Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Spring Home

Last weekend, I was really wanting to rid our house of the dreary winter dust and bring in a little Spring freshness.  We had luckily enjoyed some lovely Spring weather, and it was so nice to open the windows and let a little of that Spring air indoors.  My sweet husband and I gave the house a good Spring dusting and cleaning and then I needed to add some Spring color.  Mostly, I like to decorate with what I have or make my own decor.  Spring is definitely my favorite season of the year so it is no wonder that this is the time of year I enjoy decorating for the most.

 photo Spring1_zpsb06d626b.jpg
Our Spring Mantle {the Spring banner was a Target find from last season}

 photo Spring2_zps729e7ffe.jpg
I made this little arrangement using some of our many colorful Easter eggs and some sheer ribbon I already had.

 photo Spring3_zps78f14d35.jpg
I just tied this piece of sheer ribbon around a candle holder I already owned.

 photo Spring4_zps255da4d7.jpg
I made this little pennant banner with some Spring colored scrapbook paper I found in the dollar section at Target.  I also added some matching Spring flowers to my blue vase.  I really want a whole collection of this pretty blue glass.

 photo Spring5_zps9baff848.jpg
I made another little banner for over our kitchen bar.

 photo Spring6_zps99e81924.jpg
I had these mason jars just sitting in my kitchen window after being washed and thought the kids would enjoy a little "science" project turning the water different colors.  Brody loved "shaking" the jars after I added food coloring.  Of course, his favorite is blue!  I just love the way mason jars look, and the way the colors really show the details of the glass.

 photo Spring7_zpsc70020f1.jpg
Some more colorful easter eggs make a little Spring centerpiece on the table.

 photo Spring9_zps85d6a5df.jpg
I updated my wreath for Spring with some aqua blue ribbon and paint.

 photo Spring10_zps3e473aee.jpg
And Eddie and I finally decided to purchase this little bench from Kirkland's for our bedroom that we had been thinking about for a while.  I have also finally ordered some curtains to finally replace these tired and too short curtains.  I am a little worried about how long it is taking for them to arrive as I ordered them from Joss & Main and then saw a bunch of complaints online about how long it takes for this company to ship orders.  Sigh.

 photo Spring11_zpsa1e5ae18.jpg
I also bought some new blue pillows for the couch to cheer the living room up a bit.  I also ordered new curtains for this window to replace my tired old sheers.   I am in the mood to redecorate apparently!  

 photo Spring22_zps9996c222.jpg
And just to show you some of the Spring loveliness I am loving in our area right now.  Daffodils are always one of our first signs of Springtime, and they are particularly special to me.  I went to elementary school in a town that celebrated the beginning of Spring with a Daffodil Festival every year.  It was a really big deal!

 photo Spring21_zps581fa2a8.jpg
Of course, my favorite sign of Springtime is always the cherry blossoms!



  1. I love all of your spring time touches to your house. How pretty! Do the cherry blossoms smell as good as I imagine?

    1. I really don't think of them having a strong smell, but I guess it is a fresh scent. :-)

  2. Ohh how pretty!! I really need to Spring up my house... this is such a busy time of year....maybe soon?? lol!

  3. I love all your Spring touches. I especially love the Spring banner from Target and want to figure out how to replicate it. I wish we had more spring like weather around here but I'm off to dress us in all our winter gear so I can pick Sam up from school.

  4. It is amazing how a few little changes really brighten things up. Good job!

  5. Wonderful decorating. I really like your pennant banners. I always see pretty scrapbook paper and I want to do something with it, I just don't know what. The next time that happens I am going to totally make a banner.

    I'm so glad you guys finally got the bench for the foot of your bed. We've had ours for a couple of months and we love it!


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