d4cf33.jpg photo Smithsonian67_zps753e8b47.jpg

 photo Smithsonian68_zps29345609.jpg photo Smithsonian69_zps761c8356.jpg
I don't think the picture of this uncut and cut diamond does it justice.  The cut diamond is the largest cut diamond in the collection.  Way bigger than the Hope Diamond at 127 carats. 

 photo Smithsonian70_zps28d8470d.jpg photo Smithsonian71_zpsc1b552de.jpg
Alexandrites are another of my favorite stones for their ability to change from purple to blue.  They are one of June's two birthstones.  My mom was born in June, and she gave me a beautiful Alexandrite ring that she brought back from overseas.  

 photo Smithsonian73_zpsae91181b.jpg
Trying to get Evan to cooperate for a picture in front of this large piece of quartz. 
 photo Smithsonian74_zps6550a22c.jpg
I would just be content with this "little" aquamarine for Mother's Day this year.  Hint Hint! 
 photo Smithsonian76_zps97467693.jpg
A Wall of Gold!
 photo Smithsonian77_zps2aae5109.jpg
Even some from NC. 

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Oh how pretty! I would love to see all those beautiful jewels in person.

    1. They definitely look better in person. :-)

  2. Just beautiful. I will take one of each please.

    1. Haha! Me too. I think we deserve it. Now someone needs to tell our husbands. ;-)

  3. These are lovely. It's fun to day-dream about wearing them.

  4. These are beautiful and I echo Tracy's sentiments that I'd like to see them in person. I think I'd be too nervous to ever enjoy wearing any of these though!


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