Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Preschooler's Easter Egg Hunt

Since I missed Brody's first school Easter egg hunt last year and Daddy went in my absence, I knew I definitely had to go this year.  After the past four years of excessive busyness, I am just trying to soak up all of these days of a little less craziness.  But who am I kidding?  We are still as busy as ever!  Ha!  For anyone who knows me well, you are not surprised that Easter is my favorite holiday.  I love the meaning of Easter, the beautiful season, the pretty flowers, colored eggs, pretty Spring clothes, and, of course, the bunnies!  The Easter egg hunt commenced at 12:00 on Friday at the end of the kids' last school day before Spring break.  I arrived with my camera ready to snap lots of pictures.  Brody and his class came out the door onto the playground with baskets in tow.  Brody acted a little shy and reserved at first and just needed a little encouragement to start finding his eggs.  He had no trouble knowing what to do though, but his slowness did cost him a couple of eggs when other kids ran in front of him to get the egg he was going for.  Ha!  I told him he would learn one day that he had to be faster.

 photo easter2_zps150deddf.jpg
Brody and his classmate beginning the hunt. 

 photo easter3_zps599f8fdb.jpg
Sweet boy.  I was trying to figure out what the marks on his arm were for (tiger scratch maybe?) but was reminded that they also had a trike-a-thon that day.  Apparently, Brody only rode around the little track four times.  He is not much of a bike rider yet and would rather push his trike around.  Ha!

 photo easter4_zpsa47bc0d9.jpg
His first finds. 

 photo easter5_zpsb26d62eb.jpg

 photo easter6_zpsb624325d.jpg

 photo easter7_zps5d8aee26.jpg
The basket is filling up. 

 photo easter8_zpsd68b0b44.jpg

 photo easter9_zps427971e2.jpg
He definitely spotted this one in the tunnel all by himself after lots of his classmates had passed right by it while Brody was hunting on the other side of the playground.  This was one of the last eggs found. 

 photo easter10_zps3988ecf6.jpg
And a pretty full basket of eggs.  He only got 10 of his 12 eggs, but he was happy with his finds.  I really didn't help him at all except encouraging him. 

 photo easter11_zpsf2047177.jpg
Big proud boy

 photo easter12jp_zpsf0f2251d.jpg
Taking a rest break

 photo easter13_zps6fb31def.jpg
They got Popsicles for their treat after the hunt.  It was a gorgeous day for a hunt and plenty warm for Popsicles. 

 photo easter14_zpsedad1408.jpg

 photo easter15_zps8d3d561e.jpg
Counting his eggs. 

 photo easter16_zpsefea7bfa.jpg
He definitely wasn't slow crawling through this tunnel. 

 photo easter17_zpsbb44215c.jpg

 photo easter18_zps328cbf70.jpg
He wanted help to climb on top of the tunnel. 

 photo easter19_zps24b7211a.jpg
Brody and his pal, Liam

 photo easter20_zpsd3226a8f.jpg
He ran to this tree and posed and said cheese.  He loves having his picture taken!

 photo easter21_zps0eda55be.jpg
Attempting to ride this little broken see-saw. 

 photo easter22_zpsb5180158.jpg
His buddies, Sammy and Liam, quickly joined him. 

 photo easter23_zps1e4f59f3.jpg
I thought Sammy and Brody were going to hit heads as hard as they were rocking. 

Brody also brought us home some sweet little art treasures he made this month.  I put them on display in the play room and just love them!

 photo easter24_zps10b4c76c.jpg

 photo easter25_zps4b25c3fc.jpg

 photo easter26_zps050efa08.jpg

Now, we are getting ready to go on our little Spring break trip to Washington, D.C.  Yay for Spring break!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Brody looks so handsome in green. What a fun time hunting eggs. You always get such good pictures of your little guy!!! He did a great job on his art. Have fun in DC. I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!

  2. This is so cute. Your blog page looks great too.

  3. So cute! Have fun on your trip! I've always wanted to go to DC. You can book all kinds of things through your Congressman/woman. Be sure to check that out!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! Rachel didn't really get the hang of looking for eggs this year either but watch out for next year. I bet they will be some of the faster ones!

  5. Well, I'm going to be a copycat with everyone else's comments: so, so cute! Brody looks awesome in green. So springy and fresh. And I just love his preschool. They do the best activities with those kids. What a lucky boy!


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